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  1. http://prnt.sc/efdd9k

    Anyone know of a way to skip this garbage? Can't start using my account cause any page I try going to gives me this.

  2. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7hackmonscup-77708 Always amazing to hax the hell outta Bibs. And by "always" I mean "for once".
  3. So the UK is gonna be leaving the EU after...52% voted for it? Maybe this is just Serbian governments being weird and bad and stupid, but don't you need a bigger majority than "slightly over half" voting FOR making a big change?

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    2. Plok


      referendums have stupid rules I remember when like 40% of Croatia population managed to get us in EU

    3. pbood2


      it should be like 66.66% needed to be a successful outcome from the vote. 50/50 is too close and doesn't really represent whether they want to leave or not and the issue is we are considering all of the countries in the UK as one entity when there should be one vote per UK country and then what results is whichever country wants to leave the EU, they can and the rest of the UK countries can stay. This unfortunately is not reality so oh well. :(

    4. FairFamily


      if a subpart want to stay in europe, they could just seperate and do that. No need for needles country splitting. Also 66% percentage requirement is unfair in a referendum. You are asking you're people directly on the subject, so if the majority approves you should do it. I understand why it is done in the parliament since they are represent the people but not perfectly.

  4. If you follow the hatching instructions perfectly, it'll hatch all eggs in your party, so you must have had a Riolu egg in your party as well.
  5. Ah, sure is nice to have your birthday on the 22nd January. Y'know, with exam season starting on the 24th. Nothing I'd rather be doing than studying, nah. I LOVE it.

    1. Another Felix

      Another Felix

      Happy Birthday! And good luck on exams!

    2. Simon


      Happy birthday fren :]

  6. Yeah, thanks for letting me know. Most of the guide was made before ORAS and I just haven't gotten around to checking everything again. Also I'm not too too sure about including Amaura/Tyrunt in any chains cause, from what I've seen, most people just don't bother getting those 2 (especially Amaura) because their quest is a freaking pain. Then again, is a thing you can do, so I guess I've got some editing to do.
  7. Yeah, like Chubb said, link to E12 near the bottom of the guide. Make sure to read the 2 paragraphs below the link, they're general instructions on going back. You might find those handy cause reverting can be...finnicky at times.
  8. How 2 mess with Ark: The beginner's guide.
  9. Oh, you can literally just google "thunderbolt move" (or any move) and the first page will be the bulbapedia page that lists who gets it via level-up, breeding, tm or event.
  10. Ahhhhhh, Sigi putting in that WORK! Was surprised by the turn 1 Tail Glow, but other than that, the game went exactly as I had in mind. Rarely have a game this perfect. OUsuspecttest-2015-12-07-etesian-speedygonzalex.html
  11. Holy hell, Sigilyph in OU is doing WORK!

    1. Shanco


      A hella underrated pokemon in OU.

  12. Goooootta love it when a good movie's ending is trash. I'm conflicted over whether you were worth watching, Phonebooth.

  13. Oh hey, same-sex marriage is being debated in Serbia. Time to fuckle my seatbelt, cause there's a bigotry shitstorm already brewing.

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    2. mde2001
    3. Etesian


      Thanks, though it doesn't affect me either way.

    4. Maelstrom


      You'd be surprised, Etesian.

  14. Today I learned that there's a "Sorbian language". At first I was confused, thinking they mixed it up with my native Serbian language. Then I got hungry.
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