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    playing and socializing with friends through chatting on skype and other methods, playing video games, watching my favourite television shows such as Once Upon a Time and Quantico for examples right now as they air. Learning about different things and about business topics.

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  1. Long time no talk everyone. A lot has happened since I was last here. I’m about to be a father to a daughter and my wife and I are so excited. I hope everyone is doing awesome. 

  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    If you want to have a shiny as a gift, you can visit this thread 😄


  3. Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. 
    I wish I didn't have to say these words so soon but my mom passed away at 8:30 pm on September 10th at Hamilton General Hospital after a 2 week struggle with a blood clot that burst in her brain. It all started on August 26th and ended September 10th when we had to remove the breathing tube. My regret is I didn't cherish my mom, treat her better and realize her importance in my life. All of you who still have your parents, I hope you are kind and treat your parents well because you never know when one or both could be taken from you. My mom's brain issues and strokes came suddenly and my dad and I didn't know what hit us. I hope this can be a lesson for others because I wish my mom would be back with my dad and I. I hope you have a great day or night and feel free to reach out if you want to chat or catch up. Take care. 

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    2. DemICE


      ...That's harsh to happen to anyone.  My best friend's  mom passed away a year ago and i had witnessed first hand his anguish.  Mourning is inevitable and understandable, but do not let it bring you down, and tackle this bitch we call life even harder, for her sake too...

    3. Candy


      My condolences. My mom has suboptimal health and sometimes says things like "when I'm not around any longer" which really hits me in the kokoro. My mom is my best friend and I cherish her but even then parting with her would be hard for me too. Reach out for help if you need it- bottling things up has never been the solution to anything!

    4. Commander


      Late, but my condolences as well. I know words can only do so much but keep treading forward as these kind of things do tend to get worse before they get better. Just hang in there.

  4. Hello everyone here. I am wondering what the interest level would be for a Pokemon RP I'm looking to DM here. I have the world for the RP mostly designed from a while ago when I tried doing this RP before but inactivity happened so it couldn't continue. I am looking to gauge interest and the more, the merrier but there has to be a limit to the amount of participants so I would say 12 trainers max. Let me know if you would be interested and I will post the background synopsis when I can. I look forward to this and have a great night/day.
  5. I look forward to seeing what happens now that I am returning. I hope to at least get to know more people in time. 🙂

  6. Hello everyone. I plan to be more active here from now on so if you remember me and want to catch up or start anew, I'm definitely up for that and I'd appreciate the opportunity to socialize with everyone.


    Have a great night and take care.

  7. it's been a long time since I was here and it's been a little over 5 years since I signed up. Wow that's interesting to think about.

    How much I've as well as I'm sure a lot of you have changed over the years. 

    I wish everyone is doing well though. 

  8. LMAO what's happening at Ame's stream! 

  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to an awesome 2017 and to getting older one year at a time lol. :P;)

  10. Pokemon Darkness has a new poll question. If you could please answer, we would greatly appreciate it. Link is: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/18677-recruiting-gfx-artist-poll-pokemon-darkness/&page=1


    1. Dypatome


      Voted! I look forward to playing the game whenever it comes out; it looks like it's going to be pretty good.

    2. pbood2


      Thank you. We appreciate the support and are working hard to make sure it's worth your interest as well any other person who supports us. :) 

  11. We Team Darkness of Pokemon Darkness have a question we would like everyone to answer and give their thoughts on please and thank you. Here is the link to the thread with the poll with the new question. If you guys vote, it would be very useful for us during the development of the game. :D 


  12. We Team Darkness of Pokemon Darkness have a question we would like everyone to answer and give their thoughts on please and thank you. Here is the link to the thread with the poll with the new question. If you guys vote, it would be very useful for us during the development of the game. :D 



  13. Hello everyone. We are very welcome to have agood join Team Darkness as an artist and more for the project. Thank you for your kind words and enthusiasm agoodcabinet though. The team has a question which we put in the poll and we would like your feedback about it if possible and thanks for helping us out if you answer the new question in the poll. Have a great holidays and we will be back to working on this asap.
  14. @Amethyst where is your supporting you thread. I can't find it. I told you I would support you and I meant it so please let me know so I can :)

    1. mde2001
    2. pbood2


      thanks a bunch mde. :) I appreciate you linking me it. Have a great day/night. 

  15. WOW Zumi. This is an amazing drawing of Guzma and his ace. I love the pose of the ace and now I finally understand where your guzma profile pic before came from lol so I'm glad about figuring that out. ;p Very impressive and keep up the amazing art. Have a great day/night.
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