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  1. So, I was going through the game and I couldn't find the TM for Shadow Ball. Apparently I played the version where we got the TM Shadow Claw instead. Can someone help me here please? Game - 2379 - Seppey - 358h 3m - 14 badges.rxdata
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. I guess I missed out on a lot huh? SilverHelio is up next.
  4. This new site looks nice and crisp! This is a nice early holiday present. Spineblade is up next.
  5. Uhhhhhh, yeah... I don't think there's any specific guideline on how to deal with this in protocol. BMIC is up next
  6. Catch me up on Reborn current events. I've been gone for about 4 weeks. BMIC?
  7. Prediction game weak. Just like my essay progress. Anstane is up next.
  8. I need to write this essay... Anstane is up next.
  9. Everything's going great over here. BMIC is up next
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