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    Pokemon, GW2, Hollow Knight, Art... Just a lot of games, honestly
  1. Oh, sweet! Thanks a bunch! I guess that'll be my next project then, huh!
  2. Hmm... These are all really good points. I'll probably wait for a bit longer and see if anyone else knows for certain, but thank you so much!!
  3. Hey folks! Unsure if I should be posting this in here or the general on the hunt forums, as I'm super new here ^^' My question is this: Upon entering Alamissa Urben, after a bunch of dialogue, you're gifted a certain NPC's Sylveon. As far as I can tell, everything about this pokemon seems pre-set: ability, IVS, etc. So... Is whether or not it's shiny also set? I'd really like to reset until I get a shiny, but I don't wanna waste my time on it if it isn't possible... 0:
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