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  1. I feel like this would be the right place to post this Inktober art, got lazy with the shading. I had to do a lot of hassle just to get this picture up.
  2. TFW You get back home and there's nothing to eat.
  3. TFW when you smile and your crush smiles back <- Very true story I swear I'm not making up for whatever reason.
  4. Thanks man although Im decent at drawing Im horibbke at colouring lmao
  5. Sorry it took forever to send from my phone to my laptop,and the long computer update and busy schedule doesn't help either
  6. It's pretty good,keep training and you'll be able to draw even better I myself am a One Piece fan and I too draw One Piece charaters, my recent drawing is of Luffy gear 4th. If I have the time I'll take a picture and send it here if you want to see it
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