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  1. A Pokemon LTC(sort of) Anyone familiar with Fire Emblem may have heard the term LTC or Low Turn-Count playthrough before. I've been wondering what that might look like in a Pokemon game: Beating the game in the smallest number of turns you can manage. Now, it's easy to notice that doing that for every single battle in the game, including wild ones, leads to some pretty uncool scenarios. You'd be resetting for multiple critical hits in most battles, and you would barely be able to train up any Pokemon. So I've decided to do things a little differently, and seek to clear only the game's boss battles(my discretion) in the minimum number of turns while putting no restriction on all the other battles. It's also much easier to record this way. I will attempt to make all strategies reliable to reproduce, so I won't rely on critical hits or otherwise unlikely scenarios. This helps with recording, too. I can't promise it will always be this way, though. I'll also be playing on set mode. Passwords used: -earlyincu -easyhms -hardcap -nopoisondam -norolls -fullivs -weathermod I'll also be using debug a lot to speed up my preperations astronomically, but anything that's impossible to get without debug is not allowed to be used. If you've done a faster solution for a fight, feel free to reply with it. So without further words, let's get into it. I'm recording the battles, so I really won't have all that much to say here. Here's the playlist if you wanna get an overview of all of it right away: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRLXvq9dm8OQ-CATNnHYYV80joiUBWaDN Start to Florinia Fern 1(3 Turns) and Julia(6 Turns): Victoria in the slums(4 turns) and the first Pulse Tangrowth(1 turn): Sorry for skipping Cain. Cain is an easy guts Raticate sweep so I didn't go back to record it. I initially didn't count either his or Victoria's battle, but went back to record Victoria because it's actually interesting. As you see, playing around Fake Out will come up every now and then. Here I have to use my own Fake Out, but in the future I will mostly deal with it by using a ghost type to sweep the trainer. Coming in poisoned doesn't just activate guts but also gives me control over what turns my Pokemon die on, letting me send out something else. Controlled deaths are a main strategy in this run. Pulse Tangrowth is pretty easy to understand. Sun is required so if you're not using the weathermod you might have to wait quite a while for that to happen at random, or figure out another way. Finishing off this first post are Fern 2(3 turns) and Florinia(6 turns): Fern 2 is a complete joke in the face of a guts facade sweep, something which will come up quite a few times again in this run. Florinia, however, is pretty interesting. Cradily is incredibly difficult to kill, as is Ferroseed. While Ferroseed easily falters against (strong) fire moves, Florinia isn't very likely to send it out when you have your fire type out. So after setting hail with Snover and conveniently dying, I use a pre-damaged Pokemon with Endeavor to kill Ferroseed and thus leave the team ready for a sweep with Castform. The personality quiz in peridot is a godsend here, because it allows me to get an ice gem at this point. Without that, Cradily still refuses to die to Castform's weather ball. After taking a mach punch and having to get lucky to hit Cacnea despite sand veil, Castform dies on the correct turn when the hail runs out and Raticate finishes the fight. It took me a little bit to actually pull myself together and start a topic about it, so I've played quite a further than to this point. The last thing I did was defeat Aya in 3 turns. But this will be it for the first post.
  2. If you're involved enough in the fangame scene to be using this website, you've at least heard of Pokemon Uranium. While I enjoyed the game overall it had a lot of problems, the worst of which in my opinion was the gross mishandling of its main "quirk": the Nuclear type. Almost all the Nuclear-type Pokemon are corrupted versions of already existing Pokemon, which sounds kinda cool right? Well too bad because the corruption has driven them mad and they won't listen to you, making them practically unusable. You can "purify" them later on and then they'll obey you, but by "later on" I mean only after you've got ALL the gym badges. By then, you've already got a team set up that you've been playing with the whole game, and with the story almost over you probably aren't inclined to grind up a new member just to try out the new type. There are a handful of "natural" nuclear Pokemon that will listen to you without needing to be purified, but most of them are, you guessed it, only available after you've beaten all the gyms. But now for some good news: @Fervis has made a badass mod (link here) that adds most of Uranium's fakemon, moves, and of course the Nuclear type to Reborn. And yes, the Nuclear-form Pokemon actually listen to you this time. He even made a bunch of Nuclear forms that weren't in the original, just because he's cool like that. So to make up for how underused the Nuclear type is in it's own game, I'll be attempting the first-ever Nuclear Monotype of Reborn. The rules are: 1. The energy core that lets me nuclearize Pokemon is available very early on, only behind 3 required trainer battles (5 if you count Victoria and Cain at the start). I make a beeline for it, catch a Pokemon with a Nuclear form along the way, nuclearize that Pokemon, dump my starter in the box, and then the run really begins. 2. Only Nuclear-type Pokemon in battles. I can use other types of Pokemon for sidequests, HMs, breeding, etc. In the original Uranium the nuclear Pokemon were found already corrupted in the wild and couldn't breed, but in this mod you actively turn regular Pokemon into their nuclear forms. That means breeding is actually an option here. 3. The mod has debug enabled for testing purposes, obviously I won't use it. 4. The mod is an expansion of Plates of Arceus, which has a ton of side content and even its own separate storyline. I'm ignoring it for the most part. This is about Reborn the base game. *Bonus Points* I'll TRY to follow these, but if I get completely stuck and HAVE to break one to win, I will. *1* Play on set mode. *2* No items in battle. *3* Nucleon is postgame-only because he's kinda broken. I think that about covers it, so let's begin. I also considered making this one of those "fanfic" playthroughs that are popular on this side of the forums but realized that anything I wrote would probably be cringey and bad. Then I remembered this is the internet so I don't care! Chapter 1 And for those of you who care more about the game than my shitty fanfiction, I'll be adding a "gameplay section" to my updates. The team so far: And no, I'm not doing "character ratings".
  3. This is a list that shows at a quick look what different Pokemon are available at any given time in game in a monotype run. Each spoiler is a new badge length of the game, including the most readily available member of the evolution line of the Pokemon, and does not mention Pokemon available in previous areas. Italics indicate Pokemon that will evolve into a type. Underline indicates Pokemon that will lose that type by their final evolution (mainly, for collecting, unless you want to use badge 17 Azurill for Normal type) Bold indicates legendary Pokemon **Asterisks** indicate Pokemon who are available by chance or choice earlier in the game, then reliably again later in the game. If you miss a chance or want all options of a choice, follow the asterisks to the second usage. Strikethrough indicates Pokemon which will have a mega-evolution that changes into the target type, such as Sceptile -> Dragon. Whether or not these are legal for your monotype run are up to you. All types that do not feature any new Pokemon will be listed at the bottom of each spoiler tag. Suggested Rules for a Monotype Run: 1. You can only use Pokemon of a single type for all battles. Pokemon that will evolve into a type may be used, but must be evolved by the end of the run. Optional: other typed mons can be used for: HM usage, field transformations for quests, catching Pokemon, 'impossible' boss battles. 2. If you're playing with a type that doesn't have any starters that will evolve into it, you must choose a starter and then ditch it in the PC once you catch your new Pokemon and it is able to put up a fight. Other rules are at your discretion, have fun with it! Starters Dark: Froakie, Litten Dragon: Charmander/Treecko Fairy: Popplio Fighting: Chespin/Torchic/Chimchar/Tepig Fire: Charmander/Cyndaquil/Torchic/Chimchar/Tepig/Fennekin/Litten Flying: Charmander, Rowlet Ghost: Rowlet Grass: Bulbasaur/Chikorita/Treecko/Turtwig/Snivy/Chespin/Rowlet Ground: Turtwig/Mudkip Poison: Bulbasaur Psychic: Fennekin Steel: Piplup Water: Squirtle/Totodile/Mudkip/Piplup/Oshawott/Froakie/Popplio Nothing new: Bug, Electric, Ice, Normal, Rock. The first two types and Normal have representatives immediately available before the first badge, though Ice and Rock do not. Beginning to Julia Bug: Spinarak, Combee, Pineco, Caterpie, Ledyba, Wurmple, Burmy, Kricketot, Surskit, Grubbin/Joltik* Dark: Poochyena, Stunky, Purrloin Dragon: Noibat Electric: Pachirisu*, Tynamo, Blitzle, Grubbin/Joltik* Fairy: Igglybuff Fire: Pansear* Flying: Pidgey, Hoothoot, Combee, Spearow, Caterpie, Ledyba, Wurmple, Noibat, Woobat, Surskit Grass: Cherubi, Burmy-L, Budew Ground: Burmy-S Normal: Bidoof, Meowth, Minccino*, Patrat, Pidgey, Rattata, Hoothoot, Spearow, Whismur, Igglybuff, Teddiursa, Zigzagoon* Poison: Ekans, Spinarak, Gulpin, Grimer, Wurmple, Stunky, Trubbish, Budew Psychic: Woobat, Munna, Espurr* Steel: Pineco, Burmy-T Water: Bidoof, Finneon, Goldeen, Surskit, Panpour*, Nothing new: Fighting, Ghost, Ice, Rock Julia to Florinia Bug: Venonat Dark: Pancham Electric: Plusle, Minun, Shinx, Pichu, Electrike Fairy: Swirlix Fighting: Makuhita, Mankey, Pancham, Buneary Fire: Numel, Litleo, Slugma Flying: Pidove, Hoppip, Ducklett* Ghost: Frillish* Grass: Hoppip, Bellsprout, Oddish, Sunflora, Lotad, Bounsweet Ground: Numel, Onix, Nidoran M. Ice: Vanillite, Seel/Spheal* Normal: Pidove, Skitty, Glameow, Buneary, Sentret, Slakoth, Castform, Happiny, Lillipup, Litleo, Yungoos Poison: Bellsprout, Oddish, Venonat, Koffing, Nidoran M. Psychic: Spoink, Pichu, Bronzor* Rock: Onix, Bonsly, Slugma Steel: Klink, Onix, Bronzor* Water: Ducklett*, Lotad, Clauncher/Clamperl/Seel/Spheal/Remoraid/Frillish* Nothing new: Dragon Florinia to Corey Bug: Beedrill, Scatterbug, Sewaddle, Paras, Nincada* Dragon: Mareep Electric: Emolga, Mareep, Helioptile Fairy: Snubbull*, Morelull Fighting: Stufful* Fire: Fletchling Flying: Scatterbug, Emolga, Doduo, Drifloon, Fletchling, Nincada* Ghost: Shuppet, Drifloon, Nincada* Grass: Carnivine, Sewaddle, Pansage, Paras, Tangela, Petilil, Fomantis, Morelull, Skiddo/Deerling* Ground: Bunnelby, Phanpy, Nincada* Normal: Bunnelby, Helioptile, Doduo, Aipom, Stufful*, Fletchling, Deerling*, Stantler* Poison: Beedrill Nothing new: Dark, Ice, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water Corey to Shelly Dark: Murkrow, A.Rattata, A.Meowth, Zorua Fairy: Carbink/Mime Jr.*, Spritzee Fire: Growlithe, Ponyta* Flying: Murkrow Ghost: Pumpkaboo Grass: Pumpkaboo Ground: Diglett, Geodude, Sandshrew Ice: Cryogonal* Normal: Dunsparce, A.Rattata, Furfrou*, Zangoose Psychic: Gothita, Chingling, Unown, Espurr*, Mime Jr.* Rock: Geodude, Carbink* Water: Buizel* Nothing new: Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fighting, Poison, Steel Mystery Egg By trading a Growlithe Egg to a policeman in Jasper Ward, you can get 1 out of 18 eggs. This is random for every save file and cannot be manipulated. If you get one that is a part of Monotype, great! If you don't, oh well, they are all available later. Bug: Larvesta Dark: Pawniard/Sneasel Dragon: Axew Electric: Elekid Fairy: Togepi/Azurill/Cottonee/A.Vulpix Fighting: Shroomish Fire: Larvesta/Vulpix Flying: Togepi/Starly Ghost: Phantump/Gastly Grass: Shroomish/Phantump/Cottonee Ground: Drilbur Ice: Sneasel/A.Vulpix Normal: Azurill/Starly Poison: Gastly/Mareanie Psychic: Staryu Rock: Rockruff Steel: Drilbur/Pawniard Water: Staryu/Azurill/Mareanie Shelly to Shade Bug: Skorupi Dark: Nuzleaf, Houndour/Carvanha*, Skorupi, Scraggy Electric: Voltorb, Togedemaru Fairy: Mawile Fighting: Scraggy, Croagunk Fire: Houndour* Flying: Natu*, Tropius Ghost: Duskull, Yamask, Golett* Grass: Tropius, Nuzleaf Ground: Swinub, Nidorina, Barboach, Golett/Baltoy* Ice: Cubchoo, Swinub, Smoochum, A. Sandshrew Normal: Porygon Poison: Skorupi, Nidorina, Croagunk Psychic: Solrock/Lunatone*, Smoochum, Natu/Baltoy/Elgyem* Rock: Solrock/Lunatone* Steel: Mawile, A. Sandshrew, Togedemaru Water: Barboach, Carvanha* Nothing new: Dragon Shade to Kiki Bug: Shuckle Dark: Corphish Dragon: Turtonator* Electric: Stunfisk Fighting: Throh, Meditite, Sawk, Crabrawler Fire: Heatmor/Turtonator* Ghost: Sandygast Ground: Stunfisk, A.Diglett, Sandygast Ice: Crabrawler Normal: Ditto Psychic: Meditite Rock: Binacle, Shuckle, Nosepass, Corsola Steel: Nosepass, A.Diglett Water: Binacle, Krabby, Corphish, Corsola, Pyukumuku Nothing new: Fairy, Flying, Grass, Poison Kiki to Aya Bug: Yanma, Shelmet, Nincada, Venipede Dark: Inkay, Spiritomb Dragon: Exeggcute Fire: Cubone Flying: Yanma, Nincada, Zubat Ghost: Nincada, Spiritomb, Cubone Grass: Exeggcute, Foongus Ground: Palpitoad, Wooper, Shellos, Cubone, Nincada Poison: Foongus, Venipede, Zubat Psychic: Exeggcute, Inkay Water: Palpitoad, Wooper, Shellos Nothing new: Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel Aya to Serra Bug: Karrablast, Volbeat, Illumise, Anorith, Cutiefly Dark: Sandile, Eevee, Cacnea* Dragon: Skrelp, Trapinch Electric: Dedenne, Eevee, A.Geodude, Oricorio Fairy: Dedenne, Eevee, Cutiefly, Comfey, Audino Fighting: Poliwag, Tepig* Fire: Darumaka, Eevee, Tepig*, Oricorio, Pansear* Flying: Mantyke, Farfetch'd, Taillow, Chatot, Archen*, Oricorio, Pikipek, Ducklett*, Natu** Ghost: Misdreavus, Oricorio, Golett** Grass: Deerling*, Maractus/Cacnea*, Eevee, Lileep, Chikorita* Ground: Sandile, Trapinch, Baltoy/Golett** Ice: Eevee Normal: Spinda, Farfetch'd, Deerling*, Taillow, Chatot, Smeargle, Eevee, Pikipek, Minccino*, Kecleon, Furfrou*, Audino Poison: Skrelp Psychic: Eevee, Oricorio, Natu/Baltoy/Elgyem** Rock: Aron, Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep, Anorith, Cranidos, Shieldon, Tirtouga/Archen*, Solrock/Lunatone*, A.Geodude Steel: Karrablast, Aron, Shieldon Water: Squirtle*, Skrelp, Basculin, Luvdisc, Mantyke, Poliwag, Eevee, Kabuto, Omanyte, Tirtouga*, Clauncher*, Panpour*, Remoraid*, Ducklett* Serra to Noel Bug: Durant Ground: Hippopotas Steel: Durant NO NEW POKEMON: Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Water Noel to Radomus Bug: Heracross/Pinsir, Dewpider Dragon: Swablu Electric: Pachirisu* Fairy: Flabebe, Swablu Fighting: Heracross, Tyrogue, Passimian, Bewear* Flying: Swablu, Delibird, Sigilyph, Pinsir Grass: Skiddo Ground: Mudbray Ice: Delibird Normal: Tauros, Bouffalant, Miltank, Stantler*, Swablu, Girafarig, Komala, Oranguru, Bewear*, Linoone* Poison: Qwilfish, Seviper Psychic: Girafarig, Sigilyph, Oranguru, Drowzee Water: Qwilfish, Dewpider, Wishiwashi Nothing new: Dark, Fire, Ghost, Rock, Steel Radomus to Luna Dark: Sableye Dragon: Tyrunt Electric: Rotom Fairy: Carbink* Fighting: Chespin* Fire: Litwick, Cyndaquil* Ghost: Sableye, Litwick, Rotom Grass: Chespin* Ice: Amaura, Seel* Normal: Lickitung, Type:Null Psychic: Solosis, Wynaut, Bronzor*, Abra Rock: Amaura, Tyrunt, Roggenrola, Carbink* Steel: Bronzor*, Piplup* Water: Alomomola, Piplup*, Seel* Nothing new: Bug, Flying, Ground, Poison Luna to Samson (No return to Reborn City for Four Badges): Bug: Crustle Dark: Absol, Vullaby Dragon: Horsea Fairy: Clefairy Fighting: Timburr, Machoke, Hawlucha, Mienfoo Fire: Vulpix Flying: Rufflet, Hawlucha, Vullaby Ghost: Snorunt Ground: Rhyhorn Ice: Bergmite, Snorunt, Cryogonal*, Spheal* Normal: Rufflet Rock: Crustle, Rhyhorn, Rockruff Water: Horsea, Spheal* Nothing new: Electric, Grass, Poison, Psychic, Steel Samson to Charlotte Dark: Pawniard Dragon: Druddigon Electric: Magnemite Fairy: Cottonee Fire: Salandit Flying: Starly, Gligar Ghost: Phantump Grass: Cottonee, Phantump, Snover Ground: Gligar Ice: Snover Normal: Starly, Kangaskhan, Munchlax Poison: Salandit Steel: Magnemite, Pawniard Water: Golduck, Wailmer Nothing new: Bug, Fighting, Psychic, Rock Charlotte to Terra Dragon: Drampa Electric: Elekid, Chinchou Fairy: A.Vulpix Fighting: Riolu Fire: Magby, Rotom-H Flying: Rotom-F Grass: Rotom-M Ice: A.Vulpix, Rotom-C Normal: Drampa Rock: Relicanth Steel: Riolu Water: Relicanth, Chinchou, Clamperl*, Rotom-W Nothing new: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ground, Poison, Psychic Terra to Ciel Dark: Sneasel, A.Grimer Fire: Fennekin* Grass: Turtwig* Ground: Turtwig* Ice: Lapras, Sneasel Poison: A.Grimer Psychic: Fennekin* Water: Totodile*, Lapras, Feebas Nothing new: Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Rock, Steel Ciel to Adrienn Bug: Wimpod, Grubbin*, Joltik* Dragon: Treecko*, Charmander* Electric: Grubbin*, Joltik* Fairy: Klefki, Popplio*, Snubbull*, Ralts, Mime Jr.* Fighting: Ralts Fire: Charmander*, Torkoal Flying: Charmander*, Aerodactyl, Wingull Ghost: Frillish*, Dhelmise Grass: Dhelmise, Treecko* Ground: Mudkip*, Drilbur Ice: Shellder Poison: Tentacool, Mareanie Psychic: Ralts, Staryu, Mime Jr.*, Beldum Rock: Aerodactyl, Tirtouga/Archen* Steel: Klefki, Drilbur, Beldum Water: Mudkip*, Frillish*, Tentacool, Shellder, Staryu, Wingull, Popplio*, Mareanie, Wimpod Nothing new: Dark, Normal Adrienn to Titania, Amaria Bug: Heracross/Pinsir Dark: Cacturne*, Litten, Magikarp Dragon: Gible, Goomy Fairy: Mimikyu, Togepi Fighting: Chimchar* Fire: Litten**, Chimchar* Flying: Magikarp, Skarmory, Rowlet*, Minior, Togepi, Pinsir Ghost: Honedge, Rowlet*, Mimikyu Grass: Cacturne*, Ferroseed, Rowlet*, Bulbasaur* Ground: Gible Poison: Bulbasaur* Psychic: Bruxish Rock: Minior Steel: Skarmory, Ferroseed, Honedge Water: Magikarp, Phione, Bruxish, Oshawott** Nothing new: Electric, Ice, Normal Amaria to Hardy Bug: Scyther, Larvesta Dark: Larvitar, Deino, Froakie*, Litten** Dragon: Dratini, Bagon, Axew, Deino, Jangmo-o, Poipole Fairy: Marill Fighting: Torchic*, Shroomish, Jangmo-o Fire: Torchic*, Larvesta, Litten** Flying: Scyther, Dratini, Bagon Ghost: Gastly Grass: Shroomish, Snivy* Ground: Larvitar Normal: Azurill Poison: Gastly, Poipole Psychic: Slowpoke Rock: Larvitar Steel: Scyther Water: Slowpoke, Marill, Froakie*, Oshawott** Nothing new: Electric, Ice Enjoy your monotypes!
  4. Hi there! Have you ever wondered if a run would be possible in Reborn? Is there a particular run, with a set of specific mons that you would like to see be done in record time without the use of potions, using set mode, and trying to avoid dupeclause as much as possible? Have you ever wanted to see a playthrough being beaten with only tropius, haunter, cherrim, exeggutor, trapinch, porygon, chikorita and an inkay? If you're one of those people, then I have a good deal for you! I'm a crazy idiot who likes to fool around, doing the silliest runs imaginable, and making the seemingly impossible possible through use of strategy and AI abusal! Runs that're banned: Mono little cup (has been done before, has too many mons, too much cheese, and is generally meh to be super difficult), Mono babies (the pokemon seen as being babies. Azurill, pichu, igglybuff and the likes) All classic mono types Solo runs Everything that involves an illegal pokemon (i.e unobtainable legandaries) Runs that have been done: Mono pikaclones Mono butterflies & moths (was done in altforms for alt venomoth) Mono dunsparce (was done in altforms) Eeveelution only run Pacman themed run Minecraft themed run LC bug types (this was apparently not done in altforms, because I like 18.3. It's fast, don't judge me) Runs that're planned for the future: Mario themed run LC starter only run Mono generation LC (so I can only use LC from, say, gen1) Runs that are up for consideration: Mono letter run (For example, everything has to start with the letter N) Rules of all runs: Items are banned Unless the run cannot under any circumstances do this, it will always be on set mode Dupeclause is activated, and will be follow once I can actually get 6 individual pokemon. Instances of it being lifted may occur, but that's to my judgement Every run is done in base reborn OR in altforms. Which version it's done in depends on the kind of run it generally is, as well as how many mons I generally have. This means that it will usually be done in runs with lesser mons or lesser versitility Evasion clause I stand by the word that almost nothing is impossible in reborn, at least up to episode 18, and I will do whatever I can to prove that that is the case! If you think a run is theoretically possible, then by all means, please suggest it to me! Don't be afraid to test your creativity, and my own skill! If it has a limit on pokemon, that's just fine, I'll work it out! If you want to see a 16 year old no life make the game that you might have struggled for weeks on end look like a complete joke? Well, then I'm the person for you! I hope to see some crazy ideas on here, Take care and remember the gamer glasses
  5. Deathrun A Mercylocke for Reborn and Rejuvenation Mandatory Rules 1. No editing, modding, glitching, hacking, or cheating. (Unlimited Money, 100% Catch Poke Balls, Illegal Moveset, etc.) 2. The player can soft reset to get better stats on their starter. However they can't reset when they have lost a battle, a loss is a loss. 3. The Deathrun only starts once the player has obtained Poke Balls. Basic Rules 1. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be put in the PC. When all Pokemon have fainted, in the player's party and PC box, the game is over. 2. All Pokemon must have nicknames. Additional Rules 1. One Pokemon may be revived after defeating a Gym Leader or Reverse Leader. 2. Any battle that forces the player to lose, is exempt from killing the player's Pokemon, like the Garchomp fight on Pyrous Mountain. I'm still working on this. So, any feed back you may have will be appreciated.
  6. HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO THE MANLYLOCKE CHALLENGE REBORN RUN! Yes that's right! I, Awesome_One, am starting a new run! Now don't worry. I'm sure a lot of you that know me are worried about my other runs. They are not cancelled. 1 is on hold and the other 2 aren't started due to the sprites not being done yet. But I decided to do this run because someone I've been watching for like a week on Twitch has been doing a LadyLocke Challenge. Which basically means he's only using Female Only Pokémon. Btw, quick shout out to him, his name is @Mechathulhu and he streams his challenge every other day. Which means he'll be doing it tomorrow. I will leave a link to a thread he has made which he uses to tell when he's gonna start to stream at the end of this announcement. So yea. He's doing a LadyLocke and I'm doing a ManlyLocke. I'm sure you guessed what that means by now but just in case, I will be using Male Only Pokémon. And unlike my other runs, this isn't gonna be a story. Just gonna be talking about the events and stuff. And if any of you want to ask me a question about my favorite thing in this game or how I feel about a certain situation on here, PLEASE feel free to leave a question and I will try to answer it as soon as possible. Ahh yes. Before I forget, I am using the Sandbox Mode and yes. I'm going to be getting all the Male Only Pokémon at the beginning of the game. But I will still make it a little difficult on myself. For instance, I already planned all the moves I want my Pokémon to have. But if the TM is already accessible in the game, I will wait until I am able to retrieve it to use it. But if it's not, don't worry. I'm still gonna limit myself. After every 3 major plots have been passed, I will use a Random Number Generator to see which Pokémon I will be putting a move on and will put 1 move on it. But I won't start this til after I have required the 1st badge from Julia. Sooo yea. I think I went over everything. Hope you all enjoy this run! See you all in the 1st Chapter!
  7. So here is my idea for a nuzlocke variant. Try it out see how it does and pls give me feed back. POKEMON REBORN BADGELOCKE. RANDOMIZER (Note you need the reborn sandbox mode in order to do this so that you can manipulate your starter and such, made by the wonderful DerxwnaKapsyla) !!!!RULES!!!!! #1: after you get your starter before leaving the grand hall talk to the guy in the top left corner to enter the sand box zone. Then go to the pokemon generator guy and choose three random pokemon set at lv five( preferably shiny) if its an evolved pokemon use its least evolved counterpart (ex: your random pokemon is charazard thus you will pick charmander) https://randompokemongenerator.com/app/#/ Then either permanently box or release your starter. #2: You may not catch any wild pokemon exept event pokemon/ given pokemon/ legendary pokemon.(thus you cannot catch a bidoof to evole it into bibarel to trade it unless your random pokemon happens to be a bidoof) #3: You may not generate pokemon from the sandbox zone exept when following rule #5. #4: You may not use any of the sandbox zone except anything inside of the daycare room. #5: After every badge you win you will generate three more random pokemon set at any lv up to the max lv of the gym leader you just beat. Then you may buy/use any TWO item/service of the sandbox zone, and use the girl who gives you money ONCE. #6: If a pokemon faints you must put it in your last box and never use it again as it got crippled exept after every THREE badges you may revive ONE of your crippled pokemon (as i hate losing a pokemon i have gotten attached to permanently but it still limits the number of pokemon you can get back) #7: No resetting to a previous save if you lose a pokemon Please try it out and give me suggestions and feedback
  8. Hey there you! This will be my 3rd run technically 4th run of Reborn in the wonderlocke format,but this time I decided to share it with you all Basic rules goes as following; 1.Only one pokemon/token per route ( Static encounters such as woobat from ceilling,geodude from rock smash and gift pokemon I will count as different encounters ) 2.Trade any pokemon you get in-game via wonder trade 3.If it faints it must be released or boxed in the dead box ( Boxing for this play through) 4.Nick name each pokemon you get unless it already has a nick name ( Pokemon will be named after their original trainer if it doesnt have a name ) Now that's out of the way,meet Lucky v3.5 ,the not so lucky Reborn trainer.After arriving in the Reborn region of course the train would explode and of course it had to be raining.Fortunetly some how some way our unlucky Lucky survived said explosion.Arriving at the grand hall,he meets Victoria.Meeting Ame once again to choose his starter and he decided to choose Chimchar.After getting absolutely destroyed my Cain and Victoria.He decided to pull a Paul and release said Chimchar by trading it to another trainer.Fortunetly his now starter is going to be Roxy the Larvesta! Upon closer inspection,this one has Pokerus!Could this be his turning point in life?Will he finally succeed in this challenge?But then he realized that his Larvesta is level 1.How will his journey continue? Only his luck will guide him next.
  9. Monotype runs are one of my favorite things on the forums (they're the reason I decided to finally make an account), so it's no wonder that I'm here. I'm currently doing a few other monotype runs: procrastinating on grinding my Dark team to be able to beat Noel, and an Electric run that so far is being walled completely by Florinia. However, I didn't really document those at all, so I figured I'd start another run. I kind of wanted to do Psychic or Bug, but both of those are currently being done, and done well, so I decided to go with a type I hadn't seen on the forums at the time: Fairy. Since I waited before joining and haven't checked the boards a lot, Wolfox has also started a Fairy run. That's okay though, because that's where the "twist" comes in. As you may have guessed from the tags, I've allowed myself to use any Fairy type, and any Pokemon from the Fairy Egg Group. So this really isn't a Monotype challenge, and might even be heresy. I chose this twist for one simple reason: it gives me more Pokemon to choose from in the early game where fairy types are scarce. It also has the side effect of differentiating my run from Wolfox's. Non-fairy types in the fairy egg group are as follows: I'll also be trying to get maximum reputation points with everyone, which means defeating Solaris and Dittoceus. Since weather is b0rken at the moment, I'm using Waynolt's excellent select weather mod, which also comes with a choose your own starter mod. After looking through the Monotype Availability Guide, and the Fairy and Fairy Egg Group lists, I was torn between three pokemon: Shroomish, Marill, and Togetic. After much deliberation, I chose Marill; I can get a Togepi much later in the game, and while Breloom is the only Fighting type I have access to, I have other Grass Pokemon I can use, whereas Marill is the only Water type I could potentially have. After picking an avatar I like (the black girl with the punk hair) and choosing a meaningful name (Morrigan, after the Phantom Queen of crows and fate from Irish mythology, since the Tuatha De Danannan are in many ways just really powerful fairies), I set out to Reborn City. After soft resetting a bunch to get a Marill with Huge Power and a Pachirisu on the bridge, I blitzed through Victoria and Cain's starters. Exploring the Peridot ward gave me more pokemon: Cherubi, from the rooftop garden; Budew, who was attracted to my Rose Incense, and Igglybuff, who I rescued from an attempted pokenapping. At this point, I was a little leery about leveling up Budew or Igglybuff, since I wanted them to evolve at specific levels. So until I picked up the Soothe Bell at the Salon, both were just riding around, hopefully gaining friendship points from steps. Outside one of the factories, I ran into an insufferable character, Fern. He went down easy to Pachirisu's Charms and Bides, and Cherubi's Growth-boosted Tackles. After being forced to team up with him later, we faced two important Meteor grunts: Aster and Eclipse. They were more difficult. Marill got a bubble beam off on Magby before being taken into the red by Elekid's shock wave. I switched in Pachirisu, who absorbed Elekid's attack, and luckily Magby was concentrating on eliminating Fern's pokemon. Magby went down to Sparks (and a Vine Whip from Snivy), and Fern and I ganged up on Elekid until it fainted. After narrowly escaping getting blown up by Julia, it was time to face the mistress of explosions herself. Team Before Julia: Raiju Lv.17 Volt Absorb -Spark -Bide -Quick Attack -Charm Jinmenju Lv.17 Chlorophyll -Morning Sun -Tackle -Growth -Leech Seed Manannan Lv.17 Huge Power -Tackle -Bubble Beam -Rollout -Water Sport Kechibi lv.8 Competitive -Charm -Sweet Kiss -Pound -Misty Terrain Kodama lv.7 Natural Cure -Absorb -Growth -Water Sport Julia was pretty difficult, as she usually is. It certainly didn't help that I was only using 3 party members. Helioptile went down to 2 field-boosted Sparks from Raiju, and she sent out her first Voltorb. I switch into Manannan, who used Rollout. I figured if she stuck to Sonicbooms I'd be able to out-damage her, and possibly take out her next Pokemon (or die to aftermath). After one Sonicboom, she decided to use up both her potions, and voltorb went down. She sent out Emolga, who managed to get off a Nuzzle on my Marill, but is 1HKO'd by Rollout. Marill was in the red and paralyzed, and Julia was going to send out her second Voltorb, so I countered with Jinmenju. I was fully prepared to lame it out with Leech Seed + Morning Sun, but she opted to use Rollout instead. I boosted with growth and then tackled Voltorb into submission. Luckily, Aftermath didn't KO Cherubi. Blitzle was next, so I sent in Raiju once more. After healing Cherubi and Marill with super potions (while she barely does any damage with Quick Attacks), I went on the offensive and KOed Blitzle out with field-boosted sparks. Finally, it came. Electrode. Possibly her most annoying Pokemon. I decided to stall her with Cherubi's leech seed + morning sun combo. She missed a couple attacks, I actually got up to full health, which allowed Cherubi to boost with growth. When I ran out of morning Sun's, Electrode was in the red and Cherubi was at 34 hp. I decided to switch to Marill, since I didn't want Cherubi to get KO'd by Aftermath. Marill tanked 2 sonicbooms and the aftermath, but survived with only 5 hp left! Being overlevelled and stall tactics certainly made up for my lack of party members. Well, that was the first gym! I'm actually at Aya currently, so I'll be writing up progress every day until I get caught up, and then updates will probably be less frequent. What do you think so far? Is this challenge too h e r e t i c a l for you? Would you like there to be some amount of roleplaying/kayfabe in the write ups, or would you prefer I just stick to discussing teambuilding and writing about the important battles? If you have any other feedback or suggestions, let me know!
  10. The Jade Emperor saw the rapid decay of Reborn City, and shed his tear over the iron jungle. The tear split into two. A dark, muscular dragon, and a white, feminine dragon. They flew over the skies, discussing what they should do to restore the city. The discussion lasted for days. Eventually, they reached an agreement - They shall morph into a human together, embodying their thoughts. The human shall carry out both of their plans, with conflicts kept within the battle of minds. They used up most of their powers to form a neutral human, named "Tao". Unsure about the human's ability to simply survive, they accompanied the human as "partners", albeit significantly weaker than their usual selves. Knowing that they cannot catch too much attention until their powers are restored, they made a deal to not appear in the battlefield at the same time, until they were strong enough to fend off large amounts of hostile threats. They had also realized that their sheer presence causes caught Pokemon to be unable to fight alongside them, so whatever battle Tao faces, there won't be any allies unless there's another trainer. Tao disguised themselves as a challenger of the Reborn League, and took the train to the infamous city... -RULES- I can only take on Single Battles and Tag Battles with one of the two Pokemon until both of them reach Level 50. I cannot have any other Pokemon aside from HM Slaves. Zekrom and Reshiram start at Level 5. Dragon Rage is deleted due to how powerful it is in the early game. Impossible Bosses can be skipped, but I'll definitely find ways to get past them.
  11. In fact, I can't think of very much that would be more challenging than that. Well, except maybe if someone decided to tease you with E17 content. That would seriously suck, huh? So, as most of you will know, we at Reborn Dev Team HQ have been working on a certain feature for a while now. That feature is Some of you will also be aware that, since shortly before I took over leading the Dev Team, I also took the reins of working on implementing this feature. I've decided we'll do some show and tell on this, by showing off one of my most recent tests of the system. This should be familiar to any of you that have tinkered with Alexandre's Pokémon online scripts, or indeed played any fangame that has utilised them. So we can just go right ahead and click on battle and... What is this? A submenu? This is new. The system for challenges that the online scripts had built in was just both sides sorta having to challenge eachother at the same time. I thought that was pretty eh, so here we are. And I suppose the only place to go from here is Challenge my good friend Dudey McTest. All I need to do is wait for his response to my challenge... This man is trying to drown me! Wait, uhh... Does this mean the underwater FIELD? Well that's even more new. Y'know what, lets start over, this time I'll wait for the challenge and he can challenge ME. Yeah. Now THIS is more like it. So I guess I just click yes and... Well I'll be. They're all here! Even [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] and the Starlight Arena! We even have choices for no field and to randomise it if, as Ame has put it, you want to risk "getting seriously memed on" by the randomisation. Now, what to choose? Seeing as we were speaking about getting memed on... Well, I'm a simple guy. I like Brilliance. And Mirrors. And HAX. And realising I don't have a witty idea for how to reveal we find out the Champion's identity in E16. So I gues​s all that's left now is to start the fight. I hope you've all enjoyed this little insight into what's being worked on with regards to online, and I do hope this little insight into a feature that will be shipping with E17 has managed to just ever so slightly whet your appetites some more for E16.
  12. Introducing Project: Reborn Elemental Masters Because of my passion for the extremely replayable Pokemon Reborn, in a nutshell, my goal of this project is to complete a monotype run of the game with every single type. Given that we have roughly two years-ish to await the final product of Pokemon Reborn, I figure that with enough determination and like, 5 years, I can finish them all. I'll be updating this list as much as possible as I go along. Although I had the initial goal of let's playing the Steel run I did (gonna do a different type later when I have time and decent software), I decided to name every character since then, using all six sprites at some point for all of my eighteen characters. Their decisions in game, choices of pokemon, etc. will all be based on a single quote for each character. This is totally not just a retcon I'm using so I didn't have to beat the first five gyms with only Noibat. Without further ado, here are the rules that apply to each Monotype run. Individual rules are decided by character personality, I guess. Oh, and if you were wondering, this is the main motivation behind my other team showcase guide. Run #1: Steel Progress: Done with Episode 15! Character Name: BIGJRA "Victory? Too easy." The Team: Run #2: Psychic Progress: Done with Episode 15! Character Name: Lucius "Life's too short to waste your time with stupidity." The Team: Run #3: Ground Progress: Done with Episode 15! Character Name: Landon "Get me out of this filthy region!" The Team: Run #4: Dragon Progress: vs Blake Character Name: Aurum Restrictions: Sceptile, Ampharos, Charizard are fair game as long as each's Mega Stone is obtained at some point "The innate gemstone power of dragons! That’s what I need to attain!" The Team: Run #5: Bug Progress: vs Julia Character Name: Honey Restriction: All bug types must be caught by the end of the game "There’s more bugs in Reborn than anywhere else! I need to catch them all!"
  13. Hello and welcome to my Pokemon Black 2 Run! Cyaloom style. Some background: Rules: This is not a Nuzlocke or a monotype. I'll have just two simple self-imposed rules from the start: 1. I can't use Legendary Pokemon in battle. 2. I can't knock out any wild Pokemon; only catch them or run away. Actually I might add or change some rules during the run, but those two cannot be changed. Current team: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 1: Tackle spam The game begins in Aspertia city during a sunny yet cold day of Autumn: I am informed that a girl with a green hat has come here to give me a starter Pokemon and a Pokedex, and another boy from the town joins me in my quest to find her. We arrive to the lookout and, right there, amazed by the view, we find Belle, who lets me choose my companion from her three starter pokemon. The starter I chose is Snivy, as I have always used oshawott in my previous runs and I have also tried out Tepig, but I have never tried Snivy. Of course, as soon as I try to leave, the boy challenges me to a fight and uses his Tepig. He says he had raised it from an egg, but that would mean that he could predict the future and pick his companion accordingly... He can't know which starter I pick before I actually do that... Anyways, the boy from now on is going to be my rival! And before I forget, his name is the default one: Hugh. The fight was a continuous Tackle spam, in which Tepig was prevailing, but the accuracy of Snivy let him win the (very close) battle, thanks to a critical hit.After that, we were taken to the Pokemon center and our Pokemon were healed. I obtained the running shoes and my town map, then Hugh's sister gave me a second map that I had to deliver to my rival. Belle also showed me how to catch a Pokemon in the grass patches of route 19. Snivy's nature is Hardy (so it's neutral), and the moves are just what you would expect at this stage. I'm eager to evolve him into Serperior and try him out: (this screenshot was taken at Fioccesy Ranch) I was about to reach Fioccesy town when Alder stopped me and decided that he would train me up at his house, which I arrive to after healing my Pokemon at the pokemon center. How did you know? My mission now is to deliver the map to Hugh, who is in the nearby ranch, and then let Alder train me in his house. Of course getting to Hugh wasn't that easy and fast, and Snivy was still level 5, so he only knew Tackle and Leer. With this stellar moveset and the smallest level advantage over my enemies, I jumped into the first trainer battle of Route 20, defeating the enemy level 4 Patrat with some good old Tackle Spam. That is when Snivy learned Vine Whip and helped me beating the rest of the trainers in the route. But there is still one thing I find weird... 15 PP!? GF is genius. I finally reached the Fioccesy Ranch and spent quite a long time in the tall grass before going any further. After seeing all of the Pokemon in the area, I was able to find and promptly catch a new team member, a Riolu. The nature is neutral, the ability is rather helpful against Fake-out users (normally Liepard, so that is nice), and the moves... I'm sure he'll get better ones in the future. After healing my newly caught companion I was ready to explore the ranch deeper and find my rival. Hugh approached me not that long after I came back to the ranch. Thanks to Riolu's Quick attacks, Snivy easily defeated the weakened Tepig granting me the victory... OMG the world is about to end! ...Only to see that there were other problems to deal with: the ranch's owner seemed to have lost his Herdier, and this made Hugh freak out (very noticeably) for some reason. What happened exactly and how will the two trainers handle this situation...? The Team
  14. Hello my fellow Reborners! I'm deciding to start a new run for 2 reasons: 1. My monogen died down 2. I'm not good at grinding (why did my main pokemon all be at level 10 after the meteor factory raid...) 3. RNG clearly hates me. With that out of the way, here's the rules! 1. I may not have 2 pokemon with a type another pokemon in my party already have. If a pokemon evolves, then all lesser pokemon must leave the team if they have the new type the evolved pokemon has. (Example: If I have a Torchic, and Pancham or Makuhita, and Torchic evolves, then I must box Pancham or Makuhita, depending on which I have) -----------------Team:----------------- ------------------------------------------- tl;dr Status of the run: Doing all the beginner stuff Also, the RNG hates me in Pokemon Reborn.
  15. The challenge was inspired by Eagleby18's Gen 6 Monogen run. Be sure to visit his thread and follow along, because he's doing a great job. Hi, all. Hilda's going to try and put restrictions on herself, because let's be honest. Reborn just isn't hard enough, right?..RIGHT... No one's laughing, okay moving on... Rules are as follows: I may only use pokemon RELEASED in Generation 3 (which means I can't use pokemon previously available in Johto and Kanto.) I may only use pokemon from other generations if they are intended for exchange in order to obtain pokemon from Gen 3.* I may NOT use pokemon from other generations in Gym contests, regardless of intent. My challenge is not a 'Locke challenge, so if I haven't had the rule listed by this point, it's fair game. (I -will- nickname my pokemon, however.) That being said, this is the Team Showcase sub-forum, so Etesian and the rest of you can feel free to make your suggestions as I go along. (Please do.) I may, or may not, listen very well. Day 1 - "Start with a Bang" The train eases into Reborn's regional train station, situated in the city's 'Peridot Ward' - according to the woman sitting across from me in the cab. She identifies with the moniker 'Ame', and is the brain behind the region's pokemon population's restoration, as well as the League. The League -I- am going to take on. "So, forgive me for asking, but are you a Boy or a Girl?" she asks, prompting a sigh and a one word affirmation of my manhood. Is it really that dark in this cab? I really wish they had the lights on when she boarded the train, I haven't been able to glean enough of her features to identify who she was myself..perhaps I can let that question slide. "Ah, and what is your name?" "Sloane." "Excellent-" Ame begins to give me the standard "your pokemon adventure awaits" spiel as passengers begin to disembark the train... Cue darkness. --- I'm alright. Apparently, the station was bombed. The blur that is reality right now is just a little to fast for my discombobulated mind to keep up. Ame helps me up. A girl with green hair and a cheer outfit shows up and claims the destruction wasn't her doing "this time". I stagger down a long pier into the next Ward and it feels like forever. A bystander gives me a Potion and it seems silly because the medicine only works on Pokemon. I meet another girl. I go inside the Grand Hall and the light blinds me, yet also brings me back to my senses. --- "...Alright, but Sloane will get to pick first." Ame tells the black-haired woman to my right, known as 'Victoria'. This is it. I get to meet my first Pokemon partner. I already have an idea of who I was going to pick if I had the option, but upon ascending to the top of the domed building, I was astonished nonetheless. Eighteen pokeballs sat on colored displays. Orange denoting the Fire starters, Blue showcasing the Water starters, and Green identifying the Grass starters. Across all six of the largest continents in the world, there was representation in this very Hall. Ame tells me what I already assumed about which pokemon were which, and I proceed to the Water display. "So you want Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokemon?" Sloane 3000 Pokeyen/0 Badges Current Team: Mudkip.
  16. Hello, and welcome to my NU-only challenge run! I got inspired to do this when I saw nsbwinner2's RU and under run, and thought to myself "I bet I can one-up that!" Now, you may be asking, "But supermario79411, why do you have such a long name why are you doing another challenge run when you're in the middle of a Fairy/Fighting dual-type run?" Well, the reason is that my laptop (which the challenge run was on) kind of broke (in case you're wondering, I'm playing the game on my mom's laptop and writing this on the family computer). So, until my laptop gets fixed, I'll be putting that run on hiatus and starting this run. But enough about me, let's kill YOU let's get started! First off, the rules: 1) I can only use Pokemon from the NU and PU tiers. 2) I have to defeat all optional bosses, even if I can't use the reward Pokemon. 3) I have to defeat all impossible bosses. Secondly, my current team: Next, we have the Pokemon in my PC: Also, here are the major bosses I have to beat: And finally, this run's theme song! Wish me luck! ('_')7
  17. Finishing Episode 15 Nuzlocke kinda want to do a run that requires less, well death and tedious grinding. Looking for suggestions of two types of Pokemon that I am restricted to only using them. Prefered to be in some form of a theme such as: Nature: Water/Grass types. Mystic: Fairy/Psychic for example. Suggestions would be appreciated, also, if anyone could change my starter to a certain Pokemon if the type chosen types are not available amongst the usual water/fire/grass starters. Would also be able to offer my opinion on certain Pokemon in that type for the WIP monotype run through this~ Thanks in advance~
  18. So this is going to be my team for Monotype challenge all fly types Hawlucha drifblim charizard Gliscor honchkrow yangmega BACKUPS: Noivern the reason why I did not put him in my beginning squad is that because he is weak in the beginning. So once I get my pokemon to level 50 I will get him to lvl 50 so he can evolve to noivern. Archeops the reason why is because he's rock and flying type I don't have much use for rock types. Staraptor he is a flying and normal type. and maybe hoppip If you have any suggestines please let me know. Also if there is a pokemon that you can't get in this game please let me know I might of mistaken that you could get this pokemon in the game Thanks Hey guys thanks for all these suggestine as you see I fixed my team up there so thanks guy I am starting monotype challenge today so thank you guys.
  19. Everyone says "Charlotte is the toughest gym leader. You'll get beat a lot by her." I only took 3 times to beat her. Strategy was pretty simple too. Mamoswine uses Earthquake turn 1 and Noivern uses Hurricane to put out the flames if they get put up. If mamoswine and Noivern die switch in Golem and use Stone Edge and Switch in Hariyama and use Knock off and Close Combat. All in all the only sub I made was the Golem for my Granbull. Now that the gym is done golems chilling in the box. Team I used for this challenge was. Mamoswine Lv. 64 - Thick Fat Ancient Power, Rock Smash, Ice Shard, Earthquake Golem Lv. 60 - Sturdy Earthquake, Stone Edge, Explosion, Stealth Rock Greninja Lv. 62 - Protean Surf, Rain Dance, Extrasensory, Smack Down Hariyama Lv. 63 - Thick Fat Knock Off, Strength, Close Combat, Heavy Slam Drapion Lv. 62 - Sniper Cross Poison, Rain Dance, Toxic Spikes, Crunch Noivern Lv. 63 - Infiltrator Dragon Pulse, Boomburst, Shadow Ball, Hurricane.
  20. Hey all, As far as I can tell (correct me if I'm wrong) there is no thread solely for Nuzlocke Challenge ideas. So I thought, because I often talk to myself, "Hey KillJoy you should make a thread to compile all these ideas"... so I did! Just leave a challenge title and idea and others can take your challenge and report back how it turned out. You can also give and opinions on others challenges about how they can improve them or make them harder.
  21. So, like I've said before in the short topics tab, I'm gonna do what you all say is impossible. I've already started the challenge about 2 weeks ago, but here's to a list of my party as I progress. But before I get to that, here's how Nuzlocke works; 1.You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in a route/city/cave. If it runs away, too bad, if you kill it, too bad. 2.When your Pokemon faints, its dead. Dead dead dead, no revives, no second chance. Place that dead bastard in the PC or release it. Those are the 2 rules you MUST stick to, and that's basically it. Now due to the scarce amount of Pokemon you can find in Reborn, I added a new rule to it; 3.You can catch a single wild Pokemon you battle, and a single intractable(Event) Pokemon in the area. Now, there was a link Amethyst left me about catching Pokemon in an area, and Nuzlocke Modes, and since I'm this far in the game with my custom rule I'm gonna do a custom Mode called Limbo Mode: It's an Easy/Hell Mode. You can catch a Pokemon you battle, and an Event Pokemon. Places listed with italics or asterisks do not count as separate areas. You can't use the Daycare. You must defeat the Garchomp and Arceus. Number of Badges:1 And that's all there is to it. Now unto my team. Lvl. 22 Pupples Torrent Peck Metal Claw BubbleBeam Cut Lvl. 22 Drone Synchronize Teleport Confusion Disable Charge Beam Lvl. 17 Frequence Telepathy Screech Wing Attack Bite Leech Life Lvl. 15 Bounce4Me Thick Fat Psywave Odor Sleuth Psybeam Psych Up Lvl. 13 GETHYPE Unburden Tackle Fairy Wind Play Nice Fake Tears Lvl. 16 ATV(Advanced Terrain Venonat) Tinted Lens Foresight Supersonic Confusion PoisionPowder And here are the dead Pokemon. I'll update frequently
  22. So, no idea if anyone has thought of this, I'm sure someone has, but imma embark on a brand new Reborn file, and I am going to limit my Pokemon options to a single official Pokedex "color". I'm gonna keep track of my adventure on this topic! If you want to do it too, you should join me! Or not...i guess...it's fine...alone...in the cold dark world...without a sweater... Anyway, I dunno how hard this is gonna be, considering options in Reborn are pretty limited as is, but I'M OPTIMISTIC! There are 10 official pokedex colors, all with varying numbers of pokemon in them. To start I'm going with a color that has plenty of options because I don't want to lose my mind. Official Pokemon Colors: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_color As an added rule to make the challenge more interesting, shinies will be rule breakers! Sort of. Since reborn shinies are much more available and lots of Reborn shinies are custom, this will actually add a lot of fun to the game I think. As an example: So, say you're doing a Purple Run, and your team is an absolute mess as far as typing and you desperately need a bug type. Shut up it could happen. Well LUCKY YOU because it just so happens that SHINY ARIADOS IS PURPLE! HOORAY! Now go catch a shiny one or you're screwed. --- There's no easy access list of Reborn's custom shinies that would help in this kind of challenge, (or just general shinys that are different than the original mon) but I've slowly started compiling one that I will share with you! Feel free to help! Also there are some shiny mons that I'm not 100% sure what color category they should fall into. Those are marked with "?" If you could share your opinion on what color category you think they should be in that would be amazing. Reborn Relevant Shiny Starters: (If these are wrong please let me know cause sometimes I'm a dumb bitch) Venusaur = Purple Charizard = Black Typhlosion = Pink Meganium = Yellow Swampert = Purple Infernape = Pink Emboar = Blue Delphox = Purple Greninja = Black Chesnaught = Blue Other Relevant shinies Sorted by Color: Brown: Weezing? Dustox Lumineon Yellow: Mismagius? Swoobat Luxray Mighteyna Grumpig Black: Raichu/Pikachu Arbok Noivern Golem/Graveler Purple: Ariados Beautifly? Bellosom/Vileplume Ampharos Honchkrow? Grey: Marowak? Pidgeot Meowstic? Pink: Skuntank Victreebell Butterfree Blue: Chesnaught Garbodor Beedrill Red: Venomoth Delcatty White: Pyroar Green: Noctowl Ursaring Muk Stoutland List is obviously a wip. I'll add to it every once in awhile when I have time and/or feel like it. Once again, if I'm wrong, please let me know! I'm just trying to make it easier. --- So, I started a new file with the intention of doing a Green run, but then as I was resetting to get a starter with a decent nature, this happened. As you can see, I even had color themed names picked out and everything. God dammit. So cute tho. BUT. His nature is good. So I took this as a sign. My run through was destined to be Blue. I just didn't know it. So...wish me luck...
  23. What it says in the title. Try to draw a Pokémon in 45 seconds. The Pokémon range from the original 151 with limited colors to use. It's pretty fun, but sometimes it takes half your time loading the reference image. You can do it here: www.pokedraw.net
  24. well, i've been wanting to get an outside opinion on my team for a while, so here goes. Let us begin: Vulcan- a fiery star blazing bright against the night sky. (magmar) Lvl 61 F Ability: flamebody (was vital spirit, got changed with ability capsule) Stats: (attack, def, spec.attack,spec.defense, speed, etc... in descending order) 156 88 143 132 131 Movepool: Flamethrower, Fire blast, Confuse ray, Clear smog Notes:found underneath opal bridge at beginning of my quest, been traveling with ever since. serves as one of two primary Spec Attackers on the team, with it's speed allowing it to move before most opponents we've come across. Has preformed well as a saving grace, and has come through many times when our backs where against the wall in battle. Whenever victory seems impossible, I turn to Vulcan. Deluge- A vicious maelstrom whose might can destroy Mountains (swampert) Lvl 61 M Ability: Damp (made me so happy at the first gym ) Stats: 167 144 152 118 85 Movepool: Muddy water, Earthquake, Strength, Sludge wave Notes: the first one on the team, has been an excellent companion. sometimes serves as a Staller, so to speak, buys time when a strategy needs to be set up or when I need a moment to get the rest of the team back in fighting condition. Though, often enough he goes in as a well rounded ace(speed could be improved though) that can take a few hits and drop several foes in a row before taking a fall. When the fighting starts going south, he will be there. Tartarus- A rock that ties us all together when the going gets rough (gigalithe) Lvl 58 M Ability: Sturdy Stats: 181 164 104 97 59 Movepool: Stone edge, Power gem, Explosion, Rock smash Notes: found him in the Rhindocrine caves.The tank of the team. Sturdy allows him to take a lot of physical blows and he can often deal out far more damage than the enemy can. Absolutely destroys flyers and fire types, and when things go bad, we can always fall back on a suicide tactic. Courage- To falter is to fail, to surrender is to die (scrafty) Lvl 60 F Ability: Moxie Stats: 150 164 83 131 94 Movepool: High jump kick, Brick break, Rock climb, Crunch Notes: A late addition to the team. Does it's job of taking out high def. normal and dark types well enough. Can't really complain much... Friend- The epitome of self-sacrifice for the sake of others (gardevoir) Lvl 59 F Ability: Trace Stats: 111 92 210 158 116 Movepool: Psychic, Moonblast, Shadow ball, Calm mind Notes: My Ace in the hole when it comes to special attacks. found in a house guarded by a hobo demanding alms. often gets thrown in early in fight. Bouffalant- You've yet to receive a name because you have not earned it Lvl 56 F Ability: Sap sipper Stats: 134 109 64 124 72 Movepool: Swords dance, Mega horn, Cut, Head smash Notes:added after intial visit to route one. I'm starting to think catching we was a waste of my pokeballs. You're going to have to start pulling some more weight in battle of you don't wanna be replaced...
  25. So, I decided to do also a topic about my Monotype Challenge. So far I beat Julia which wasn´t really so bad because Acid Spray is OP at the moment. Even so I think I could have outstall her with Oscar, Blommer and PepéLePew and Toxic would have killed her. My Team so far: Plisken (Ekans) Level 15 Lonely Unnerve Wrap Glare Poison Sting Bite Oscar (Trubbish) Level 17 Brave Stench Pound Poison Gas Acid Spray Toxic Spikes Bloomer (Ivysaur) Level 17 Bold Chlorophyll Take Down Sleep Powder Leech Seed Vine Whip PepéLePew (Stunky) Level 15 Mild Stench Scratch Smoke Screen Poison Gas Screech For some reason I thought you can get Grimer before Julia but there isn´t any water where you can use your Old Rod. Btw: Where do I ge those 3d Pictures of my Pokemon and put them in my post?
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