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  1. That is probably a bug tho u could try using debug mode to switch male meowstic into female meowstic
  2. Rage I'll oblige your challenge soon I think mew will arive this afternoon
  3. Our character has saved himself from death seemingly knowing we couldn't die. The reason I believe this is that during the dark future we seemingly protect melia by killing ourself. Our interceptor is in my opinion is probably of a higher rank than other interceptors. Correct me if I am wrong but cresent died after valor mountain killed by freya. After her death we traveled to the dark future and died since freya knows about the interceptors and cresent might be dead for good we in our dark future death we shouldn't have come back. There are 2 possibilities here 1 that our character is the interceptor of interceptors or we are the core. First lets talk about the grand interceptor possibility we know that interceptors are supposed to judge not interfere we clearly interfere in everything and can access memories of other interceptors. Now the other more far fetched theory of us being the core. We know of the core takes enough damage the interceptors become mortal we know since the core is what gives interceptors their power it has to see their memories and minds as of now only our character has demonstrated the abilty to know things it shouldn't know and finally what or who the core is was never specified. So those are my 2 theories on it
  4. Hello Hi I’m back again lets see if cass will arrive
  5. Sure but we can’t ignore the dialogue choice options that we get. Like talking to valarie
  6. yeah since the amount of memories can be overwhelming the interceptor represses the memories so they can judge fairly and so they don't have what happened at the pyramid (a previous interceptor using the current one to talk out of)
  7. When we say the MC has a lack of personality we ignore very human moments such as the MC's refusal to leave the room after Nancy's death or when they got surprised when nymeria mentioned aderest
  8. That actually makes a lot of sense but we know that multiple interceptors exist the other possibility is that the core lets the subjects emulate interceptors. Which might explain the existence of the interceptor
  9. I mean if arceus is supposed to be a god stand in then I think he could have created the interceptor.
  10. In the Final cutscene of v12 Melia Erin Alice Allen turned into the archtype. Possible that the interceptor existed from the begining alongside Vitus and Nymeria or also possible that they were the prince who was with nymeria I think her son
  11. The protag is a force from beyond human scope and since aelita is a reincarnatiom of vivian She has a connection to regirock. The protag is fate's hand so unless a pokemon can control fate I don't think he has a connection to any specific pokemon
  12. I would pick mismagius but before I give a better moveset I need to know what tm's you have Mismagius holding spell tag 252 spatk 252 speed 4 spdef Timid/modest nature -Shadow ball -Dazzling gleam -Thunderbolt -Nasty plotn (bred only if you have spiritomb)/ Work up (until then)
  13. You found the wrong dn here lets see if a blaziken will appear
  14. Personally I felt the way that Ame's death was excellent. The purpose of being forced to continue onwards through the factory was to show that our character wasn't thinking straight. This is how I see it the PC was greiving at the loss of Ame but also angry at Lin for killing Ame the reaction was for the PC to chase after Lin in hope of revenge. Comparatively in Agate city when you see Lin again your Character who is much less emotional lets Lin leave because they realize that fighting Lin doesn't really help them. I thought that the Devon corp sequence was delivered very well
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