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  1. Lead with a drought pokemon that knows heat wave and another fire type with heat wave. My combo of choice was choice specs drought ninetales + volcarona. It tore through everything. I'm sure you can get the same result with mega charizard Y and another heat wave spammer.
  2. When I try to connect to the server via pokegear, I just get a black screen. I haven't run into this error before. Are the servers down or is there an error on my end?
  3. Didn't know Reborn was located in England
  4. I feel like there's a discord I should be in
  5. Congratulations on surviving another year around the sun my dude!

  6. I was referring to this.
  7. Please don't tell me you fixed the struggle "quirk"
  8. As @Rendolf said, it's on the bottom of the page. Be careful before you play on that version because it might still be unstable.
  9. Sure, shoot me a message and we'll work things out. You can also give Swirlix a link stone. They become available after the 4th/5th gym I think.
  10. VividGrey

    big man

    I can hook you up with a hawlucha. Send me a message and we'll sort things out.
  11. Maybe go check in his gym first under the conditions @Rendolf mentioned? I always thought that was what triggered the event.
  12. I can catch one for ya! Just send me a DM and we'll sort things out.
  13. Are you still stuck?
  14. VividGrey


    I speak for everybody on the forum when I say we need weekly pictures of [name of cat]
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