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  1. Reborn is the perfect game to play around with new mons. Normally I wouldn't play with a mon like Cinccino but it's still on my team, even though I'm at the last gym. Some normal mons can really shine because of field effects as well.
  2. Hmmm... With your current team, I'd level everybody to 75. Start with Furfrou and use sucker punch to get that priority super effective damage. Furfrou will probably get knocked out immediately. When he's down, try going for crunch with Mawile maybe? Is it possible to leave the glitch world? If possible, it might be worth it to switch your team around. A strong and fast bug or ghost type will do wonders.
  3. I'd love one! A nice shiny would very much be appreciated!
  4. VividGrey

    Happy Hour

    As far as I can tell, V-create is the only 'event' move that'll probably be in the game since Victini is coming in E19.
  5. In my first run, Alakazam has had my back time and time again. Wonder guard is an amazing ability and has saved my ass many times. He also always manages to survive with just 1-3 HP, allowing me to go for the kill and winning many battles. In my current run, I'll have to go with Cinccino. It still shines even in late game. High speed and attack IVs, the ability skill link and multi-hit moves (like tail slap, bullet seed and rock blast), making each of those base 125 damage attacks! It basically swept Charlotte once I got rid of her field.
  6. VividGrey

    Happy Hour

    I honestly don't think it's in the game since it's an event-only move...
  7. I can't recommend magnezone enough. It's a really good pokemon that shines in a variety of fields. Since you battle team meteor almost always in a factory field, discharge schlaps. Flash cannon and thunderbolt are also good moves to put on the team. I'd add Mimikyu as well. I only started using him last month and he's a force to be reckoned with, especially if it's carrying a life orb. It might be worth it to add a ninetales with the ability drought and heat wave on your team. You can get a vulpix with heat wave somewhere around the circus if you reset a couple of times. There's a certain double battle coming up and I found that spamming heat wave with both ninetales and volcarona, while the sun is out, to be the most effective strategy. Aerodactyl is only worth it when you get the mega ring IMO. It is, in my opinion, one of the best megas in the game.
  8. Can't wait for Ester and Eclipse to have Palkia instead of Rockruff again and completely wreck my shit
  9. I swear if @andracass put this in as a practical joke I'm gonna reee. "yeah guys there's a one in a million percent chance you'll run into a lvl 1 mew if you just run around in Byxbysion"
  10. Thank you for all the hard work on Reborn!! My slow pc is ever in your favor.
  11. A special thank you to @Edo, @keyblade336, @Gastronely, @Duskfang Shadowpaw, @Crystalrage and @Starry Knight! Whenever there's someone in the community looking for help, your names keep popping up in the comments! Your efforts are part of what makes this such a lovely community. And how could I forget about @Vinnie, @LeoYT, @Dai Laughing and @Lostelle for guiding all of us through the game at one moment or another. Thank you for the great tutorials!
  12. Are you gonna steal some fire moves from the lil pansear under the bridge for the fight with Tangrowth?
  13. Can you post a pic of the pokemon in your box?
  14. Something that can always help you out is changing the field effect. His team heavily relies on the field to get the boosts. If you can manage to get rid of that then you will have an edge in battle. A pokemon that helped me out was Escavalier. You can get one by trading karrablast(?) to a dude in Spinel. If you can manage to pull off a swords dance, you'll be invincible with X-sciccor. Watch out for Gallade's, Reuniclus and Malamar's fighting moves tho!
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