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    I speak for everybody on the forum when I say we need weekly pictures of [name of cat]
  2. The thing is, since Scrafty is pretty bulky you can recycle the intimidate on boss battles. However, moxie will be more viable for gym battles if you can manage to pull off a couple of dragon dances.
  3. I might have one but I can't check right now. Send me a message so I don't forget!
  4. That's odd, probably a quirk from -Z.exe What's your IGN?
  5. Hi! Is there a mod available where you can change your player name? Or does it exist in a modpack like SWM?
  6. Does this only happen in the -z.exe? Or has it changed for both .exe since you ran -z.exe?
  7. You might want to go to Corey's gym at night. That should normally trigger the Zorua event.
  8. Hey, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it! The game is really well made and I love the general vibe of the island. What I really liked was that you can see which encounters belong to your current area. The thing that made the game easy for me was that you gave acces to really strong pokemon from the beginning (speed boost torchic, ralts, etc.)
  9. Yeah nah, the eeveelutions in the early game are overpowered as hell. My espeon swept the better part of the first half.
  10. I had the same reaction. Going in, I expected it to be sort of like Reborn or Rejuv. It's way easier and I flew through it.
  11. As the others have said, picking torchic is basically playing Reborn on easy mode. You'll have no trouble tearing through gyms with it. (I picked treecko this time around and I have never been so frustrated). If you're going for torchic (and I'm rooting for you to pick torchic) make sure you reset until you have speed boost. Speed boost blaziken is a force to be reckoned with.
  12. I love the little details in every move that really add to the immersion. Fantastic job!
  13. Fun fact: she's actually been nerfed since a couple of episodes ago. She was the reason I restarted my run from scratch back then. Either way, if you can get rid of the field effect then she's not all that threatening if you bring some rock types. Rock slide or stone edge will pretty much take care of her whole team without the field effect. Eelektross can learn ion deluge, which creates an electric field for like 5 turns. This move has +1 priority so you can use it on the first turn and go ham with magcargo's rock slide.
  14. You can use meowstic's turn to set up a light screen/reflect, that should drastically lower the damage you'll take.
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