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  1. Out of nowhere this error started occuring, i tried re downloading the game but i still cant make it work. Does anybody know how to fix this or if it can´t be fixed how to run an older save file? Thanks Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `length' for 0:Integer PokemonLoad:316:in `pbSetParty' PokemonLoad:507:in `pbStartLoadScreen' Scene_Intro:106:in `closeSplash' PBEvent:54:in `call' PBEvent:54:in `block in trigger' PBEvent:49:in `each' PBEvent:49:in `trigger' EventScene:708:in `update' EventScene:612:in `main' Scene_Intro:179:in `main'
  2. How did you get/make that picture with your reborn team around your avatar? just curious. Totally unrelated to the gym leader topic
  3. I hope i´ve got what you need, what is it? nature doesnt matter, i can change it with heartscales
  4. As the title says, tangrowth would be the perfect way to round up my team, i´ve tried a ton but cant get a properly IV´d one, if anybody is willing to trade one id be very thankful
  5. Where can i get life orb? cant even find it in the item guide
  6. also, how would you say i should ev tangrowth+nature?
  7. Oh i see, then theres no problem ill just breed it. Thanks!
  8. I was thinking about tangrowth too, guess i wasnt so far off. Do you know where can i get freeze dry? I looked for it but couldnt find it
  9. Any changes you see fit regarding natures, moves, held items or the final member are more than welcome Excadrill lv. 95 Ability: sand rush Nature and EVs: adamant, 252 attack, 252 speed Held item: Pending Moveset: Earth quake Smart strike Rock slide Swords dance Tyranitar lv. 95 Ability: Sand stream Nature and EVs: adamant, 252 attack, 252 hp Held item: Smooth rock Moveset: Earthquake Brick break Stone edge Crunch Honchkrow lv. 95 Ability: Moxie Nature and EVs: Jolly, 252 attack, 252 speed Held item: Scope lens Moveset: Sucker punch Night slash Brave bird Super power Alolan Ninetales lv. 95 Ability: Snow warning Nature and EVs: Timid, 252 Sp.Atk, 252 speed Held item: Light clay Moveset: Aurora Veil Dazzling gleam Blizzard Ice beam (dont know what to give it instead) Infernape lv. 95 Ability: Iron fists Nature and EVs: adamant, 252 attack, 252 speed Held item: Black belt Moveset: Flare Blitz Close combat Mach punch Gunk shot
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