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  1. I basically want to give musharna a crest but i dont know how to implement the mechanics...(also want to give it to neon) Musharna Crest: Increases defenses(1.2 or 1.1x). allows use of Dream Eater without sleep and recovers slightly more hp (60%) I just want to know what scripts to edit?
  2. I really wanna use it in my rejuvenation playthrough
  3. Look at those rock haard ab- ARIANA LOOKS GREAT!! (Zumi giving the gays everything and more)
  4. Hey as an intense player. i was sort of growing to think the later battles in the game were a chore and had to get a specific team in order to counter them (so like souta, saki, keta reverend etc) there i didn't feel there were much ways to counter said field effects. for example. like bewitched field or forest field i couldn't come up with much strategies to counteract the field or change it completely. ik u dont take requests but i would personally love for you guys to implement more field changes for players to think outside the box there currently stuck in. or like make field overrides (like electric terrain or grassy terrain) completely override it instead of adding some effects to said field. thats just my opinion tho. that being said. THANK YOU OMG!! i love the more added mons at the start of the game. when i tell you i was getting bored of the same selection of pokemon at the begging. like my team *ALWAYS* had either a fletchling, one of the nidorans, a grass type like oddish/bellsprout, and a sweeper like bibarel/mightenea. it felt pretty samey so im sooo glad you changed that oh and made changes to the current fields cant wait to see how this changes the fights
  5. how can i mod reborn so that i can choose what pokemon to be registered to my pokedex. think pkhex pokedex editor( I did all of the pokedex before legitimately but it took so long and im busy rn with other stuff in my life) if someone could help that be great
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  7. the bottom riight one
  8. just logging on rn also i havent had my trading account in ages so just use Gengar7689
  9. The same as my name on here
  10. I Can trade the honedge. Ill just take anything you have
  11. I feel like if intense ever comes back then you need more ways for the player get an advantage. Like making the fields more changeable and also having max ivs for ur pokemon.
  12. have you got this fixed cause im the oppisite of that i have it on at night and i get moring encounters but its also the same with events also some areas dont have encounters in them aswell so this is a big bug for me Also can someone try out some night locations on my savefile and see if they work then when your done save and send it back to me Game.rxdata
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