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  1. forgot to add one Chandelure: 1.2 x to speed and gives it shadow tag
  2. Porygon Z: changes abillity to protean Gengar: Abillity becomes leivitate and its special attack increases by 10% whilst its attack scales with it Lurantis: it gains chloryphl and a resistance to fire attacks Floatzel: it gains sheer force and its special attack scales with the attack Marowak: Parental bond with a 10% increase in special def and have the thick club being held with it Slaking: changes its abillity to Vital spirit Golem: gains Sand stream and solid rock Politoed: gives it primodeial sea
  3. I know the devs have so far no plans to put it in but i was wondering has anyone made any mod that puts it in?
  4. So iv never had this happen to me when i played v 12 before so this is really weird to me so whenever theres like a map connecting to another map it goes really weird like this or im in the same place but it shows me a different place this isnt relevent to this but i just thought id throw it in there whenever i get a wild encounter i keep getting an error about using a black flute. this happens when im using the rejuv modpack if someone could help me with any of these errors id appreciate it! (also if u need any extra info about whats happin dm me)Game.rxdata
  5. @lemyuuu did you get your problem fixed? cause i have the same one Game.rxdata
  6. Oh yeah I forgot you guys also help with rejuv my bad also i was kinda meaning the actual scripts but your right that shits long as hell to read as well
  7. .....wooooow i wouldnt even have the patience to do a little of that script also...Ice face and gulpmissille?? arent they gen 8 abillites?
  8. Hey i cant continue past the charlotte scene when she asks you to move in yeuyeru can ya help me out? Game.rxdata EDIT: NM
  9. not the grimer but i think you can find an alolan muk in the coruptted cave
  10. @P.Kiko Also to make it worse all the pokemon that were purple in alll the team Xen trainer battles all had special moves to them like Baltoy with flame thower Vanillite with Wilow wisp Alolan grimer with aromatherepy and Chinchou with Cosmic power ...and beldum with zap cannon Anyways haaaaave fun
  11. Have you ever heard of shadow pokemon?
  12. Yes but The character points also help get the Karma points Just try to be a nice person and always think about a situation before you make a big desicison in general with this game.......Real life advice in a game huh betcha didnt expect THAT in a fangame or this topic (Rejuvenation the only game that makes me think REAL HARD about how to be a good person)
  13. Oh im not talking bout relatishship points im talking about karma points. Relationship points effect indiviual characters whilst karma points effects the good things you did Let me explain in every help sidequest you do you gain karma points (not relationship points) there basically sying its a good thing your doing. when your in certain situations that determine whether you gain or loose karma,that yousually effects your good ending or bad (i dont know how realtionship points effect the game yet i just know so far they dont execpt for an event that effects another persons relationship with you) to sum it up its the game saying what thing/action you took was a good thing not giving into Cera was a good thing you did so you get karma points is basically what im saying (dont worry it was confusing for me too at first)
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