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  1. the bottom riight one
  2. just logging on rn also i havent had my trading account in ages so just use Gengar7689
  3. The same as my name on here
  4. I Can trade the honedge. Ill just take anything you have
  5. I feel like if intense ever comes back then you need more ways for the player get an advantage. Like making the fields more changeable and also having max ivs for ur pokemon.
  6. it kinda looks like a little girl dangling from a cliff and something else fell? or shes falling??
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  8. that kinda sucks... but at least weve got memeborn (if the download link ever returns) ((but what did happen?))
  9. 472 (Also i just looked this thread started like nine years ago....thats mad)
  10. basically the tile. i started editing the scripts cause of people syin the breeding tm wasnt working and i was like "okay lets check this out" so i did turns out the bit where it says you could do that was commented meaning its not implemented so i was like lets not comment that so i did. then i had to download the pbs files so i could save the changes fair enough. Everything was working until i started the second fight after the scrafty gang on difficult mode and the zel fight. basically the pbs files didnt have the zel fight or the scraggy fight added in the pbs files. so I either have to get the game and download it or have the updated pbs files
  11. hey the pbs is missing the bit in trainer types for the scraggy fight after the scrafty one also for the breeding one the bit where it says you can breed machine moves was commented out so I added it back in So thats why most of you who are trying to breed tm moves cant do it
  12. one more Delcatty: make all of its moves super effective and boost its special attack by 2x
  13. One just came to mind and I think its kinda good Eelectross:Pure power but for speed and its spatk uses its atk (kinda how claydol works accept its atk instead of defense) or if thats to broken add on the swift swim effect so that its speed still doubles but only in rain
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