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  1. This field is pretty crazy and complex. I think I would be scared as much as I would be intrigued to test this out.
  2. 1) @Trooperk 2) @hanakibi 3) Cera#1873 (Ceratisa ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ Neko x4) 4) Fractured Angel (Garde) 5) @lucadea (Luca), ChristmasKing#3150 (CuteKing), @crimsoncrim, @Ice Cream Sand Witch and Azzie#0014 (azzimal crossing new happies) 6) @hanakibi 7) @MatthewRatford, @Hellscythe and @Trooperk 8) Nicki#0487 (Get Shiowned (Nickilicky)) 9) @BlueTowel 10) @Adam. 11) @Caimie, @G O O S E and Glow#3544 12) @Brave and @Caimie 13) @Clutterfunky (Professional Swag Jockey) and @BlueTowel 14) @BlueTowel 15) @G O O S E 16) Glow#3544, @ARandomName, Nicki#0487 (Get Shiowned (Nickilicky)) 17) Vinny (NineIcyTails) 18) @Starry Knight, CosminCosman#9684 and Torre#3332 19) @MintMan, @Bearadactyl and @Brave 20) @Huggyboo and @ARandomName 21) @Trooperk and @BlueTowel 22) @G O O S E and @MintMan 23) @Seal, @Brave and @hanakibi 24) @lucadea, ChristmasKing#3150 (CuteKing), @Trooperk and @Amethyst 25) bowrice#0418 (cat Liza), @the_phantom_eyes ( cats Nyx and Merlin and Ollie the cockatiel) and @Starry Knight (cats Perseus and Prince) 26) @Cerise 27) @BlessedBudew, @TheGreninja6227 @lucadea @Evi Crystal and ChristmasKing#3150 (CuteKing) 28) @Ruby Red 29) @Posty 30) Torre#3332 31) Lenny is ready for BDSP#6551 32) @Bearadactyl and @Brave 33) @BlessedBudew and @Amethyst 34) @Seal 35) @LightningDudeYT and @Dumb 36) @chxxo and Zenith#0392 37) @TheGreninja6227 38) @Hat'n'Clogs and @Evi Crystal 39) ChristmasKing#3150 (CuteKing) 40) Nicki#0487 (Get Shiowned (Nickilicky)) 41) @Amethyst, @andracass and @Ikaru
  3. I shall be nominating For King: @Brave For Queen: @Starry Knight For Sovereign: @Amethyst
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