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  1. I really hope I posted this in the right area- Anyway, hello! I've been playing pokemon Rejuvenation and I've been having some real specific trouble. I just beat the Adam Might boss fight and received my 13th gym badge, although a problem occurred when the bladestar announcement came into play. A script error occurred, I downloaded the recent patch and it seemed to have fixed. Afterwards though, it put me back at the beginning of the Adam fight, and the Bladestar logo was still on what would be the roulette screen. The game is now stuck on a constant roulette like thing and I have no idea how to possibly solve it! I tried to look for the Game.rxdata in my save files, but no matter how hard I looked it was nowhere to be found. I even tried looking in my trashbin. I have no way to go to my previous save files and I really don't want to go back to the beginning of the game after putting over 100 hours into it so far. If anyone could help me at all it would be appreciated greatly. Thank you very much.
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