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  1. JAN U HAVE BEEN WORKING TO HARD MAKING SURE THAT THIS FINAL CHAPTER IS TO BE PERFECT SO DONT STRESS URSELF OUT AS FARE AS I KNOW UR GAME STORY IS BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE WHEN I FIRST SAW IT, WERE ALL PROUD OF HOW MUCH EFFORT U PUT INTO THIS GAME .....so please ounce ur done plz take ur time to relax and make sure to clear ur mind, u need it but what i should be saying is THANK YOU for making a game that i truly love most.
  2. After you finish the game will you make a new Pokemon game series?
  3. Wait there gonna be galar mons? next update?
  4. were is the ev editor mode for this debug mode pack
  5. Is their a sandbox mode for POKEMON REJUVENATION?
  6. how do i got to the Game.rxdata file

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