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  1. btw theres an audino grinder in the ship so u can grind up new members
  2. heres his team also if this helps persian holding muscle band return fake out seed bomb dig Clefable sitrus berry flamethrower psychic dazzling gleam thunder wave Marowak alolan thick club fire punch flame charge shadow bone bonemerang masquerain charti berrie quiver dance bug buzz air slash scald Krookedile muscle band earth quake crunch cut rock slide Gengar wise glasses shadow ball dazzling gleam willow wisp sludge
  3. 1 option is do a bit of grinding swap vivveon for mawile as intimade support is nice spam rockslide with lycanrock yawn the threats ur struggling with an eevee evo could be nice also after this i recomend ev training ur mons as ur gonna need it later and iits good to have it early
  4. Crescent could have the same fate as adam and valarie as she was with them i think crescent may also have been brain washed and forgotten who she is i also suspect we will meet saki whos and crescent
  5. i think u can go back to the box and change back if not im pretty sure there is in gdc apartment
  6. so I'm just starting up a new game and I've designed the team I think I will use just wondering what u think of the team Charizard: Sunny day Heat wave Air slash Brick break Leafeon with crest: Swords dance Leaf blade Dig Sunny day Oricorio with crest : Revelation dance Air slash Hurricane Helping hand Magnezone: Discharge Flash cannon Thunder wave Hidden power ice Medicham: High jump kick/ brick break idk which one Ice punch
  7. ive dowloaded the debug what should i do with it now im kinda bad w this stuff
  8. other weathers bodies him though my torkoal with drought set up sun and i one shot most of his mons w thyphlsion was an ez battle for me
  9. guys i think im screwed i checked my backups none of my newer ones r there 0: really sad
  10. same thing has happened to me and i dont understand what to do i dont have any back ups or how to get to them
  11. psychic and fairy types do very well especially against the bewear i used sylveon espeon also works chimeco and swoobat can beat the bewear and if u dont wanna switch up the team maybe save a strong special attacker for the bewear
  12. i beat adam flew to gearen now im soft locked what should i do
  13. so i just beat adam and i flew to gearen to do some side quests i cant get back to gdc and finish the story plz help
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