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  1. Does anybody know the password for the receptionist in the central building??
  2. all she says is "looks like the tracks are being fixed as we speak"
  3. ok so i think i missed some dialogue but after the gym leader i went back to the train but the guy isnt done fixing them...where do i go now??
  4. Can someone help me get through honec woods? I already did the darchlight caves and dealt with that other evil team that had the base in the caves. Now i just need to get through these woods to get to grand dream city
  5. Well now im out of the cavern and trying to get through honec woods but im not quite sure how to get out of here
  6. I'm currently on my way to grad dream. Im going through the caverns that we fall and get stuck in.
  7. Is ther a way to get more blast powder for the mining rocks??
  8. where can i find a pikachu? also is it just raichu or is it a special raichu?
  9. Does anybody know what these apophyll pancakes are for?? I bout them back at the resort thinking they might be usefull for something at some point but have yet to find a use for them....
  10. @Lucifer Morningstar i feel so stupid i totally forgot i have a bulbasaur egg in my pc that i havent used yet that i could have use against that damned groudon!!
  11. Do you know how long it'll take the guy to revive fossils?
  12. How many badges do you need for strength?
  13. Does anybody know what each one does? I'm at the exchange shop for AP and i wanna get a few but idk which does what...
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