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  1. It was refreshing to have a Ampharos on my team and now I am gonna catch Turtonator to have diversity in my team.
  3. 1. The seeds: I have one Telluric seed, two Elemental seeds and one Synthetic seed. 2. I don't have any fire type tm's that work on my pokemon, but I have Brick Break and Brutal Swing that could work against Angie I think.
  4. An Exeggcute (I still haven't evolved it into a Alolan Exeggutor), Noibat and Type: Null, but dragon memory still doesn't exist in the game yet. I am gonna somehow try to Monty Python my way to defeat. I will report if something happens.
  5. In EV's Sceptile: High physical attack and defense Noivern: High physical attack and speed Noivern: High physical attack and speed Noivern: High special attack and speed Dragalge: High physical attack and special defence Alteria: High speed and special attack Tried my best to have a good team.
  6. Good day, everyone. I'm back........again. I am now gonna face Angie, the ice type gym leader and the nightmare of my dragon mono playthrough. I really have no idea how to face her, because Turtonator isn't available yet and I *four* pokemon four times weak against ice. If you are still here, helpful tips will be very welcoming.
  7. Good day, everyone, I'm back. I'm now trying to look for a Exeggcute, because it evolves into Alolan Exeggutor, but for the life of me, I cannot find it. The pokemon location guide says it can be found on Terajuma Jungle or Terajuma Shore, but I ran around in the grass and never encountered one. Does it appear in day time or in the morning? Or is it just very rare to find? Edit: Nevermind, I have found the beans. They are encountered in day time.
  8. I think I kinda screwed up. I invested the EV's into physical attack and speed. Is that bad? Edit: I am now training a special attacker speedster Noibat to solve the problem.
  9. I am EV training one of my Noibats for high special defense, but it isn't going up, same with some of my pokemon. Is it, because they can't take anymore EV's?
  10. Hmm, interesting. I have question, who is the max IV gift pokemon you are mentioning? Is it Nancys Sylveon?
  11. I will try. Don't know how, but I will try to understand. Thank you.
  12. Good day, everyone. Recently I was feeling a bit nostalgic for Rejuvenation and also I wanted to know how hard can I challenge myself, so I created a save file for doing a dragon mono team playthrough. You might be thinking, if I am a mad man for doing this, to which is, yes, I am. At the start was a bit rocky, considering that there are so little dragon types, but I managed to get through the 1st and 2nd gym battles. But now I am having problems, the Noibats I have on my team are now getting weaker, I think all of them have not too good defenses, the over looming threat of Angy and I am havin
  13. I tried it now, but my first save file is still gone and the first save files Game.rxdata is completely gone, and when I wrote it in, the game wanted to start a new. Edit: I got my first save file back! When I read about about back up save files and I tried it, it worked! I am sorry Edo if I wasted your time. Crisis was averted!
  14. Good day everyone I am in a stressful situation. My first Rejuvenation save file with 14 badges has disappeared. I was just deleting save points from my 3rd save file and my computer made some fuss about it (sorry if I can't remember why it did that), and then I checked if the file was successfully and I heard no starting music, and I see that the 3rd save file has duplicated itself and is my first save file! I tried to back track and see where the hell I messed up so badly, and when I renamed the Game.rxdata to Game_1.rxdata to see if it that fixed the issue, starting music was back, but my s
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