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  1. I haven't done Ferrothorn yet but the hardest for me were Chandelure and Gardevoir
  2. I like to give the mon I want to level up the lucky egg and turn on exp all. Then murder all audinos with my no guard golurk's dynamic punch
  3. So idk if this has happened to anyone else...but for some reason every pokemon I fight/catch lately has the move strength sap?? It's not that big a deal it's just weird. It hasn't happened before today. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know what's going on?
  4. About how long after V13 is released will the walkthrough be updated do you think?
  5. Playing v12 also new to this forum so sorry if i'm doing anything wrong.... I know lots of other people have had this problem but I decided to do some side quests before getting on nastasia's ship but now the route 9 train doesn't let me go to the gdc tournament place. i looked up if there were any fixes for this and couldn't find any but most posts were from like 2019. are there any fixes now?
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