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  1. looks more like tanzan cove to me, but i guess the rock-texture is more yellow over there & the pond is layed out differently. they did say that around here is where they still did the early game revamps so who knows
  2. honest to god why don't more people just go "fuck yeah, vidoe games"
  3. not the uno admin, beat them and they hit you with one of these anyway love their design and as always i will have a shiny living dex finished by 3 months after release because i am what? gonna play this gaem again and ignore life's responsibilities in favor of funny pixel
  4. finally some good fucking fo̴̢̮͉̱̭̺̪̼̥͙̗̠̳̤̎̇͗͒̔͋̇͋͐͗o̴̦̖͙͐͋͑̈̇͂͌́̀̂͒̚d̴̛̮̳̲͎̥̜͚̺͚̤̍̿̈́ͅͅ also love having some insight in how the battle system works, actually makes me kinda want to try making a fangame if only i knew how to do the stuff that is not coding. a console pokemon game would not seem that fun tbh imo idk lmk
  5. this is all somewhat similar to how rejuv V13 was announced/made available to me so i am going to shit if the 3rd card makes the release date clear through some puzzle shenanigans
  6. my excitement to have my face kicked in by the game is growing exponentially. also headcanon lin is the gastlight gatekeep girlboss of reborn and you cant prove me wrong
  7. please continue this, it's very entertaining to read :), mostly because i also did a similar playthrough about a year ago where i filled up the pokedex with only shiny mons. my method was a little different because when i got to the daycare i used a mod called speedbreed, which adds some panels to the daycare allowing you to instantly collect 5 eggs and hatch them immediately (i have an attention span of like 4 seconds ok), but before the daycare & when dealing with unbreedable mons i just soft-resetted as well
  8. cannot wait for the ms craudburry anomaly fight
  9. why does he look like Ryoji but european and less empty-looking
  10. honestly extremely glad the grinding is getting some love and attention, finally won't have to mindlessly watch youtube while the battle music plays over and over and over while i could have been spending that wonderful time actually doing something productive. also the one thing i keep finding i miss in the game is a way to access the field notes in battle. i can see why this isnt a thing cuz youd have to add buttons to the ui and mayb its kinda the point you memorise the effects but im baby
  11. Spinda crest: Reverses stat changes (effect of Contrary) for every pokemon on the field and dizzy punch doubles in base power. Kricketune crest: Makes its sound-based moves have perfect accuracy, its bug type moves are considered sound-based and perish song activates the turn after its used Goodra crest: Sets up sticky web on switch-in, and absorbs sticky webs on your side of the field. Budew crest: All its moves have +3 priority, the effect of destiny bond is always active for it and its immune to non-damaging moves. Articuno crest: All its attacking moves lower the opponents speed by 1 stage, and defog has a 50% chance of freezing its target and lowers their speed by 1 stage also Moltres crest: Upon switch-in, sunny day is set up for 3 turns, and opponents take 1/16 of their max hp in damage each turn while moltres is on the field. Zapdos crest: Increases its special attack by one stage each turn, but the user faints after reaching +4 special attack. Comfey crest: Heals the ally on switch-in by 25% of their hp, and it gains stab from grass type moves. Electrode crest: The user will always live on 1 hp after taking a fatal blow from any hp range and explode after the turn ends. Tropius crest: While the holder is on the field sunny day is active, and it will gain the effects of a random berry each turn. Carbink crest: Gains +2 in both defense and sp.defense upon switching in, and its 'room' moves will last for 8 turns (trick room, wonder room etc.). Purugly crest: While this pokemon is active the opponent(s) is considered under the effects of taunt and torment. Thievul crest: While this pokemon is active the opponent's held items have no effect, with Thievul obtaining their effects. Octillery crest: For this pokemon, Octazooka increases in base power to 100, always results in a critical hit and gains +1 priority. Cramorant crest: The holder triggers the gulp missile effect after using any water-type move, not just dive, and the damage of gulp missile doubles. Cursola crest: The holder draws in ghost and dark type moves, gaining +1 defense and sp.defense, and perish body only affects the opponent. Pincurchin crest: The user's electric surge lasts 8 turns, and while this pokemon is active spikes deal double damage on the opponent. Toucannon crest: For this pokemon, Beak Blast will deal stab fire type damage, has +1 priority, deals the damaging hit upon use and has a 100% chance to burn the target. Seaking crest: This pokemon's speed is doubled and horn-based-attacks (megahorn, drill run etc.) increase in base power by 1.5x. Pyukumuku crest: This pokemon's status moves have +1 priority, and innards out always deals damage equal to the holders max hp. Wailord crest: This pokemon's attacks are calculated using its hp stat and the holder weighs double its current weight. Delibird crest: For this pokemon, Present recieves +1 priority, will always deal 150 bp ice type damage when used on the opponent, and always heal 50% of your allies' max hp when used on an ally. this post is a lot and i tried to make the crests as interesting as possible
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