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  1. Im playing on patched V13, continuing my old savefile, saved while doing the puzzle
  2. EV trainers, like the Ninjas in Uranium, and level trainers (Audino/Blissey trainers) would be a great addition as well, as would be a way to max IVs on your Pokemon like Bottle Capping in official games (Through Heart Scales or some other sorta easy to obtain renewable thing, Late game Heart Scales are obtained easily from Pickup) since late game every boss has perfect IVs and EVs Nature mints are useless in Reborn because you have the Psychologist (and with your Pokegear function even better) and by the time you get access to the Psychologist is the time that Nature changing starts to
  3. So i just reached Grand Dream City, and i wanted to get some stuff from the Dep Store (The items sold there are alike the Department Store in Reborn right?) and i want to know where to get them I wanted EV reducing berries and the Power Items BTW, is there a Nature changer in Rejuvenation?
  4. Only need to specify a typing, abilities(if you can't find a name for it just say it's effect, can make up a new one) , signature moves(same thing as the ability "rules" , BST and a general stat spread I'll start Ground/Fairy Abilities : Pure Power/(Special variant of Pure Power) HA:Filter BST:600 Stat spread :Equal HP, Defense and SPDef, and equal SpA and Attack(its lowest stats) , and Speed in the midway between Signature Moves/other moves Ground type move(one like Photon Geyser, that does damage in the category that the Pokemon has more s
  5. Does the Pickup QOL work? Or can i transfer the one from Reborn as well? I use Pickup a lot in Reborn to get items while grinding, so.. And Rejuv even has an achievement for ir .. Also is there an EXP All mod with the EXP Share like in Reborn or i need to purchase the perk from the Hotel or is it obtained elsewhere?
  6. Jeez those are some godd fking IVs Nature isn't a big deal since you can change it later, but good IVs are mandatory since boss pokemon will have perfect IVs by mid game..
  7. BTW what camp you talking about for Rejuvenation? I'll PM you for some info on Rejuvenation since I started a playthrough on it since I finished Ep18
  8. In Reborn they are sold at the Department Store, second floor I think (you can acess it once you defeat the Obsidia Pulse Tangrowth)
  9. I got one at Lvl 20 without no attacking moves... what can i do?
  10. So I just started a Rejuvenation playthrough and I just done the whole Rift Gyarados thing I caught a few Shadow Pokemon and one of them is a Alolan Grimer that I could use on my team(its typing is amazing and it's a very good Pokemon) How I do to purify it? I just send it into battle to open its heart meter and that's it?
  11. Bronzor, especially if it's Levitate, because of Stomping Tantrum on Venusaur, Numel(Hope for Solid Rock and delay evo for Earth Power and Flamethrower) and Sandygast.. Swampert is okay, just switch out on her Venusaur, Jynx is also OK, it is a bit on the frail side tho.. Maybe Raticate if it's Guts with Speed investment, If it gets poisoned or you can poison/burn it on a wild mon it can do some good damage, buy Facade in the Game Corner for it as well since she has no Normal resist(Maybe combined with Wide Guard Throh?) Also maybe even Trubbish since she has very few Ground moves, no Ps
  12. Ah.. Shelly.. She's probably the most difficult one to face, because you don't really get much against her team.. Rain makes Fire useless, coverage against Rock and Flying types, etc... I'd say a Flying type (Careful with Anorith and Yanmega because they pack Rock moves(Rock Slide and AP respectively ) would be your best bet alongside something like a Skuntank (she has zero Ground moves and you can go Acid Spray support for your other Pokemon), a Fighting type with something non Fighting (Knock Off on Haryiama can be pretty clutch, get one with Guts and try to Poison it on Malchous Forest or s
  13. You could even teach it Facade, status it before the battle and obliterate Saphira's team with a 273 BP Fairy moveat +2 :v
  14. I chose Mudkip and don't have either Zard or Venusaur(and I don't wanna find them and grind them up) For her Starmie I'm thinking of SPDef- HP Prankster Klefki with Choice Band (Trick turn one then Screens, then either set up Sun or chip it with Dark Pulse(or both)), then send A-Raichu, Nasty Plot and sweep (Or Swift Swim Modest Miracle Seed Ludicolo if Swampert comes in) for Kingdra I'm bringing either Granbull or Clefable (bait the Zmove then kill it with either a Max Attack Adamant Play Rough or a Modest Moonblast respectively) Tho I admit that Grassy Terrain+Sun also bodi
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