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  1. like the name suggests, whenever i open reborn the game simply says "no starting position was set in the map editor. game can not continue" and then crashes. is there any way to fix this?
  2. I'm at aya in my pokemon reborn nuzlocke, what pokemon here would be useful for aya? and is there anything else i should know/do?
  3. I already joined the aqua gang for the murkrow, isn't the fire stone only obtainable if you join magma gang?
  4. Not the best at planning my teams out, what would be some good pokemon to bring to shelly?, also this is a nuzlocke
  5. is there a fire stone before corey? I haven't found one
  6. I'm right in front of coreys gym with all the policemen in the gym ko'd what would be my best bet for fighting his gym
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