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  1. Yeah, especially with DD being much likely the main gimmick of the Gym Battle
  2. Even with a Dragalge+Goodra makes it 4physical ones.. I was against Kommo-o and Hydreigon because of the 4x to Fairy but I'd rather see her with a Kommo-o(for the Rock resist like Seel said) Give it Roseli Berry and GG
  3. Yeah, seems like Mega Altaria would be the best answer to her (Provided you can get it) with the boost for Dragon from the field DClaw is good enough but I think Pixelate Return would be stronger? (102*1.3*1.5) since it's pretty easy to get max friendship (Just use Pokesnax or a Blue Moon Ice cream) Garchomp being used by Terra and Solaris doesn't mean that Saphira cannot use it (Excadrill is used by both Terra and Titania) Make it a bulky one(Max HP then split between Attack and Speed?) so you can set up 2DDs for good measure That or Screens/Memento support
  4. It's confirmed that the battle will be in the Dragon's Den field? I'd put Dragalge in so she had a Fairy neutrality besides Dragonite (because of the Multiscale buff) and even with MegazardX Fairy neutralities aren't ever enough for a Dragon type specialist (and the SE hits are always good to have, since only like Mawile can resist (actually being immune) a 494 BP Sludge Wave (Counting a Life Orb, 2x Se and Adaptability)(You could use a Expert Belt instead for a bit less power but no Recoil) especially when Ice types are not a thing that matters.. Flygon over Chomp makes sense for the ac
  5. I see. Flygon over Chomp because of the access to DD, and the Dragon reducing berry for obvious reasons(Would give it EQ over Bulldoze) I'd put Life Orb and Dragon Pulse on Dragalge because I don't like the drop from Draco Meteor, even with the White Herb I don't think it's that good, and get rid of T-Spikes over some other move, if it gets Flamethrower I'd go with it On Haxorus I'd give it Dragon Claw over Outrage(Same for Tyrantrum) and some other item, maybe a Roseli Berry (again, don't like the lock in and confusion) On Dragonite I'd not give it HyperB
  6. Could also give her a MegazardX for Steel types and Ice/Fairy neutrality
  7. So, with EP19 coming up, what team are you thinking Saphira's will have? I'm betting Dragonite (obviously) Dragalge(to deal with Fairies) Kommo-o (to deal with Ice) or Duraludon if they put Gen 8 mons(Deals with both Ice and Fairy) Goodra (Mono Dragon and a pretty bulky mon) Kingdra (not weak to Ice and a powerful poke all around Garchomp (powerful dragon type, deals with the Steel resistance to Dragon)
  8. Thanks.. BTW the electric tiles in Devon were annoying.. Thread can be closed
  9. so, im exploring the rebuilt Beryl and the forest and there are invisible walls everywhere
  10. What about Rotom-Wash? Seems a good option too So Meowstic-M for Light Screen support A-raichu (Magnet/Zap Plate) Surge Surfer Max Speed Max SPA (Modest or Timid) Electro Ball Tbolt Grass Knot Nasty Plot Vikavolt (Magnet/Zap Plate) Max SPA Max Speed? (Modest or Timid) Buz Buzz Tbolt Agility Air Slash Or Ludicolo (Big Root, Expertbelt or Miracle Seed) Swift Swim, Timid/Modest, Enough Speed to outspeed her team, Max SPa, the rest in HP Giga Drain Energy Ball whatever else Rotom-Wash
  11. Can i control if Pika evolves into normal or Alolan Raichu?
  12. Another non existent type combo that would be pretty good Ice/Electric Has a few weaknesses (but as I said before, would make it a prime candidate for Weakness Policy) but Ice/Electric is an amazing type combo for offense (BoltBeam is a staple of offensive coverage) being only cucked by VA Lanturn and pretty much does either SE or neutral to anything else
  13. I thought it would do 50% damage, so would deny the Ground(. 5*2=1)weakness and make Water *2(.5*4)
  14. Even Camerupt is pretty okay with it.. Solid Rock means that it is only 2x to Water and no other weaknesses.. The thing with P-Groudon is that NORMAL Rayquaza (Air Lock) or even a Golduck(Cloud Nine) beats it with one Surf
  15. The fun thing about Freeze-Dry is (I'm doing the Zekrom route) 4x SE on Ludicolo, Swampert and the probably scariest one, Kingdra, it's only not SE damage on Lapras
  16. Also Grass Knot for Swampert
  17. So i just beat Titania (Managed to do the Krookodile Moxie sweep i wanted to) so i now need to build a team for Amaria Was thinking of getting a Swift Swim Ludicolo a (I know she has one but like its literally one of the best options against her team (only Kingdra and Ludicolo resist Grass, and electric) For kingdra im bringing my Max Attack Granbull or my Clefable, that or try to breed a Ninetales -A with FreezeDry(aready have a Vulpix and a Vanilite family mon, Another good option seems Raichu-Alola Also bringing Vikavolt and Magnezone (i already have those as well)
  18. The Galar fossils are weird but pretty cool (also Dracovish is fucking broken under either Trick Room or Tailwind, because Fishious Rend is just crazy if you go first, but I prefer Tailwind or Trick Room with Life Orb over Choice Scarf because even with Fishious Rend being OP, a fucking Toxapex will live it for sure, but does not live a Psychic Fangs to the face) ) it also gets Sand Rush wich is pretty good but not as crazy as the sheer power of Strong Jaw The fact is that their designs are based on the fact that in the beginning of Paleontology scientists used to combine different specie
  19. True.. At least it makes it pretty OP in Inverse Battles but it's a shame.. It has pretty bulky stats but so many 4x weaknesses that it doesn't matter. It would be better off as like a Dragon/Ice type but GF for some reason thinks that every fossil mon has to be a Rock type (at least the Galar ones stopped that trend)
  20. The funny thing about Grass/Steel is that the only Pokemon that has that typing is Ferrothorn, and like 99% of Ferrothorn sets (in PvP) are Iron Barbs+ Rocky Helmet, then Max SPDef Max HPand Iron Defense, Leech Seed, Synthesis and Gyroball or something It's also weak to Fighting but there are like 3 non contact Fighting moves (Aura Sphere, Focus Miss and Vacuum Wave) all moves that are either not very widespread, unreliable or weak.. So basically to kill a Ferrothorn you have to use Fire. Or use Protective Pads in your Fighting type user
  21. Can also use Power Trip over Crunch and replace Brick Break with Snatch (Aegis is usually the last she sends out, right?) and if I can sweep her other Pokemon while Snatching stuff(Even Calm Mind from Klefki, tho I think it might go for Draining Kiss, maybe?) Power Trip would wreck the Aegislash,and even Scizor
  22. So, I was researching for a strat against Titania and I came across Snatch(my Krookodile can learn it) So for what I see, she likes to set up shit (Especially Agility and SDs) while protected by the Seeds effect, so I was thinking of Snatching her moves (Since Kings Shield doesn't protect against Snatch) This is most useful Snatching Agility(to outspeed the Excadrill even if it gets the Sand Rush) and Swords Dance (Sandstorm isn't even Snatchable) So I think f doing EQ Bulk Up(for using first turn against Excadrill while it sets up the Sandstorm, and on Sandslash,
  23. And interestingly enough, can hit one of those for SE damage as well (Rock)
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