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  1. Heyya! Oh, I don't need anything in particular, just something that sells for a lot. You see, I'm trying to donate to one of the projects in the city and it costs quite a bit. So, that's why.. Anything high valued basically will be appreciated! As for trading now, yeah, I'm able to!
  2. I could possibly supply you with Chespin, Lillipup and Natu. Let me know when you're available! If you want to provide me something In return, any items that sell for a lot of money at the poké market would be appreciated!
  3. I'll gladly donate you one! Let me know when you're available!
  4. I don't intend to be rude, but... pokémon Reborn is essentially designed to kick the average players butt over and over.. If you're struggling with a certain gym leader you should probably tweak your team with stronger mons, perhaps look up a guide to see what pokémon you could potentially use against him..
  5. This topic may now be closed.
  6. Robbe

    Lf Lileep

    I have a root fossil if you want it I could give it to ya.
  7. Of course! I'll gladly give you mine! Feel free to let me know when you're available.
  8. You're completely right Kixur, I just got a little carried away with trying to help someone, my sincerest appologies. Both of you, have a nice day and goodluck trading!
  9. Greetings xelfer! Perhaps this thread might give you some answers, hopefully this helps!
  10. I too have a magnemite, if you want to trade let me know!
  11. Alright, thank you so much, Paige! Have a good one!
  12. Very well, one moment please.
  13. Very well, I'll put it on a pokémon and request for a trade.
  14. Alright, don't worry about it, I can wait! Let me know when you do!
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