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  1. Hey man sorry for my late answer... I think our time zones are different haha. When would you be able to trade? @Kixur
  2. Hi man! These ones are left: - kabuto - lunatone - shieldon - tyrunt would you be able to help me? @Starry Knight
  3. For that I can give you a hint... Give one of your pokemon the amulet coin which doubles the money earned from battles en fight the trainers in the opal ward over and over again. Easy 100-400k in a day. But i will look what my most expensive items are.
  4. Hi there, I am online now for an hour or 2. Are you able to trade now? And do you have any items in mind? Like evolution items or something? I have all the department store stickers and enough money so just let me know.
  5. That would be amazing! Are you online now or do you wanna trade later? And is there a specific pokemon that you want?
  6. Hi everyone! I am trying to complete my pokedex but because I'm a dumbass there are a few Pokémon that I am just not able to get for some reason... the Pokémon that I still need are: - Kabuto - Natu - Lunatone - Shieldon - Lillipup - Chespin - Tyrunt If you are looking for a specific Pokémon... I would be happy to breed it for you. Only Pokémon who can't breed aren't a possibility :) Please help me in completing my dex.
  7. Sorry that I am responding this late and thank you but I already got it... thank you for willing to do this trade anyways :)
  8. Alright so... I have been mining for several hours now and I am just incapabel of finding the odd keystone for Spiritomb. Is there someone who has multiple of them and wants to trade for it?
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