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  1. Ya I believe you’re right. I was able to get through to my desktop and i ran rejuvenation with that script and everything worked (debugger option was available). My computer has been having issues for a while now, but today I guess they got worse. I was also told that force shutting down my computer may have caused files to corrupt which could be a culprit as to why my pc is blue screening more often now. I’m just gonna format my drive and hope it’s just a stupid software issue. Fingers crossed
  2. Okay, so I’m kind of shitting my pants right now. I was looking for a debugger mod for v12 when I came across the thread below. There’s a guy in there that posted a script.rxdata file below. I downloaded it like an idiot and open the file. When I opened it, it seemed weird, unlike most other rxdata files I’ve opened, so I was scared and force shut down my computer. I then turned it on and tried logging in, but my pc blue screened. I’ve been having trouble with my ssd and my computer has been blue screening upon start up. But the windows error was different this time. Im really hopi
  3. I got a sneasel form the mystery egg, but I have no idea when or where I'll be able to find a razor claw to evolve it. I'm currently going to take on crawli.
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