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  1. UWUchicken is easily the best starter in terms of making the game less difficult which is fine. Gren and Infernape are the two other best starters as of v12. However when v13 comes out the three new starters are easily top 6 except for maybe Intelleon which is still a strong starter despite what people think of it.
  2. My favorite crests are Stantler and the Sivally crest.
  4. I don't think that the dreepy line won't be in v13 to be caught
  5. Personally I think that some of the main cast early on is cringe mainly Venam but over the course of time I liked her character. Most if not all of the cast has good character improvements.
  6. Some of the gen 8 stuff was updated today. Also progress bars don't always tell the whole story as they just rough estimates
  7. Was it even confirmed that CC even impersonated them? For all we know it could be the RHL doing it as she has the power to change memoires and have illuisons. Also Crescent has been MIA for a while so it could be Cosmia calling the shots
  8. Cosmia and Comet are probably working for Cresecent/Mademe X. I highly doubt as of NOW that they are working by themselves.
  9. Catch a Fletchling and evolve it and then just spam Ember.
  10. Nothing is shiny locked expect for a few mons which will always be shiny no matter what.
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