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  1. Adam.

    Balancing conundrums

    All of these changes are really good. The more accessibility the better. Also great work on the sprites Zumi.
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. I think adding Frostbite would be a good change to add to the game. However freeze should just stay in the game really no need to get rid of it since Frostbite and Freeze are two different statuses that too different things.
  4. Hidden Ablities are like regular abilites so you have an eqaul chance to get any one.
  5. Squritle(Shell Smash) Grookey(G-Terrain) Scrobunny(has amazing stats and you can get good moves by breeding before Val.) Chimchar( has great stats to be mixed sweeper. Intelleon is also good.
  6. personally if this is ur first time on set mode you should NOT give urself mons that aren't obtainable yet or just flat out not in the game. and grinding is much easier now.
  7. Route 4 will be finished in 13.5 so yes that den SHOULD be accessible unless Jan and the devs have other plans for it.
  8. Maya https://rejuvenation.fandom.com/wiki/Route_4#Southeastern_Area its between the 3 wooden bridges
  9. What mode are you on and whats the team you have\
  10. 7. @Trooperk @MatthewRatford 8. @Trooperk @MatthewRatford 9. @Moto Cass 15. @G O O S E @HydroJudas 17. IceNineTails @MisterEcksYT 21. @Trooperk 30. Don't know his fourms but Eto#9999 is my nom for this
  11. You can debug the mystery egg variable or just give ur self a rookiedee.
  12. Talon is already a chad by default for having the best council mon as his favorite. Yes he looks good but having Rufflet as ur favorite mon is much better than anything.
  13. The people who killed the Badland Baddies are Elite Grunts who make that one appearance. Also the Ana quest will be done in 13.5.
  14. The Crest now uses the raw defense stat. So if your stat is 290 before any boosts that will be the sp attack stat too.
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