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  1. lol. Btw this post didn't respect my time nor did you have to insult the playerbase because YOU don't like doing something simple as a Help Quest in which you don't HAVE to do. Like sorry you have to walk in an RPG how dare the devs make you do something that isn't linear.
  2. Great work like always Jan and the other devs! I was very privleged to beta test and let me say this verison is a masterpiece. This download link should be hung in the Lourve.
  3. Happy Birthday Adam!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 😄🎂

  4. Only three things will always be shiny. Nothing in this game is shiny locked except for these three specific pokemon.
  5. Because people would go off topic way too much. The non-sense of Scott Hall was the final straw and besides when the newest update is close, some people get a little crazy in the discussion channel and then the channel becomes unbearable ie the dude who was just talking nonsense. Besides when someone is clearly trolling you really should not give the said troll attention. So in short the reason it got locked was because people can't follow rules and like to be trolls for no reason.
  6. If you’re in the discord just ask for the scripts plenty of people will help you out
  7. The best part of the game is when they introduce the best character Texen.
  8. Mons that learn news moves in their level ups will get it(same with egg moves I believe. A dev can correct me on this) while the game will still use usum sets
  9. For the Flareon crest the one Moto made should be the canon one for vil Rejuvenation. I also made one with it’s similar to getting Status at the start of the battle and it swaps speed with sp ATTK and it’s moves do 25% more dmg
  10. UWUchicken is easily the best starter in terms of making the game less difficult which is fine. Gren and Infernape are the two other best starters as of v12. However when v13 comes out the three new starters are easily top 6 except for maybe Intelleon which is still a strong starter despite what people think of it.
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