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  1. i have the nil nil class glitch and i know how to fix it but before i fix it want to know 'if i delete all the save files in the folder will i be able to simply restart a brand new file from scratch.' just want to be sure in case it happens on accident
  2. I didn't know you could make and use backup save files when I started playing I also deleted my game and have repeatedly downloaded it but nothings workings. EDIT 1: Also thanks for the reply. EDIT 2: Sorry no this is really helpful I think it might work
  3. marc pls message me back on my account i rly need help with my game
  4. When I try to go into the homescreen "press enter" area of logging in it says this and doesn't allow it( argument error 0x62 055 sprit Window 2178 in load 137 pokemon system 79 in pbsetup system 137 pokemon system 78 setup in open 137 pokemon system 78 in pbsetup pls let me know what is happening and how to fix it.
  5. pls help my game is showing this 'Script pokemonload line 461 not method error ocurred undefined method last save for nil:nil Class
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