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  1. this is one of the few games i never got around to playing. what does the game do well that makes it worth playing? I might wanna try it out if its appealing to me.
  2. hey guys i'm playing pokemon reborn with a blindfold on, so I can't see anything. Am I winning? You tell me. You can see, I can't. I have a blindfold on. Am I jumping at the right time? I don't know. I-I can't even see that pulse hypno. Because I have a blindfold on.
  3. Abandoning the status thread for a dev blog is definitely the right play. Now I don't have to dig through a thread to find updates on the game while being forced to be read questionable things posted by people that I don't care about.
  4. you have fern in your F tier you are objectively wrong
  5. Xp Share all on in this game actually feels really good in this game due to mons not being able to go above level cap. Playing through the game is fine but its not going to do the trick from getting a mon from 1 to level cap in a timely fashion. Thats where XP candies come in.
  6. my favorite is when the devs tell us that they don't intend to make the game a dating sim for the 50th time because people don't know how to listen
  7. sometimes i open this thread up and i see the most questionable shit regardless I am still very excited for this game and its development. I honestly wish the thread was still locked
  8. shoulda just been a gamer and just git gud also i really like this theory where the Silver Surfers are Jan and Zumi, because (assuming Amanda is aligned with them), then Madame X knows where Melia is, so trying to take the Pyramid when they did isn't a bad move. It seems really tactical.
  9. i mean we know she lost and that person is likely who took over the account. Interesting ARG
  10. I haven’t exactly kept up, but uh yeah how did our guy manage to do a nuzlock w/o losing any blood except for like, his starter
  11. Slack Off is pretty good I’m just sayin
  12. Pokemon hasn't seen a rival that has motivated me in years. Temtem's rival is a spoiled brat that I could not care for. The team in this game I kinda couldn't care about and I don't think any team was as interesting as Team Plasma (btw I didn't play the gen 5 games so I wouldn't know). Team Rocket was kinda the best imo. However, I know when I boot up a pokemon game, I am in for some kind of adventure. In Temtem the professor just tells you to go to this place to learn more about temtem which then leads into another person telling her to go to her town which leads to another person telling you to go here which then leads into encountering the evil team. You do that now you can take on the dojo so you do that and you go to the next place you're told to go. This doesn't change btw. "Hey, lets design an RPG" "Oh boy, what should we put in it?" "We're going to stuff it with the things that people hate the most in RPGs!" "Love it! Lets do it!" oh my god I hate Temtem trainers not only do I have to battle to every single one but I have to engage in conversation with every single one and ontop of that, what I say doesn't matter, its not going to make the trainer not want to battle me its literally wasting your time Like atleast a trainer in Pokemon walks up to you and gets straight to the point in this fucking game you have to talk to these people like why? If you're going to give me the illusion of choice, atleast give me a dialogue option that allows me to skip the battles. That would have actually been really cool! So, I'm going to describe what a toxic community is not like. A toxic community is not welcoming towards new members. A toxic community is does not remember that behind a username, there is a person A toxic community can but may not always be anti-semetic, racist, use the R word a lot, use the F word a lot. A toxic community may not be open to someone who has a different opinion as them A toxic community will always have drama within it. Like, shit you would expect from like gamer culture and the internet. There's probably more, but on my homesite, I would call that a good community. - They're welcoming towards new people and are probably the nicest people I have ever met on the internet. - They try to remember that behind a username there is a person with feelings. - They're mostly adults. Like, I feel like I'm doing a bad job at describing it, but the best way to find out is to explore for yourself. Just play league of legends with chat enabled, eventually you'll get flamed. Its bound to happen. EDIT: Ok so there is a lot of complaining about the 3rd island on the temtem forums, and I'm in that thread. And I am seriously reading people say "I think Tucma's was really enjoyable and well-paced and unique story for these type of games. While they took the risk of using unpleasant gameplay." This is actually a thing that I just read. What fucking sick shit will people make up for calling that area "good gameplay?" What the fuck is wrong with people? Like, literally you can have an enjoyable, well-paced, and unique story, and have good gameplay. Your game isn't a fucking art piece. People have to play it.
  13. Yeah, it was acceptable for things like Random Encounters, Quad Digit Stats, Pointless Backtracking, Stat Weapons, and Level Grinding back then. So why are these acceptable now? EDIT2: Also, here's the thing. Its okay to say that RPGs are the worst games ever made for the past 30 years. As a game designer, its your job to figure out "Ok, so these are the issues that plagued the genre, how do we fix them?" Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door does this. Turn Based Combat? Fun and is about the player's skill not about the player's free time. Random Encounters? Nope, they're in the overworld, you can run into them if you need to fight them Quad Digit Stats? Lol Stat Weapons? Outclassed by the badge system Level Grinding? Phased out due to the way you can approach enemies It didn't beat Pointless Backtracking, but thats a significantly easy fix. Anyhow, PMTTYD fixed most of these issues its a good rpg slap some good writing audio and visuals, and surprise you have a good fucking video game I know Persona 5 is also good but I haven't played it so I can't say for sure if it beats these issues. EDIT: No chat atm, so not much online experience aside from seeing a bunch of people running around with their temtems. I didn't play around with this tho mostly because I don't have friends. Also, something I really don't get is the community. In the discord I kind of mentioned a bit about how the high amount of battles really bothered me, and apparently in response to that I got told to play a different game if I am complaining about the high amount of battles, so if someone sees good in it aside from the Combat and the Temtem themselves, I would really like to hear why, but I get the feeling the community is fairly toxic.
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