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  1. Pokemon Rejuvenation is a really good video game
  2. To my knowledge, Jan doesn't want the debug mode to honestly exist tbh. If it doesn't work honestly its not his problem.
  3. Jan, just make the video game you wanna make. We'll be happy either way. Also this game is really fucking good. Also the fact that we get a status update at least once every month is really good so its appreicated that you do it.
  4. I'll comment on the few starters that I have tried or feel safe talking about. Venusaur I don't see why you would pick for your starter ever considering you get it at the same time you get Torkoal which is pretty early in the game. Charizard seems really good when you build around it. -- For Typhlosion see Charizard. If you want to use Feraligatr, get it when you can surf. I'm not sure its worth your time before then but I also haven't tried it so... Meganium is cool I have a friend who absolutely loves this thing you can make it work if you want to pick it up an
  5. Someone didn't keep Quick Guard on their Fletchling/Talonflame
  6. Bellossom Crest: Gains Prankster Hitmontop: Gains a weaker verison of Friend Guard Ambipom: Gains Defiant Octillery: Gains base 65 Technician and boosts defenses slightly
  7. Can we get to see 1 of the cool shinies that were made for gen 8
  8. I read like the last 2 pages and saw things about balance. Isn't most of the major fights in this game mostly doubles? Like it feels like its mostly doubles > singles and mons like gyarados/volcarona don't do as well in that environment no?
  9. hey guys i'm playing pokemon reborn with a blindfold on, so I can't see anything. Am I winning? You tell me. You can see, I can't. I have a blindfold on. Am I jumping at the right time? I don't know. I-I can't even see that pulse hypno. Because I have a blindfold on.
  10. Abandoning the status thread for a dev blog is definitely the right play. Now I don't have to dig through a thread to find updates on the game while being forced to be read questionable things posted by people that I don't care about.
  11. Xp Share all on in this game actually feels really good in this game due to mons not being able to go above level cap. Playing through the game is fine but its not going to do the trick from getting a mon from 1 to level cap in a timely fashion. Thats where XP candies come in.
  12. my favorite is when the devs tell us that they don't intend to make the game a dating sim for the 50th time because people don't know how to listen
  13. sometimes i open this thread up and i see the most questionable shit regardless I am still very excited for this game and its development. I honestly wish the thread was still locked
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