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  1. You can see anything related to pokemon at balbapedia
  2. You can get maril in grassy paths of route 4 after reaching agate city, means after completing the current game available
  3. This only happens if u bring your sillvaly into terra's glitch world where it becomes ??? all the time until you get out of there so I think it has to do something with that
  4. I'm in agate circus rn, can I get a pineco or foretress outside of reborn city?
  5. Umm your game is bugged cause it's not possible to surf on land
  6. Raghav

    Porygon Z???

    Poygon line is good and u always get a shiny porygon somewhere in glitch world
  7. My user id is raghav, pls anyone trade with me. Also please have it hold a sunstone too I want one before battling corey
  8. Maybe extract the file again? And try to play from that file
  9. Is it raining slow? It has to be raining harshly iirc
  10. That would be really cool! And maybe after defeating them all we could also challange the mc of reborn in the end
  11. So why are you even trying game-z if it runs normally on default one? Game-z was made for the people who had some troubles playing on the default one
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