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    On reborn's wikipedia it says it's only available via event in apophyll beach and in underwater houses after city restoration but on Pokedex it's in so many locations so where should I look for it? Cause I'm completing the pokedex
  2. You need devon cope to see them, they are actually kecleon. Also you can get a treecko there as well(event pokemon)
  3. Any pokemon with freeze dry and alolan raichu with 1 nasty plot set up will wreck apart her whole team. But be concerned about that annoying puzzle there is before battling her in the gym
  4. Does breeding a male pokemon to a ditto again and again can give you a female pokemon as an offspring as well?? :O
  5. You'll get a shiny stone in azurine island after beating kiki and you should evolve your roselia near lvl 40 imo
  6. I would suggest you to bring a grass type mon like lombre/roserade for your ground weaknesses and a noivern could be pretty good once you climb up in mid 50s in levels other than that don't train him just now and once you come to the fighting gym I definitely recommend you to evolve that woobat cause it just sweeps that whole gym after 2-3 calm minds +psychic and air slash, evolve that guy as soon as possible by giving him pokesnax or attack reducing berries so I would say for now keep that woobat in your party as a flying type coverage and evolve it then later on replace it by noivern
  7. Try optimizing the game, If you hold the game icon for 2-3 seconds then so many options will appear you have to choose only "optimize maps" option and then let it optimize maps it will take 5-10 minutes and u just have to wait after that happens try restarting the game. Also you should send the screenshot of your problem too so other people may help you as well cause this kind of bug never happend to me when I was playing on Android and, You should have the latest version of joi play and joiplay rpgmaker from PlayStore
  8. Are you playing on Android or pc?
  9. Hey so this thing happened with me too when I downloaded that mod, see what you have to do is move your game.rxdata file and your latest save file into a folder called "saves" and then you should be able to play the game with your save and with mods. What that mod does is that it also makes a save folder for your save files automatically and if you don't put your save files in that folder then the game will not start from your save file Edit: that "saves" folder will be in your reborn folder
  10. I always take different pokemon for different gyms from my box for example to fight the steel leader I had ot use two fire type(one being infernape) 2 water types and 2 ground types
  11. Raghav

    Ice stone

    It's verrrrrryyyyy late in the game after you get rock climb there will be a rock climbing spot in east of calceon city
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