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  1. Hi I'm just wondering on Route 4, there's different pokemon depending on the day but I changed my date on my computer but it haven't changed the static encounters. Is there a mod or something for this?
  2. I made a big poopoo and stuffed up the puzzle with the trains. I accidentally saved after making the mistake. Does the trains reset or something or am I stuck in the story please help me!!! I'm panicking
  3. Hi I'm not sure what to do after beating Ciel. Everybody talks about doing ev training and breeding and I've done that. I'm currently on episode 18 or something. How do you beat the other gym leaders? How do I continue the story with the Team Meteor and Tania storyline. Who do I talk to?
  4. My shiny Silvally is supposed to be shiny. I know what shiny silvally with Psychic memory looks like. But now it still holds the memory but it looks greyscale and the typing is ???. I'm still on ep 18 void kissed and I'm not sure if this is a weird update/bug/glitch. Did this happen because I sent it over to another save file through SharedPC mod? P.S. it has a nice level
  5. How do you release pokemon with the multiselect mod?
  6. What is the Pokemon Bank??? And how do you activate the other mods? Also, which storage box is it??? like what number
  7. Can I please have it too?
  8. How do you use the shared PC mod. i don't know any of these stuff. And can you have more than one mod? (For reborn not rejuv) And how do you activate it???
  9. Hi I'm just wondering if you can get the Dubious Disc for a Porygon 2 to evolve. Also, where can you get the upgrade to evolve Porygon. Is the Porygon line good, so I can know to whether shiny hunt or not.
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