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  1. I have 2 savefiles of Pokemon Reborn. One that is my normal and a mono psychic savefile. I have some Pokemon that needs to be transferred from one savefile to another. Can someone please help me trade between the savefiles?
  2. Thank you so much!! But I'm gonna have a break, that seems tedious. Imma SR the traded tojhepi. Btw how many honey do i need so i can start compound eyes frisking the oricorio.
  3. I am at the dark type gym and i want the classic unburden bellydrum slurpuff but i cant get a sitrus berry anywhere. The item guide says that there is a "Lapis Alleyway" but i don't know where that is. Can someone please help!!
  4. This is not really a bug but this really needs some attention. While grinding in the Aqua Base, I found a shiny rattata along with some others. But when I evolved it, I was disappointed. There was no difference between the normal and the shiny versions. I think that since shiny alolan rattata has normal rattata colours, alolan raticcate should have normal raticcate colours.
  5. Do the Boufallants and Tauroses respawn?
  6. Is there a shiny hunting method or is it just random encounters. ALso is it easier to hatch Aron eggs than headbutting the steel pole?
  7. Can someone please tell me how to go through route one please. Pictures would be nice!
  8. I'm doing a Psychic only playthrough and I feel like a Gardevoir and a Gallade would be great additions for the team. The only problem is that I am at Florinia's gym and the cradily is soooo annoying. It would be nice if someone can trade me a Meditite or 2 Ralts please.
  9. Oh okay. When is the restoration? And can I get a Ralts please?
  10. So do I have to wait for the restoration to get a Ralts?
  11. I want a Ralts so for my psychic type playthrough of pokemon reborn. I got the corrupted pokeball and the magnet powder but I can't find the scientist dude. Does it have to be some kind of weather?
  12. Omg thank you so much! Now I can evolve my wondertraded Honedge!!
  13. I saw the gate in the underground railnet and I need the dusk stone and the Department Store Sticker. When I try to interact with the levers, it did nothing. Can I only interact while doing the puzzle. I just did the Tanzan Mountain Team Meteor plot thing. Is it too late????
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