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  1. i just reported the bug there, and what i meant to say was, aevium toxtricity AND a normal ditto, sorry for the confusion and thanks for the replies :)
  2. Just as the title says, in the current version with the newest patch, you can't breed toxitricity, not even with a ditto, you will only get the message that they prefer to play with other pokemon, like they aren't compatible.
  3. Yes, i tried with both forms, two galarians, one galarian ditto, and one aevium ditto, didn't work.
  4. So im new here and i just created this account to ask if this is a bug or if im doing something wrong. So i tried with two toxtricities and it didnt work, so i farmed a ditto and still nothing, just the message you get when the pokemon arent compatible, even tried ditto with the new aevium form. I am a shiny hunter and wanted the new form in shiny, and the encounter rate on west gaeren is so low so breeding is the quickest way for me.
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