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  1. There's no way laura won't have a mega on her team, also bannet will probably not use moves like eq on his pokemons since their power if halfed in grassy terrain
  2. Is there a way to get the move 'celebrate' on any pokemon in E18 of reborn in a legit way? If not will it be possible in E19?
  3. You can get maril in grassy paths of route 4 after reaching agate city, means after completing the current game available
  4. This only happens if u bring your sillvaly into terra's glitch world where it becomes ??? all the time until you get out of there so I think it has to do something with that
  5. I'm in agate circus rn, can I get a pineco or foretress outside of reborn city?
  6. Raghav

    Porygon Z???

    Poygon line is good and u always get a shiny porygon somewhere in glitch world
  7. My user id is raghav, pls anyone trade with me. Also please have it hold a sunstone too I want one before battling corey
  8. Maybe extract the file again? And try to play from that file
  9. Is it raining slow? It has to be raining harshly iirc
  10. Extract the entire reborn folder again, sometimes a file gets corrupted
  11. You have joined magma gang that's why u got oshwot instead of litten. To get litten you have to go to agate city, there will be a guy in a house who'll trade you a litten for a statler iirc. Btw thanks for the save file! :D and also you should use a scrafty instead of pangoro imo
  12. So I joined the discord server of reborn, but how can I get verified so I can share images too?
  13. Is it based on the starter you pick? Or totally random? Like I chose torchic so I got pawniard
  14. Sylveon with misty terrain or espeon with calm mind and psychic is pretty good and why your Arcanine doesn't know any physical fire type moves? I would say a good moveset for Arcanine would be flare blitz,heat wave,outrage/extreme speed,close combat
  15. Your team is great but their moveset are pretty bad ngl like why you have a physical move like iron tail and light ball(It doubles the attack and special attack of ONLY pikachu) as a held item on sylveon? Also you don't have any psychic STAB move on Metagross as well? sky uppercut and high jump kick work like same you should replace one of them with fire punch or thunder punch and have drain punch as your main fighting STAB to get back the health you lose vai flare blitz. And thick club only doubles the attack of CUBONE AND MAROWAG not every pokemon.
  16. Hello, has anyone tried trading or online battling through emulator (joi play) on Android? I was curious if we can do that as well
  17. You should teach your A-ninetales freeze dry instead of ice beam for water coverage and close combat/extreme speed for Arcanine instead of fire fang and also you should replace flame burst with heat wave since both have same area altering effects but one has better power and hits two pokemon of the opponent at the same time and maybe give your manectric something else cause it's speed is already pretty good and also why do you have two fire types on the team just curious you should replace one for a water/grass imo and a good moveset for Delphox would be mistical fire/flamethrower,sunny day(with heat rock ofc),any other coverage move(would strongly recommend solar beam if u have TM) and psychic/psyshock
  18. Aside from the topic anyone knows if I can find a corsola other than that event from appophyll and from underwater houses? I'm trying to complete Pokedex too and in the Pokedex it says it's on other places as well
  19. Raghav


    On reborn's wikipedia it says it's only available via event in apophyll beach and in underwater houses after city restoration but on Pokedex it's in so many locations so where should I look for it? Cause I'm completing the pokedex
  20. You need devon cope to see them, they are actually kecleon. Also you can get a treecko there as well(event pokemon)
  21. Any pokemon with freeze dry and alolan raichu with 1 nasty plot set up will wreck apart her whole team. But be concerned about that annoying puzzle there is before battling her in the gym
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