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  1. Greninja @ Mystic Water Ability: Protean -Surf -Hydro Pump -Grass Knot -Dark Pulse Blaziken @ Charcoal Ability: Speed Boost -Flare Blitz -Sky Uppercut -High Jump Kick -Bulk Up Sylveon @ Light Ball Ability: Pixilate -Moonblast -Misty Terrain -Echoed Voice -Iron Tail Salamence @ Thick Club Ability: Moxie -Dragon Rush -Dragon Dance -Fly -Draco Meteor Mimikyu @ Spell Tag Ability: Disguise -Shadow Sneak -Shadow Claw -Play Rough -Destiny Bond Metagross @ Metal Coat Ability: Clear Body -Meteor Mash -Iron Defense -Hamme
  2. yeah ik but i cant go in to reborn city rn
  3. Can someone breed me a beldum with clear body and trade it to me? (ID) Ezra69
  4. CelloBoy3

    swords dance

    is there a way to mod or (hack) swords dance on to my mimikyu? (pokemon reborn)
  5. um i need a murkrow with perish song im stuck in the cave with steelix and cant get out, can anyone trade me a murkrow with perish song??? (nvm beat him with destiny bond)
  6. What is a decent move set for salamence (Jolly nature)
  7. where is the pokemon psychologist? im just curious, ive defeated the 8th gym leader (ep18)
  8. CelloBoy3


    ok thx um sorry :< ill post this somewhere else, my bad
  9. CelloBoy3


    will someone breed me a mimikyu? ill be on tomorrow or like tonight for a few more minutes (pokemon reborn) i need one to beat solaris cuz im stuck
  10. cant trade for it rn anymore i will be on later tho
  11. my (ID) is Ezra69 ill be online
  12. ohhh lol i didnt read the rest of the text sorry um sure! that would be great :>
  13. i used that one already
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