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  1. Thanks for all of those hints! I am going ahead and closing the request then!
  2. Hi and thanks for being willing to help! I've attached what should be my save file, according to google. If it's not right, let me know, and I'll happily adjust as needed! Game.rxdata
  3. Good afternoon, everyone! I'm taking stock of the various starters that I can get, and I realize that I can't obtain a Litten in order to complete the starter quest. Would anyone be willing to trade me for one? I have gotten to Tourmaline Desert and have a Honedge, Gible, etc. [Haven't completed the gym, yet, so I don't have the other specials beyond that.] If there's a specific pokemon you would like in return, I will happily breed it. I also have some heart scales on hand as needed. As a warning, it may take a few minutes for the trade to work; last time, I had some issues. IGN: GladiusMage - let me know if you can help! I would greatly appreciate it!
  4. Indeed, I think it shall be! In addition, please enjoy the heartscale, though I know it's small apples compared to that egg! :D
  5. Thank you very much! And also, thank you for your patience!
  6. Hey, so I keep running into an issue with it not showing your side of the trade. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry - this is my first time doing this.
  7. Howdy, Kixur! Thanks for being willing to help out. I'm online now, and I'm looking to see if I have any nice high-sell items for you. It will come with a shiny Venipede, unless there's something specific that you end up wanting. My IGN is the same as on here: GladiusMage. Edit: It will have heart scale, per your signature!
  8. Hi all, I stepped back into the game after a little bit of time, and I found that I may have doomed my save file to not have a Ralts. Does anyone have a Ralts they would be willing to trade for nothing in particular? I have some shinies that I would be willing to part with, though I know that carries a little less weight than normal in this realm. I have Sewaddle, Hoothoot, Tangela, Yongoose, Ekans, Caterpie, Doduo, Noibat, Pancham, Palpitoad, Venipede x2, Dedenne, Sandshrew, Alolan Geodude, Pikipek, Spinda, Mawile, Tauros, Sudowoodo, Ledyba, Girafirig, Ponyta, and Passimian as shinies. I'd be much obliged!
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