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  1. I never understand (almost) anything in your posts, Cass, because I know almost nothing about coding, and yet I love them. They are so entertaining I just have to keep reading them. And I like to thing I do learn something every time :D
  2. That was also my understanding (from reborn, where I have no such problems), and that is why I tried to play the z one. Btw, if any mod comes around, while playing I found a few trees on top of which you can walk or behind which you can not walk. Should I report them?
  3. Hi! I just downloaded the last version of the game (Version 5.1, 07/07/2020), and when I try to open the "game-z" launcher, the game opens but its riddled with green stripes, and they don't go away. I'll share some screen shots. I don't have this problem when simply opening the "game" launcher. Fun fact, it's the first time I try this game, and seeing as it was called desolation, and the dude at the beginning says something about "See what you have done. Do you enjoy the world you have created?" or something like that, I totally thought the green lines where normal and thought it was quite original. Still, it was really hard to read xD
  4. Hi, I'm trying to get a shiny litten, and I've tryed exchanging my Stantler for the Litten that is offered, but I've gone through way more soft resets than I usually have to. I understand it can be chance, but I started to wonder if it even is possible to get one from an exchange. If it is, I also wanted to ask if, when the pokemon comes out of the pokeball in the exchange animation, if it is shiny, does it appear with the shiny sprite or do you have to go to look at the summary to check? Just to see if I can hasten the process by not having to check every single time. Thank you for your answers and help! P.D.: I'm not too sure if I'm doing this the right way (first time posting a question) so do tell me if I should pose it somewhere else.
  5. Spain here ~ Not sure if that is southern or western Europe.
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