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  1. U have to go south of district of hope he is in the some walkway(bridge)..just found and did that quest
  2. I talked to him only in the morning..but I didn't able to see him at night
  3. Friends I talked to Mosley near the hospital he said to get medicine in the night..I don't know where to go now to further into this quest? .can anyone help me?
  4. Hi friends I just wanted to know is it possible to particularly undo saved part of the game?. I mean like if you select the wrong option in dialogue and saved without knowing?. If possible kindly tell me how to do it?
  5. There's a mod I saw in YouTube..but I don't know whether it will work in v13
  6. Struck at eclysia pyramid can someone please help?..did the puzzle wrong and struck here
  7. Latest episode?..can you tell me exactly what you tried..I may be help you
  8. Hey! I saw your post on the online forums, do you have 6iv dittos you would be willing to trade? I would give just about anything for one. Thank you!

  9. Still better than Ash-Duskfang shadowpaw
  10. Sure..if still wanting na kindly reply
  11. Still wanting gible?
  12. Is Ash greninja available in reborn?..if yes how to get one?
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