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  1. From the mons you have on your PC, I suggest training up the nidoran for Adrienn and as a general good mon, and it can help against Charlotte and Hardy too. You can get a nidoran male from the game corner also if you'd like a bit more speed. A houndoom with flash fire will wall a significant part of Charlotte's team. It can help also against Titania if you get rid of her terrain. I agree with the other suggestions. I would also suggest to find a good water type. Sharpedo could help against Radomus and it can get the egg move destiny bond for the pulse bosses. Speaking of Randomus a great mon t
  2. I don't know. Oh I forgot you can't go back to Reborn city at your stage in the game.
  3. You can find nincada by smashing rocks on the wasteland
  4. I'd say train that Klink. Minior doesn't have a ground move and it should out speed Tyrantrum too.
  5. Your team is pretty good. As Jace3 said, EV training is pretty important. I see you have a Meowstic M, teach it double screens with light clay as the item (can be found from mining and also from the department store if you collect stickers, which you should). Lucario learns calm mind via level up if you want for a boosting move. Growlithe will take a while to get it's best moves, but Arcanine is a good mon that deserves the wait. Like many people who play pokemon reborn, I use rotating pokemon according to the gym leaders, meaning I have trained more than a team of six. You might want a pokemo
  6. Great, my username is EIPHNH Send me a trade request
  7. Are you online now? In ten minutes or so your pokemon will be ready.
  8. https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Kirlia_(Pokémon)/Generation_VI_learnset#By_leveling_up You can find it on Bulbapedia https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Spheal_(Pokémon)/Generation_VI_learnset#By_leveling_up
  9. Pokemon reborn follows the level up list of OR AS if that helps you any
  10. I could breed a wismur for you. Do you perhaps have magikarp or natu or oshawott?
  11. If you're still looking for bounsweet I could breed one for you.
  12. You do not need surf on Swampert the way it's EVed. I suggest giving it power up punch or rock slide instead. I would say put screens on the Klefki and light clay as the item. For moves to change I'd say spikes is not needed as much against the AI. Also make your Hydreigon offensive since it only has attacking moves.
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