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  1. There's no way laura won't have a mega on her team, also bannet will probably not use moves like eq on his pokemons since their power if halfed in grassy terrain
  2. Is there a way to get the move 'celebrate' on any pokemon in E18 of reborn in a legit way? If not will it be possible in E19?
  3. You can see anything related to pokemon at balbapedia
  4. You can get maril in grassy paths of route 4 after reaching agate city, means after completing the current game available
  5. This only happens if u bring your sillvaly into terra's glitch world where it becomes ??? all the time until you get out of there so I think it has to do something with that
  6. I'm in agate circus rn, can I get a pineco or foretress outside of reborn city?
  7. Umm your game is bugged cause it's not possible to surf on land
  8. Raghav

    Porygon Z???

    Poygon line is good and u always get a shiny porygon somewhere in glitch world
  9. My user id is raghav, pls anyone trade with me. Also please have it hold a sunstone too I want one before battling corey
  10. Maybe extract the file again? And try to play from that file
  11. Is it raining slow? It has to be raining harshly iirc
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