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  1. if you delete all save files in your save folder you should be able to start a new game, yeah. I'm not exactly sure what bug you're talking about though so it could be that doing this won't solve your problem. There's one bug where if you have special characters in your computer user name, the game can't load your game file correctly or something. if you're dealing with that then just deleting your saves won't solve it I think
  2. In case you haven't done what Starry said yet, here's your save from right after you beat Noel. Should be fixed Game - 704 - Makoto - 54h 45m - 7 badges.rxdata
  3. Cool, as I said someone else also never played but somehow had saves which messed things up. Could you check the save folder for me please and send a screenshot or something? if you don't know how to get there, try and use this. Please do tell if it doesn't take you anywherefolder_shortcut_folder.zip
  4. Have you played and saved the game before? Somebody else also ran into this problem and they somehow had a save which seemed to mess things up. If you load a backup or delete that save I think you should be good to go
  5. Could you pass along your save file? I can fix it for you, and it helps me figure out why this bug is happening
  6. It not showing up in your volume mixer is pretty weird. Are you using bluetooth by chance? I've noticed that sometimes it won't appear if that's the case. There are also sound sound settings from the options menu as well, are they not 0?
  7. I'm pretty sure essentials and Reborn have a bit of a different way of handling saves, where we save some things in the file where essentials doesn't, and vice versa. This seems like a case where essentials expects some value or other to be saved in the file, but we don't have that. So they're incompatible. If you want to edit your save, you're probably better off grabbing a mod which allows that from the mod market. I think starry knight has created one that should work, but haven't looked at that myself.
  8. ye no problem. I'm gonna use 18.4.3 as source here. In the DrawText part of the script, there's is this pretty big if statement, highlighted below. This is in the function getFormattedText as I said above. The whole of that if statement is flat out useless as far as I could tell, with it only messing things up. Thus it was hit by the good ol' delete. The if statement lasts till here below, where i've marked the end. Right above that is where the function recurses This part of the code is also in getFormattedTextFast, so you can yeet it there as well. From what I tested the game doesn't even run through that code while formatting text, but better safe than sorry. Hope this helps!
  9. Well good news for you! Because today we are dealing with line breaks. A sort of intermezzo if you will. Line breaks are a pain in the butt cheeks, because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their existence. You can change the words before the line break and it will disappear. Okay, seems logical enough. You can add words after the line break and it will disappear. Okay, what? And until one of Ame's patreons looked into things, you could do nothing and they would randomly appear and disappear. RMXP are you drunk? When doing our optimization run (ha! still talking about optimization) I noticed something which I would've bet was the cause. Dear reader, always bet against me, for I was wrong. And then I found a line break while playing. And another. And yet one more. Time to actually look into things. After putting print statements down like no tomorrow, the following conversation between me and essentials happened: Memsplanation.mp4 See, the function in question is getFormattedText. And this function is over-engineered like no tomorrow. Want to left-align stuff? seems logical. Want to right or center align, this function got your back. Want to use the weirdest font you can find? No problem for this badboy. Want to add Icons? Make only one line right align? Okay please slow down. Color certain words? Add your own line breaks? A second way to add Icons? Want to try splitting the text? No, stop! And that one is the problem. getFormattedText decides to rerun itself when a condition is met. What that condition exactly entails, I still don't know. But to spice things up, getFormattedText quickly adds a \n in the middle of the string. Which in ruby is syntax for: start a new line. And when it is rerun, it starts another new line right before the word after which the \n is placed. That part of the function has officially been yeeted. We now are free after all this time of suffering.
  10. Pokemon essentials is actually not an engine. From the Essentials wiki: Pokémon Essentials is a pre-fanmade RPG Maker XP game project that is designed to be edited to create a role-playing game with the game mechanics of the main series Pokémon games. So Essentials more-so refers to an already made pokemon game with a lot of assets, which serves as a starting point for making your own fangame. Back to the engine part though. Normally RPG Maker XP games use the engine that comes with said RPG Maker XP. This engine is from 2004 or so though, and really not optimized. So it's generally really slow. A few months ago someone made a new engine which is way more up to date and faster, called MKXP. from:https://github.com/night-burst/mkxp-z This is the new engine that reborn (and now desolation as well) uses.
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