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  1. ye no problem. I'm gonna use 18.4.3 as source here. In the DrawText part of the script, there's is this pretty big if statement, highlighted below. This is in the function getFormattedText as I said above. The whole of that if statement is flat out useless as far as I could tell, with it only messing things up. Thus it was hit by the good ol' delete. The if statement lasts till here below, where i've marked the end. Right above that is where the function recurses This part of the code is also in getFormattedTextFast, so you can yeet it there as well. From what I tested the game doesn't even run through that code while formatting text, but better safe than sorry. Hope this helps!
  2. Well good news for you! Because today we are dealing with line breaks. A sort of intermezzo if you will. Line breaks are a pain in the butt cheeks, because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their existence. You can change the words before the line break and it will disappear. Okay, seems logical enough. You can add words after the line break and it will disappear. Okay, what? And until one of Ame's patreons looked into things, you could do nothing and they would randomly appear and disappear. RMXP are you drunk? When doing our optimization run (ha! still talking about optimization) I noticed something which I would've bet was the cause. Dear reader, always bet against me, for I was wrong. And then I found a line break while playing. And another. And yet one more. Time to actually look into things. After putting print statements down like no tomorrow, the following conversation between me and essentials happened: Memsplanation.mp4 See, the function in question is getFormattedText. And this function is over-engineered like no tomorrow. Want to left-align stuff? seems logical. Want to right or center align, this function got your back. Want to use the weirdest font you can find? No problem for this badboy. Want to add Icons? Make only one line right align? Okay please slow down. Color certain words? Add your own line breaks? A second way to add Icons? Want to try splitting the text? No, stop! And that one is the problem. getFormattedText decides to rerun itself when a condition is met. What that condition exactly entails, I still don't know. But to spice things up, getFormattedText quickly adds a \n in the middle of the string. Which in ruby is syntax for: start a new line. And when it is rerun, it starts another new line right before the word after which the \n is placed. That part of the function has officially been yeeted. We now are free after all this time of suffering.
  3. Pokemon essentials is actually not an engine. From the Essentials wiki: Pokémon Essentials is a pre-fanmade RPG Maker XP game project that is designed to be edited to create a role-playing game with the game mechanics of the main series Pokémon games. So Essentials more-so refers to an already made pokemon game with a lot of assets, which serves as a starting point for making your own fangame. Back to the engine part though. Normally RPG Maker XP games use the engine that comes with said RPG Maker XP. This engine is from 2004 or so though, and really not optimized. So it's generally really slow. A few months ago someone made a new engine which is way more up to date and faster, called MKXP. from:https://github.com/night-burst/mkxp-z This is the new engine that reborn (and now desolation as well) uses.
  4. Hey! Ever made a cave map or something alike? And ever had to place waaaaay too many cliff tiles? And ever wondered if that could be done easier? Well it should, and therefore it could! That's why I made this: It's a semi-automatic cliff placer! As you may have guessed by now, this is more meant for developers than for players. A few things to note about what you just saw. - The screen was bigger than normal. That's because I changed the default screensize in the scripts. Sadly, I don't know off the top of my head how to add this to the mod, so just change that yourself in the settings of your own script - There are more options. I just did the most basic action because that's the most impressive in a short time. In the download there's a follow-along which goes through pretty much every function. - A few spots weren't filled in. This is because the situation that came up is one where the map maker has to decide themselves what to do. Only happens when dealing with one-tile gaps though. - The way I opened up the menu was with the F8 key. - What about at which layer stuff is placed at? For the speedrun option I used the tiles need to be placed on the bottom layer, and the cliffs get placed on the middle layer. However, the other options allow more control for layer control. - Other smalls thing are done in the background, like: a backup of the map is saved, DEBUG is turned on, you can always walk through all blocks. This is just so walking around isn't a complete bother. - Anymore info can be found in the pdf included in the download. Please do read that! Download:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Zf1xQmD-3lNB-dv6q_6dMW-h1AE_JSiz?usp=sharing How to use? Just drop the mods map in your data folder! But if that doesn't work, then there's also a raw txt file of the code included! Just copy that to right before the last part of your script, which is main! You should still drop the mods map in data, since it also contains some graphics the code needs. If you got questions feel free to ask. I'll be honest in that it is not the most straightforward to use. Hope this can alleviate some of the pains of Cliff Hell -Toothpastefairy
  5. You're right on the money, that's the way to go. However, since cass is an awesome bean, and after a few messages, she was able to tell me the changes she made the first time around. Thus: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17kZ4P7BbOnchtTT2yO7f9g-7pQBNJCcd/view?usp=sharing This is the new scripts, with the 18.2 AI improvements as well! And of course all the flashing and shaking disabled. Let me know if there's any trouble!
  6. Well, the updates since then all did something different. 18.2 was about making the AI smarter and some bugfixes, 18.3 was about introducing a new engine called Game-Z, which works good on newer computers. But 18.4 as I said before is just one line changed with huge performance increase on all laptops, new or old. So while you're sadly missing out on the new things in 18.2, nothing in 18.3 is that important to you. If you really want the things that changed in 18.2, let me know. But it's gonna take some time for me to figure out what cass actually changed for you. The reason why you have problems uploading your file here is probably because the max you're allowed is 0.49MB, while the scripts file is ~1MB. I have the same problem, so just go here :https://drive.google.com/file/d/17kZ4P7BbOnchtTT2yO7f9g-7pQBNJCcd/view?usp=sharing
  7. Do you still have your old scripts file? 18.4 is an edit of one line, so I could just do that for your scripts.
  8. Hey, Toothpastefairy here! Now Toothpastefairy, while an awesome name of course, is a bit of a mouthful. So feel free to call me Berend (after my real name Brent) for easier use. Some may know me through the Patreon Discord Server, or if you're one of the most vigilant status thread followers you might have also heard of me. So it's high time I actually introduce myself. A bit of general info includes: Age: 21 Location: Netherlands Gender: Male Studying: Applied Physics My free time is mostly spend in a few ways: Reading fanfics, playing chess, the downwards spiral that is watching YouTude vids, a bit of reddit and recently fixing/optimizing parts of the Pokémon Reborn scripts. All this while listening to music, ofc. Oh and watching anime, though I'm not a full weeb (yet). I'm also starting to love cooking more and more! So if you know any good recipes and want to share please hit me up! I have a preference for vegetarian recipes, because I know fewer of those. Though I am also all for recipes involving meat or fish. On a bit more personal level, I'm not a social butterfly. Being alone is something I actually quite like, though I still have friends and love spending time with them as well. Just don't expect me to come up to you and start talking. Overall I'm a happy, if sometimes pessimistic, person. Recently, I've become a dev for Reborn, because the amount of bugs you guys have been able to find was a bit too much. One of the things I've done since becoming a dev is go optimization hunting with Cass. The things you find in there are not pretty( but it does run). The worst offender we found was so bad in fact, that it deserved a whole new update. It's called 18.4, please go download it. Before becoming a dev though I also fixed up the battle factory, and fixed the screen border after the shift to 18.3. Whoever plays with screen border, if any poor souls are actually out there, you're welcome. The battle factory was the first time I actually started coding something in Ruby. So whoever asked for it in a dev blog, thank you. Without you asking I would most likely not have become a dev! Now onto the actual real reason I'm making this introduction post. Right before starting as a dev I was witness to a convo where Cliff Hell was mentioned. Cliff Hell generally means the boring but time consuming part of map making where cliffs are being placed around. I took it as a challenge up to myself to see if this process could be automated. And had some success. So I wanted to share it with all the lovely map makers. Expect it to be releases tomorrow or so. But it would be a bit weird if that was my first post, no? Plus it was probably a good idea to finally introduce myself after becoming a dev. Thusly this introduction. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! -Toothpastefairy P.S. coming up with titles sucks.
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