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  1. I'm one of those people who reads all your blog posts - partially because it's interesting (even if I only understand a fraction, I often end up learning something!) and partially because of your style , someone "talking" to me about programming is a lot easier and more fun to read than more formal stuff thank you very much for your hard work! and for the extra effort of telling us about it
  2. If I get stuck, I often check this: It says episode 17 and we're at 18.4, but it still applies, especially for the beginning. The person who wrote this also did an excellent job giving advice for some of the harder battels and they made the thread easily searchable. What I would do: don't read the entire thing, it's naturally filled with spoilers, but if you get stuck and are done with attempting to puzzle it out yourself, this is a good first start. Have fun! Avallyn P.S.: (also, you might want to check out the mods section, there are some really nice quality of live mods there).
  3. WOW! you're amazing, and so is cass! Thank you so very much I'm off to play now I will, thank you!
  4. Honestly? I was really looking forward to fighting smarter enemies... but I'm already really happy with that performance increase! Thank you so much! does this make a difference in finding the changed code? how do I implement the changes? replace my skript file with yours and the maps with the maps from the old mod?
  5. thank you for all your hard work on Reborn! (and it's always nice to see another fellow physicist-to-be )
  6. Thank you for taking the time to look at this! The old scripts file can be downloaded in the old mod (sry, I have trouble attaching files here, I don't know why). this should hopefully lead to the post with the files: Did the script from 18.1 to 18.4 change so little? Because I'm pretty sure that's the version the original mod was for and in the post she said:
  7. O.O I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what you could use here. (xie? xhr? female pronouns with the first letter replaced with x sort of work, with the male ones you end up with "xr"....) do you know if people who're non-binary and German speaking have picked something they're ok with?
  8. I usually look at the base stats first - for example: if the special attack base stat is really low, then there's no point in training the EVs for that stat. if you've got a pokemon you want to be able to hit hart and fast, go for special attack or attack and speed, on the other hand, if you've got a pokemon that's really "solid" with high defenses, it might make sense to turn it into a "staller" and increase the defenses even more. It really depends on the specific pokemon and what you want it to do (took me ages to figure out how this works) smogon university is what helped me figure it out (I only looked at the pokedex where they suggest EV training and move sets , no idea how their other stuff is. I basically google "pokemon name strategy"). also, pokerus speeds things up (try to get it through online trading, if you get it just randomly in game, you're stupidly lucky).
  9. Hello a while ago, andracass made a mod that turns of the flashing in Pokemon Reborn: I was wondering, if this is still compatible with Reborn 18.4 (I suspect the maps probably are, but I'm doubtful about the script since so much changed). The mod she made there was the perfect solution to my issue and I've enjoyed playing a lot (it's basically the only game I haven't dropped now that live has gotten so hectic) and would like to switch to the newer Reborn version - but only if that means I won't lose the no-flashing-mod (again, thank you for making it back then!). Best regards, Avallyn Edit: umm. apparently, there's been another update since the last time I checked. (wow! you guys are on fire!) I'm basically asking after the most current release and would like to update to that, but not after the game-z thing because my old laptop doesn't like it. it does like what I downloaded yesterday(?) very much though (I actually forgot that I needed the flashing mod until it started thunderstorming just now)
  10. so the "banned" was a feature, not a bug and all I need to do is switch the VPN server. Great! Thank you for the quick reply (and for reborn in general )!
  11. Hello I haven't found a specific forum to post bugs with the webpage to, I hope this is ok. I've just had a really weird experience: I wanted to go to rebornevo.com and no matter whether I typed the url or used one of my bookmarks, I got "banned" displayed instead of the website - not specifically my account, but the entire website was blocked. Since I haven't posted anything in the forum in ages, I assume I haven't done anything ban-worthy. I reset my VPN-client (NordVPN to be specific) to another server and then I could reach the site again without a problem. (I forgot to take a screenshot before looking for solutions, sorry.) What's going on?? (also, I'm not banned, right? If I've done anything, I'd really like to know what it was, I've never gotten banned anywhere...) Best regards, Avallyn
  12. If part of what bothers you about shade's gym is the flashing/the inability to see, then this might help: It will however change other things, too. like earthquake and thunderstorms and flashing streetlights (all in the overworld).
  13. a split evolutions run. you can only use pokemon with split evolution lines and when you use one from the line, you also have to use the other (for example, you can only use poliwrath if you also have politoed with you. before that evolution happens, you'd have to carry two poliwags/poliwhirls around.)
  14. how about eeveelutions (how do I spell that? I'm talking about Eevee and all its evolutions) only? You'd have decent type coverage but absolutely no double types. Also, they're all really cute will you collect all the ideas in one post? that would be really useful this is definitely an excellent idea!
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