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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone ! I am a newcomer in Reborn and a pure novice in spriting and pixel art. Some of them are based on the Pokemon World in general, others don't. Rather than keeping it to myself, I wanted to share it with you all and get an external perspective about my work. Here is my first attempt, I hope you will enjoy it :^) One month later... ~ Commissions ~ From the beginnig, the pixel arts and sprites I've done never disappointed anyone. Also, as I am actually in a gap year to search training courses in web design or game design, I don't have studies anymore nor have a job for now. That's the main reason why I wanted to spend a part of my time to apply my skills especially in spriting and I'm more than ready to open commissions. For those who didn't know, I do my best to make the most faithful and clean character recreations at reasonable prices to make them fully playable, and it would be a good way for me to earn money quickly. Thanks to this, I would be able to finance other studies as well as be able to get a decent computer, mine is 7 years old. Additionaly, those who are interested can pay me with the PayPal.me link just here after a private discussion about what you exactly want and the pricing, it's the only transaction type I accept for commissions. For more informations, click the spoiler below ! Please keep in mind that doing all these sprites take me a lot of time, so I would really appreciate to earn a counterpart for it. Some commissions might be shorter, others might be longer, but I always keep my promises to produce the best results. To make it possible, you have to be as precise as you can in your request. Depending on the complexity of the sprites, I’m open for negotiations if you need to. Just remember to always pay me after you sent me a PM about your commission. You can do it whenever you want, but I must be paid before sending the whole sprites set, at least. Thank you in advance if you need my services ! Best regards, Q-Jei
  2. Hello a while ago, andracass made a mod that turns of the flashing in Pokemon Reborn: I was wondering, if this is still compatible with Reborn 18.4 (I suspect the maps probably are, but I'm doubtful about the script since so much changed). The mod she made there was the perfect solution to my issue and I've enjoyed playing a lot (it's basically the only game I haven't dropped now that live has gotten so hectic) and would like to switch to the newer Reborn version - but only if that means I won't lose the no-flashing-mod (again, thank you for making it back then!). Best regards, Avallyn Edit: umm. apparently, there's been another update since the last time I checked. (wow! you guys are on fire!) I'm basically asking after the most current release and would like to update to that, but not after the game-z thing because my old laptop doesn't like it. it does like what I downloaded yesterday(?) very much though (I actually forgot that I needed the flashing mod until it started thunderstorming just now)
  3. hi. let me tell you, having panic disorder is not a fun time, especially when there are scary things in games that you like. for instance in pokemon reborn, Shade's gym is a scary place, and has made me unable to sleep for 2 weeks straight. i would like to either request a mod or feature in the game itself (that last one is probably not necessary though) to help with accessibility in this way, because i do enjoy being able to sleep at night without having hour long panic attacks all night. the main issue i have with the game is the background music and the sound effects that play in the gym and during the gym battle. the mod/feature could replace the music and SE or mute them entirely. i think this will help players like me be able to enjoy the game more without shitting our pants in the process. thank you for helping out.
  4. If possible is there someone willing to color do a recoloring of some Aegislash sprites. I'm a novice artist and I don't have the proper tools to do it myself. The color scheme would primarily be black and silver.
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