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  1. Does ruby have structures like hashmaps? If so iteration with couples [key:values] is way faster... at least in java ...."flies aways cause none asked my opinion i guess"
  2. Ok so for a physical attack pokemon i could go: att : 252 speed/hp : 252 speed/hp : 6 and spA: spA : 252 speed/hp : 252 speed/hp : 6
  3. Hello, I was wondering if you can help me with a build for Noivern for Reborn gameplay. I was thinking smth like this: Noivern Ability: Infiltrator or Telepathy Nature: spA + & attack - Item: (no idea yet) Moves (4 from these 7): boomburst dragon pulse air slash roost tailwind dark pulse flamethrower Thanks for ur answers!
  4. Thanks for ur answers, im actually ingame at the phase where i will face luna but decided on my main 6 pokemon team and was wondering on their EV values. Do u guys go for max on 2 stats and the rest on a third stat? Or more mixed? Can u give me some examples in terms of values of EV? I mean what are the values i should aim for? Thanks again!
  5. Hello pplz, I was wondering if there is a guide on EV training for reborn? Is there a way to reset the EVs of ur pokemons? How do u guys do it to train the EVs for ur pokemons efficiently? Thanks for the answers!
  6. Okies i opened the trade Thanks a lot
  7. Perfect im here too, what pokemon u need in particuliar? My username is netbean for the trade.
  8. That would be perfect ye, right me here around that time please
  9. Hello, I was wondering if some1 can trade me a horsea with a dragon scale please. Thanks in advance
  10. Hey @Broken Elegance thnx, can you do it now?
  11. Cool, it will be tomorrow for me, i will write u again tomorrow then, when i will be available and see when u too are
  12. Hello there, I was wondering if any1 can trade me a male Dwebble or Crustle with the Rock Blast move learnt. Tell me if you need a specific pokemon in return. Thanks!
  13. Hello there, Thanks for your answer, i got clauncher at the water inside chrysolia springs, so its cool, but while checking the photo u posted, i see that for the moment i cannot fish in citrine mountain
  14. Hello, As you can see at the screenshot, i got this error pop up window during this fight in Chrysolia Hot Springs. From what i see, it seems it wants to apply burn to Simipour but it couldnt? Anyway, i let the experts check it when they have time PS: It didnt crash the game after i clicked at the ok button, but i didnt want to risk it so i resetted the game.
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