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  1. Surprised at a taker for Shin's skewer. Shin nods as he takes the grilled venison. "It's, really good." He thought to himself as he took a bite of it. Though he couldn't quite keep the choice of soup ingredient out of his head. He remembered that Godiva did help out with it's making, so he makes his way towards her and taps her on the back. "Hey Godiva.. am I supposed to eat this too..?" Completely unaware of the tense air around him. Well, up until this point at least. "..What's wrong?"
  2. Shin for the most part had been grilling mushrooms as the soup stewed. Soup shouldn't be that hard a thing to do decently at, it was definitely one of the easier meals he's been used to during his time in the wild. But curiously enough, the soup.... while he'd still eat it--taste of the cheese was okay.. the flytrap staring him in the face did put him off. He set aside a plate of mushroom skewers in case someone actually did want to try them. In the expected case where no one did, that just meant more for Shin in the end. "..Is. Is this something people do...?" He whispers to himself.
  3. If there was anything he could do, it'd be foraging. Shin spent a good while living of whatever he could in the forest and plains, long before meeting Kane. For once, Shin had already managed to gather up a sizable amount of firewood, herbs and even some mushrooms that would be heavenly when grilled with a bit of salt. "This should be enough for fire wood... I'll bring it back to Boss and get the fire going before going out to get more stuff we can cook." He says, before lifting all the branches over his shoulder and holding the various winter mushrooms he's managed to find. "..
  4. "A-ah.. I guess you're right.. I go get some wood for a fire to get going.. I should be able to pick up some herbs and mushrooms while I'm at it..." Despite his trembling disposition, he was actually getting fairly excited.
  5. "Ah.. yeah, I can do that.. we also should have some other things we can cook up too, I'll go get a fire going while I see what I can find.." Shin then turns to Mina. "Anything else we're missing..?"
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  7. Shin, a little startled at Mina's sudden pop up, turns to her. "A-ah, of course! I think it'd be nice to get to know you two and Godiva better..! I still have to find a way to thank her for helping me with the poison from earlier.."
  8. "I.. think we should? Um.. have some..." It was hard to gauge what the woman before him was really feeling. She doesn't seem to talk much.. a thought went across Shin's mind that he might have already been annoying her. I mean he was used to someone straight up punching him upon greeting awhile back. "Actually, if there's not much left ..do we really need to if we.. Uh... cook it by tonight, or tomorrow ..or something?" The usual sweats fall across his face as the conversation goes on. Here's hoping he doesn't immediately piss off someone he's just met. Again. Also. Also he kinda wa
  9. Shin was still trying to recover from the.. great sage's impact from earlier. He didn't have the energy to do much explaining to the other, so he left it in the other's hands. Though, he did walk up to the tall, aloof looking woman. "Ey.. B0ss, was it? Would you like to store all that meat you have?" He says, pointing towards the pieces hung up. "It's probably not as cold here as it is where you're from.. so it might go bad if we don't put it away properly. I could help you with those, if you want..?"
  10. The woman's voice managed to jolt Shin back to his senses.. a little. He attempts to sit up, seeing Mim, Arthur and Boss there as well. "...huh? Oh.. yeah, I-I'm fine. Are you okay? Miss.. uh.... what's your name? Who is she?" He continues on, pointing towards the tall blue woman, currently holding up some fresh deer meat.
  11. Shin responds a small bit to his name being called out. He's still not fully up yet, however. "Mh...........wh........."
  12. Shin starts to look a little better after ingesting some of the potion. His eyes still remains closed, it'll take a tad longer before he wakes up.
  13. Without even a moment to process what was coming at him, by the time he noticed a person being flung towards Shin, it was already too late. "..Wait a minu-" Shin could only mutter out, before a woman lands, foot first onto Shin's face, COMPLETELY knocking him off his horse landing face down onto the ground. The girl, miraculously lands perfectly onto Scoopo, who knows enough to focus on bringing her to safety. Shin has survived worse after all. Probably. Shin is now currently left in the dust, having absorbed the impact for the girl. He might be unconscious.
  14. Shin had been trailing behind Mim and Arthur during the whole trip, as expected. His chose to have his eyes wander about to take a look at the scenery before happening to notice a ..moving dot? Somewhere in the sky? It seems to be lowering, it might land near them actually. Shin starts to call out. "Hey, Mim, Arthur. There's... something? someone? Up there.." Upon closer inspection, someone appears to be dangling off... a wyvern? "Oh.. it's some people on a Wyvern.." Upon even closer inspection, said dangling person is clearly not having a good time. ".....I think we should help the
  15. "Oh Yeah, I can wake you no problem... just uh.. get enough rest, or as much as you can......"
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