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  1. "Oh Yeah, I can wake you no problem... just uh.. get enough rest, or as much as you can......"
  2. The leader's drowsiness was so apparent that even Shin's usual obliviousness picked up on it, easily. He flashes a look of worry before saying: "Kane.. I know you said that you don't run off much sleep, and.. I should probably be the LAST person to tell you this, but.. I don't think it's healthy, get some rest while we're gone ok..?"
  3. By this point, Shin was feeling well enough to move. Or maybe it was that he wanted to move around for a bit to shake off all this sluggishness.. "Uh. Kane.. I could go too. I mean if there's anything I can at least do, is that I can cover distance..? I guess. I could probably make it there pretty well with Scoopo" Shin scratches his neck. "Assuming no one else wants to, or something."
  4. The tone of her voice drew more of Shin's attention. His eyes quietly darting towards her. "Is all this is what you've been bottling up all this time..?" Shin, clearly taken aback, but it's not something he completely didn't expect either. Some time passes while he tries to find the right words for what to say. "...I won't say that I know exactly how you feel, but.. I wouldn't call you going crazy... I mean, It's clearly not good, that's for sure.. but something horrible must've happened to you for you to feel all of this.. and while I don't know what any of that might be, it's just ho
  5. Liza's reaction made Shin realize what he was doing, and quickly pulls his hand away and rests it to his side, between himself and Lizaveta, "..honestly, yeah. I mean when I say I understand what you mean by that." "It's hard to see things getting better anytime soon, I can't remember the last time things were really looking to let up..." "But hey, if this is really rock bottom, the only way we can go is up.. I think.. all there is to do is to just keep surviving.." He winces again at the memories of the lake popping back into his head.
  6. "I... see. Overall.. not that good huh.. I'm sorry. Things should turn up soon, hopefully...?" Then, without really thinking too much, instinctively uses a free hand to pat Lizaveta on the head.
  7. "Oh.. I just didn't want to say anything incase you were trying to rest or uh.. something..? Sorry.." He pauses, a little lost for words. "Uh.. how are you feeling..?"
  8. Before too long, Shin's eyes open. He's still reeling from the effects of the poison. "H-" Before he could really say anything he took notice of Liza lying next to him. And chose instead to not make any noise or indication that he was awake. Shin stares at the ceiling in silent contemplation.
  9. While all of this was going on, Shin had regained enough strength to move himself to a nearby pillar to lean on. Still affected by the poison, he barely had any leftover energy to do much else. On sight its easy to notice how much more pale he's become, as if the forces of Death itself assaulted his being. Though, technically that statement isn't exactly incorrect.
  10. Shin, while managing to get a first shot off at Death, says nothing as he is left writhing on the ground. Unmoving.
  11. Shin's eyes immediately glare up in attention upon noticing Death standing in front of him. "It's.. you." His expression turns bitter as the memories of his horrible display come flooding back.
  12. "...I hope you've said enough, because those words.. will be your last." Shin dashes to J5 and fires at Siegmund with the Silver Longbow, before ducking to I6.
  13. "...for someone who boasts about killing, you sure do like to do nothing but talk.." The boy says, clearly disgusted by how lightly the man before him speaks about all the lives he took.
  14. As the topic of vulneraries and healing are going about, Shin, at the exact same time is still left with the various wounds that are sharpening his instincts. Against his better judgement, he presses on and moves to I9 and has his longbow returned to him from Mim. The determined boy says nothing as he tries to say focused, with the fire in his eyes like him, persisting.
  15. Shin's breathing grows heavy with the wounds he's sustained. But while his vision begins to grow blurry, the fire in the boy's eyes begin to burn. "There will be a way to survive."
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