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  1. Run at the Flesh of Honor to slash at it. Sending magma flying.
  2. Onion will pickup the sword. "Thank you." He then begins counting down. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, en garde!” And then the opponent fell into the pit. "You cannot escape me-eeee!!!!!" Onion jumps into the pit aiming to strike with his new sword into the Armor's helm slit.
  3. Onion points his cleaver blade at the Armored Side, seeing its knight design. "I challenge you to an honor duel, whoever loses becomes the other's squire!" See if the armor accepts. "But seeing as how I only have one weapon and you have two, only use one or forfeit your honor."
  4. Onion will run, dashing and dervishing around the Disgusting Flesh’s legs. Trying to confuse and disorient it or even entangle itself with its tentacle tying itself up.
  5. Onion will bring out his cleaver sword and start slashing at the Disgusting Flesh’s leg that is made out of meat not armor.
  6. Onion launches a barrel of D4 at the Disgusting Flesh. Then throwing some Witherroot mana at it to activate the clay.
  7. Onion will set up the Ogre Barrier and protect the party, before pulling out a bottle of D4 and throwing it at one of the disgusting eyes of the Disgusting Flesh's eyes on its carapace armor.
  8. Onion will pick up some gel and then continue on to the next room with his Barrier active, continuing to strengthen it.
  9. Onion will feebly try to set up the OgreBarrier around himself.
  10. Onion will throw a bottle of D4 at the meatslime, as they enter the Snacktory. Sending a pulse of his energy at it to detonate when it gets to the slime.
  11. Get Nibbler to spit magma at the door to melt it down. Let’s see what’s inside.
  12. Onion tells the robot to look the other way. After it does, Onion uses Aspect of the Beast and Beastwalker to transform into a Wolfman. “Hey! That man is getting away!”
  13. “Could you please open this door, I’m maintenance.”
  14. Onion now at the back will try to punch the door down to where the nexus maybe next.
  15. Seeing as how prophecies fulfill themselves anyways, Onion will go to the back of the fast food restaurant to check it out.
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