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  1. Lotus sighed inwardly. This young girl was going to be a handful... Move to E7 and attack Elite B
  2. Lotus after finishing with the bee girl has no time to recover, the battle still rages o after all. One bug surges out of the grass, taking down one of their other comrades. Lotus pays little attention to the drivel they spew, only disappearing into the tall grass once more to find another shot. It does little to hinder the tiny huntress. Without a word yet another wooden sting flying to a foe unawares. All of this was just another hunt, one against those that would try ad take her life and those of the ones she was meant to be guarding. Everyone here was her responsibility, and she would see that mission through. Step back to C9, and fire at Marauder D
  3. "BWAHAHA! Ye sure like ta waggle ye maggot riddled tongue! 'Ades pay ye ta gossip with the bilge rats do 'e? No wonder yer underworld's the world's fucking asscrack." The rather imposing squidman laughed, clearly unfazed by any words the fiend had to offer, mocking him in turn. "And I'd listen ta the littl' lady, HAHAHA!" he said probably referring to Eulalia, but who knew what that roiling storm was thinking. "Got more spine than 'alf the brainless barnacles in me former crew she does she does. Wonder where those idjits are... probably in the actual underworld fer all me luck. Shame I be the only who got stuck in this puckered arse'ole of a dump. Can't even gimme da common courtesy ta be condemned with me boys." he went on for some time about something incredibly pointless, some weird irrelevant story or another, not further elaborating on anything he had just brought up. Something about mangoes came up at one point. Ignacio had quite the knack for long winded non-sequiturs. *** "Oh! yeah... fightin'! "Ey Brinequiste, ya 'ungry friend?" he said to the horror show of a anchor on his shoulder. Somehow or another, the underworld had come into possession of the devil anchor Brinequiste, the cursed instrument that Ignacio was said to wield as a weapon his entire wretched life. It was nearly large as he, covered in wicked thorns and festering barncles all over it's inky black surface. But a glance at it was unsettling, it oozed evil, it positively was dripping with curses and devilish intent. One would swear it was writhing... almost as if it was alive. It couldn't be... could it? The kraken lumbered forth, surprisingly, faster than his frame would suggest. Each foot fall like thunder, each crash faster ad faster as his lumber became a deadpan sprint. He ran until he came across the first enemy in sight, and threw every pound of his weight into that blow. "YARR HARR HO! It's time fer the ol' captian ta weigh anchor once more!" Move to e11 and weigh anchor on Wisp A
  4. Lotus was certainly not the best suited to such a thing... heart to hearts weren't her strong suit, and nor was comforting another from their fears. It was hard when there were things she didn't wish to discuss with others, secrets she preferred to keep to herself under that leafen cloak of hers. And she certainly didn't want to be doing this on a battlefield, it was hardly the place... so much was unideal about this. But such was life no? Lotus silently sighed to herself, less out of frustration with the girl, more that life had decided not to prepare her at all. She shouldn't have to be the one doing such things for one sent on this type of a mission. It pained her to know her current employer cared so little the members of such a troop were, and further they'd send those that could scarcely be called adults. Lotus never had any siblings herself... so she never had to be this figure for someone before. It was all new to her. "I think the fact you agonize so much over the death of one that sought to take your own life is proof you are not." Lotus looked at the ground herself for a moment... she felt the words she had said but... she didn't know if that alone could help this girl. She was coming to grips with the meaning mortality and morality. This was a turning point in the life of any who was forced to take life of another bug, and to do so when so young. Lotus found herself angry at those that would force her into this situation. She clenched her bow tight, her knuckles white at the strain. But that anger was pointless... those people were not here... just that young girl. This anger wasn't for her... she needed something else... but Lotus was at a loss. What did one even offer another at a time like this? So... rather than think, she went with her heart. She did what she wished others would've done for her. She locked her fingers inbewteen the girl's, trying not to be too forceful but too make sure she felt that presence, that she was there. That someone did hear her. "As I said... I understand this is hard. It... i-i-it's never easy." a bit of the true Lotus poked out... her composure cracking for but a split second. But she steeled herself again returning to that seemingly aloof persona. "And it shouldn't be... life is sacred." and that was something that Lotus truly believed. It was why she refused to ever take contracts that were to kill. Her bow was a tool to protect, and Ebon knew that well. "But that includes your own life." Lotus squeezed harder for a moment, to punctuate her point. "If one aims to take yours, or the life of a friend or companion you should not hesitate to defend it. It is not an evil act to defend life. Use that Light of yours to protect, and it will never falter."
  5. Lotus could no longer bare to be silent in the face of what she was witnessing. Her new "companion" was shaping up to be more of danger to themselves then their enemies. Firing around magic bolts of light with no control what so ever... It'd be short time before this entire forest was ablaze... and at that point sure their foe would be dead, but so would most of them. She snuck over to the panicking bee, her movements graceful and silent. not even the grass could hamper her. She slipped through silent as the wind continuing as the ghost she had been on this battlefield. There was a reason her and Ebon worked well together. It was hard to notice the tiny archer when you were being harried by the literal black wings of death. Whether it was end by his spear or the arrow fired from nowhere... it seemed as if death came for all they fought... the inky black wigs only sowing the image ever clearer for any quarry of the mercenary mantis duo. It was know Ebon had a partner... but no one knew what she looked like. It couldn't possibly be the small girl that raveled with him could it? and yet it was the only possible answer. A small hand clasped Stardust's shoulder from behind, not angrily, more like a parent would do to reassure a frightened child. If Stardust looked back at her the illusion might be ruined a little as Lotus barely stood taller than her, and only thanks to her strange wooden shoes. [Though that would be hard to see in the thick grass.] Lotus didn't allow the bee time to further panic from her grasp and confusing what was happening in her tumultuous state. Instead Lotus filled that empty air with her calm and level voice. "You need to get a hold of your emotions young one." she let that linger until she was sure that what she'd say next would be heard and could be learned from. Lotus was not giving an air of judgement, a warrior disappointed in a bad recruit. She instead was offering understanding. This one should not have to fight but this world was hardly fair at the best of times. She shouldn't be expected to, but she needed to now. Lotus understood what it was like... "You need to control your panic. I know this isn't easy for you... but you are a danger to yourself and more importantly your allies right now. That last shot worked out but next time that could be one of us, or you could light this entire patch we are in ablaze and we'll not make it out alive." she said knowing full well her and Ebon would be fine, the others she could not account for however. Besides... it worked better if she didn't admit that. "Whether or not to kill is something we can work on later, for now we must survive and there must be conviction in your actions. If you mean to strike, you must strike true. That bug still stands as a sign of that." she said knowing the young bee would know who she meant. "Whether to strike him unconscious or dead, he yet stands. And understand me, to strike one down and not kill them is much harder. If that is what you mean to do... you must have that conviction. It is paramount. Your mind must be still as water and swift as wind. You cannot panic, you must be in control. And most importantly, Do not hesitate!" and with those words Lotus loosed an arrow, in a movement so fast that the young bee girl might not know it was her had the mantis's hand not left her shoulder. A sting of powerful intent, to prove her point, Lotus went for an even harder shot. One she knew would not slay the man... he was already severely damaged and simple well aimed shot would lay him low. Now... he'd bleed out afterwards cause she doubted he would receive any medical care but that wasn't a concern to Lotus if the one she was teaching would learn something from it. It was unnecessarily cruel for her liking but Lotus would have to live with the knowledge... not the young bee. Move to D9, fire at the Raider with conviction.
  6. {Giving Out a likeness would be bad for business as a Great Theif! ...or would it? I'll get a mug later if I get in.} "Hey woooah... I feel the happies heehee~ You okay George...? Where are we anyway? PSSSH WHO CARES!? Wherever we are there will always be something to steal in the name of JUSTICE! Or I'd not be the Great Theif, The Luminous Butterfly!"
  7. The hulking sea giant was silent for a time until once more that brine laden laugh gurgle out from his gullet. "BWAHAHA!" He paused for a moment and it became clear reading that man's expressions was ever the pain in the ass. He never stopped smiling, and it was infuriating. "Firstly lad... good show good show." The kraken slowly clapped his crusted worn hands together. The light film of muck and slime made for a rather lovely sound when they met. It was unclear if it was sarcastic or genuine. That probably meant the former but it was hard to know with this devilish trickster. It perhaps became a little more clear with the next words out of his mouth... or maybe even more confusing? "Yer an idjit! BWAHAHAHA! Mayhaps the largest fool in this room!" He said the grin never once leaving his barnacle encrusted face. He was clearly sizing up the one called Argos, looking him over, inspecting him with those accursed blue eyes. The storm roiling within them seemed as mirthful as he. He wheezed out yet more words, another waft of the sea to accompany them. "Aye, iffen I wasn't 'ere anyway! 'Istory loves 'er fools, after all I be forgotten down the bottom dat nameless lake otherwise. BWAHAHAHA!" He made a step forward, his weight clear in the sound of his footfall. It only grew all the more clear that Argos had perhaps invited a force of nature into their midst, rather than a man. And what this roiling tempest in a skull was, his true nature... was perhaps known only to himself... or possibly no one. "I've got no stake in yer petty conflict, and justice is some purtty word ye lubbers use ta justify killin' each other or takin' out tiny petty revenges. None of that shite matters ta me." He made to leave, a dramatic spin on his heels, rather nimble for a man his size. It was perhaps as much flair as Argos had shown in his prior theatrics, however of a more sensible kind. And it was just that, theatrics. For as he nearly reached the exit back ito those flames of hell he turned, wreathed in the glow of choking ash. " 'Owever, No prison of yer petty gods can keep Ol' Blightwater! BWAHAHA! And further, I tire of this idle patter and labor. Brinequiste needs his exercise, and so do I. So, I'll go wit'cha. And I'll fight fer ye, but don't come cryin' ta Ignacio about yer 'Oly Wars. I'll 'ave no part of yer gods and their divine plans. I 'ave me own thank ye. I'm just along fer the good times." you get the feeling he means something quite specific when he says that.
  8. The butterfly perhaps spoke too soon as Lotus seized the opportunity to silence him for good. She swiftly pulled back an arrow in the blink of an eye the motion one clearly practiced a thousand times. She aimed directly between the eyes, a swift end. It was solely on instinct she choose the target, mercy or other such notions were far from the little hunter's mind all things considered. Swift as wind the little huntress struck, and like the wind it was a careless breeze that brought death. Their companion was quite the reckless one, Lotus perhaps should've said something but she didn't have the heart to. Talking wasn't exactly her strong suit, words never came easy... unless it was Ebon she supposed. Even further instructing and teaching were too confrontational... but perhaps these bugs needed some guidance after all this. She just hoped that could fall to anyone but her. Fire an arrow at Marauder C
  9. The kraken laughed yet again, his voice much like the wood of a ship scratching across a sandbar. It had a unpleasantness to it, and yet demanded attention and respect... perhaps it was why he could be the dreaded captain of a mighty crew. He had a natural and terrifying charisma, a silvery devil's tongue that even if it spoke nonsense you couldn't help but think he had a point. Everything about him made him seem fake and yet he stood there, the demon your mother told you about at bedtime that'd take you away if you misbehaved. The Briny Devil gave a rictus grin, unnerving and unsettling. "AHAHA, point taken lad. But no, it be nary a surprise ta me ye still follow that lead is still tied. Ye should fink of grabbin' yer own tiller mate, steer yer own course. It's a 'ellova better time lemme tell ye. Why follow the designs of people who don't even 'ave the decency ta say 'ello before dey fuck ya?" he gurgled another laugh to himself. Clearly wasn't the sort ta care about vulgarity. "Now, which ever of dose made mangoes... they're alright." he added swiftly, his grin somehow widening even more.
  10. If the air was tense before, it suddenly intensified threefold in the span of an instant. Footfalls of a giant sounded as The first Dread Captain entered the collective space that these fated few were gathered. If there was anything about the legends that proved true it was his supposed size. He was a hulking demon, standing tallest in the room, he wasn't quite as muscular one who was rushing to be out of irons or be back to work... however he was close. His bulk sung to the work of a shipwright or a sailor... the body born from a man who had laboured at the docks or at sea his entire life. He was nothing but raw power in a suit of flesh, a tower of muscle. He smelled to match, faintly of the open sea despite all the soot and ash that clung to his form. It was easy to say the brine wasn't a pleasant addition to the marginally clearer air of the room. But it was the grim visage of his that spoke the most of him, that was so unmistakably the Accursed Demon that once was the terror of all the seas. The face of a sea creature itself, a demon of tentacles that hung around his chin as if it were a beard. A devilish grin set into his features that spoke of a distant madness as if it was carved into his very skull. His eyes were a stormy unsettling blue, as if the roils of a tempest were right behind that horrid face of his. He swept his gaze around the room taking in each ad every person, corner and detail, and most importantly the gazes of any who lingered on him. A silent laugh bubbled in his chest, perhaps more unnerving then had he burst into a fit of it. Madness knocked at his door, but he was the one knocking. This man, He was Ignacio Blightwater, the Kraken of The Damned, He who Smashed Chains, and bore the Cursed Anchor Brinequiste. The devil that sew so much terror a bloody sea was named after him. And truly bloody that sea was, filled with the blood of those that thought they better than other life, thought they were just in slapping irons on those supposedly beneath them. The true trash of this world that this man had robbed of their pathetic lives and tossed to the accursed waters. The very waters that would become his own tomb. He always thought that was funny. After he was mad about it for a century or two, but funny nonetheless. "AHAHAHAHA!" he suddenly burst out of nowhere. "Yer people 'ave lit'le love fer yer own gods don't cha? 'ilarious. Landlubbers never change, does me 'eart good."
  11. {Mug will be added if I ca get help with it if Iggy here gets in.} "BWAHAHAHA! I am the Roiling Kraken! I am the Tempest in a Skull! Now... you got any mangoes?"
  12. Lotus had always been the quiet type, especially around strangers. It had always been clear to Ebon she was never much of a bugsperson and the few years he expected she was living out in the forest before he had taken her under his wing... probably didn't help. She was always an excitable and shy one outside of the field of some sort of battle. She was always still as water in the hunt, and struck as swift as a razor wind. She was not the most skilled archer especially when the task at hand wasn't hunting. It'd not be inaccurate to say some of her skills transferred however given her current performance. The small mantis woman was as hard to see as she was to hear, shrouded in green leaf. Had it not been for the wisp of pink hair she might go totally unnoticed in their surroundings. She had a good sense of her own body and their terrain, and she had better given the strange wooden sandals she had donned. They messed with her center of gravity, and added a considerable amount to her height, something that would play havoc with one's sense of balance. The little mantis was... hard to read. She was a collection of clashing ideals and expectations. Many Mantis did not know how to take her, but they respected her skill with the bow and arrow and that she had always been one of their tribe's best huntresses. "Ebon... You shouldn't be so harsh with them. I understand they are pathetic... but they weren't brought up every day of their lives knowing them would fight like we did. Mantis don't lead the same lives as others. We are much more prepared, even as children. Give them some time, if they don't shape up they won't last long. Our example should suffice for now." She said as if scolding the large terrifying mantis riding atop the dark winged avatar of death. It was easy to conclude the two knew one another somehow, by the fact prior Ebon had done most of Lotus's speaking for her and now this. Lotus kept walking past, her small wooden longbow in hands, swiftly knocking an arrow waiting for a time to strike. Her whole body tensed up as she drew back the string. A glimpse of the technique that got her far as a huntress. It didn't take long for her to find a shot afterwards, as she sent a spinning needle after one of the looters nearby. Lotus uses Scold on Ebon, before moving to B9 and firing her longbow at Looter B
  13. A sheet, to kick things off. A character I've been planning since probably nearly day 1 of this ambitious little game. Tiny Mantis Archer is go! Hope ya'll like her~
  14. Nastasia Nastasia remained silent through the tribulations of the bo... young man in front of her. She understood, and yet she was overwhelmed. This was never quite a position she imagined herself in. She felt as everything changed about someone she knew, How the barriers she'd built up, the excuses to never think on something crumbled to dust before her own eyes. And, she felt as another went through the pain she had... but went through alone. Nastasia... she felt many things all at once as she watched Lain. As she felt his emotions physically, the shove away but the gentle grasp still there. The move to recollect himself. She felt his words, how at first he stumbled. How they first choked him. She felt the Lain's courage in saying what he did in his state of mind, of possible grieving over a parent. Nastasia looked away for but a second, her surprise genuine. What had been asked of her finally registered, for a moment her instincts kicked in. They wanted her to pull away. She'd only cared for one other person in her life before... and she had lost them. But... Nastasia was stronger than that. She immediately steeled herself, enough to look back at the man who asked her not to leave. She hoped he would not take offense to her wavering, even if it was but a moment. "I suppose I'm not as hard to read as they say." An attempt to the lighten the mood ever so slightly. "Lain... I. I'll admit I tried to deny those feelings. I tried not care." Nastasia looked down at her feet, unsure if she should continue. Her face obscured by golden waves, the beautiful blue eyes that filled with crystal droplets. Lain could see as they flashed in the light, as gravity enacted itself on her tears. This was the first time Lain could recall seeing Nastasia cry in front of him. She took a deep breath, the one that she'd use to propel herself forward, to fight through the fear. She too wore a smile, the best she could muster in all these emotions. One that wore the vestiges of melancholy. And yet, that smile was the strongest that Lain had witnessed pass her lips. That it could yet shine through everything, even as it cracked and wavered... it had a strength to it he'd never witnessed from her before. It was saying a lot for perhaps one of the strongest young woman he knew. "I... had thought you a boy. A privileged offspring of the divine. One who used that to selfishly attract who ever he desired at the moment. That you were the type to never let yourself be known and toss away those that you grew bored with. Perhaps I was right then... but that doesn't matter." she was unsure if it was okay to touch him, how close she could draw. She settled for reaching for his arm, A gentle grip, much like his from before. "What matters is even despite that... I'd felt this way for a long time. I can't say I remember how long, or when it started. But, recently as I'm sure you know..." she stopped a moment. She didn't want to say the next words. She... in this moment she was unsure if she'd ever said them before. And if she had, she'd numbed herself to do so, distanced herself from their true meaning emotionally so that she could. She'd put on her business facade. But Lain would know, this? This was Nastasia speaking. "My father passed away. I... didn't have anyone myself. I had to be strong. I never got to properly mourn him. I had a business to run... and I used that as an excuse to ward myself off. So, I'll stay. I understand how you feel. In addition, I want to be true to the way I feel. I see you now. I can't ignore the man in front of me who bore his heart to me. You've proven any false pretenses but that, Artifice solely invented so I may ignore what I truly feel for you."
  15. Nastasia This day kept getting stranger and stranger. Nastasia had never quite see Lain like this before, she'd always known him as the type that kept the true workings under wraps, locked where others couldn't see. She wasn't quite sure how to handle someone defying expectations so spectacularly like this... She wanted to lash out like she usually did, to scold the boy, yell at him for being a fool. But that was a lot easier during his usual routine... not, not when she knew exactly how he was feeling. It was clear he was overwhelmed, scared. She was too and it wasn't even her own parent in question. She knew how it felt when her father passed away and he didn't return home that night. She took a deep breath to center herself, to stop the shaking. She planted her hands firmly on Lain's shoulders, trying to look him in the eyes if she could. It was... she wasn't sure what to do, but she needed to do something to help calm him down. She wanted him to feel she was there, that he was alone right now. "Lain, listen to me. I'm here, I don't know any better what's going on then you do, but there are a few things I do know." This, wasn't something she was used to... business was a much different matter, often an inhuman one. One needed to remain detached and aloof to some degree. All of her experience talking, it was useless here. So instead of talk with her head... it had to be from the heart right? "Firstly..." she said after she hesitated. "Whoever sent left this note, also sent this to me." she quickly showed him the piece of paper, She kept one hand firmly on his shoulder while she did so. She took a moment so that he could read it, or register what it was before she continued. "They asked me to meet them here. Or at the very least, somebody here. I have to assume that it was you I was supposed to meet. I didn't fin your mother, but I found you. We can figure this out together Lain, We can." she pressed her forehead into his, the light sweat of worry sitting on her brow. She didn't really think about the gesture, she instinctively did what her father always had when she was all worked up and worried. She always felt safe like that, a calm would always wash over her. Perhaps her body assumed that it'd work for Lain as it had her...
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