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  1. Lotus merely cocked her head towards a look somewhere between incredulous and confusion. She couldn't imagine him battling wildlife at all if bugs gave such trouble. Perhaps the difficulty wasn't the main factor and fighting other bugs was more of a metal burden. It didn't change that she hadn't been aware of the fact. "I apologize for the mistake then... I was not aware... still, you are new to this. I can tell... Mantis live their entire lives fighting. We know a thing or two about it..." Perhaps she was sounding too callous, it had only occurred to after saying it that perhaps Bend wasn't taking the honesty as it was meant. Mantis tended not to mince words, they were too busy doing it to their enemies. They felt it best to be honest about one's capabilities. But, perhaps she shouldn't apply that to others, at least, not non-mantis for certain. She felt herself tense up as she struggled to fix the possible transgression, pausing for a moment. "I don't... mean to say you cannot handle yourself I..." Lotus couldn't articulate her thought anymore past this, unsure how to proceed with her meaning clear ad not as if she was condescending further towards the Ant. So instead she decided to change the subject... "What was that battle... with? Wildlife?" fighting, battle... that was a subject Lotus could do.
  2. The tiny mantis only offered a nod in answer. She felt no further words were necessary, and frankly didn't have much left in her and ways of conversing. Lotus did take comfort in the fact heir medic seemed to possess a magnitude more experience than the ones she had to babysit a entire battle. She wouldn't need to teach another any lessons in battle. Further her own skill was reaffirmed. That perhaps was the more comforting fact, she still knew she could trust her own judgement... her own skills. This experience while harrowing, proved she was a capable warrior, clan be damned.
  3. "It is shallow... easily dressable. I would've myself... but I would need assistance to be sure it was done properly... would've healed properly anyway... probably be uncomfortable" She continued, honest to a fault. She wasn't a medical professional but she knew first aid well enough as was evident. She could've dealt with it if she was still out in the woods by herself. "Safety was more important... this could wait. Needed to be swift, get the others moving... that was the extent of treatment." despite her awkwardness at the least it couldn't be said she didn't get the important bits across. "Own assessment was that this could wait... hopefully correct..." Lotus tried to keep her cloak out of the way of the injury thought it was a bit difficult as the flowing leafy garment was meant to conceal her tiny frame. Her strange footwear did immensely help in that regard, as it gave more clearance for Mercy to get a look at the wound from below. Lotus couldn't assist much otherwise, most of her medical knowledge was strictly for survival situations. She knew little of how the magic worked ad was thus incapable of knowing whether or not it was within the scope of it's capabilities.
  4. Lotus's full body relaxed as she came out of her hunting stance. It was her typical reaction to being over simulated ad typically ended poorly for any that tried to touch her to pull her out of it. Often the person would end up as a pin cushion if she was still holding her bow or suddenly finding themselves staring up at the tiny mantis warrior. Lotus stomped her foot once her geta making a cacophonous clack as a result. It was her method of breaking out of the freeze once she had the mind to do so. Frankly she was unsure it actually did anything but feeling that through her body made her feel as if it did. The small mantis looked towards Shanks shaking her head as to indicate he was incorrect. "Only I and Ebon can claim that... Rest are green, that battle was the first they'd seen... Lucky they are still breathing." her sentences came out terse and matter of fact. It was clear she wasn't comfortable speaking in this manner. After all they were punctuated with pauses, the words being difficult to find. The Mantis woman froze up and tensed each time, returning to an unnatural stillness. "We are mercenaries as well... hired to keep them from harm evidently. " She turned to the supposed medic that was to travel with them, her address to the other bug having concluded. "It's okay... mistakes happen. The worst have mostly been cared for..." her manner of speaking here was strange. It was reassuring, but the stilted nature and choice of words made it feel slightly off. She looked around, before pointing towards Sting, Pinecone and Stardust. "They fell. Bend used what we had available. I checked the dressings... were sufficient... but you should probably check in case." the she brushed aside her cloak to show wound she'd been hiding, it had been on her side, an awkward place for Lotus to treat herself. It was hardly life threatening but probably would effect her abilities as an archer moving forward. "I... may need assistance as well."
  5. Lotus quietly took all of the sights and sounds of yet another one of these so called centers of civilization. Lotus was... never quite fond of them. They were always so stifling, so much oppressive noise, energy, and most importantly... stench. She always wondered when the next time she could be on the trail was, always wanting to get back to the wilderness where tranquillity awaited, still sparkling water. They were a means to an end as usual, a place for her and Ebon to find their work and then move on. She felt a kindred spirit with his crow at times like this... which was... quite odd given she'd tried to eat him several times. Nothing like emphasizing with something you once deemed food. The loudness of more potienal greenhorns, the exact bustling excitement of the first gaggle of Scholar bugs. Aaaall over again. Lotus nearly felt her skin crawl, not out of disgust but of worry. She had enough trouble keeping up with a handful... how would she manage with this many high energy bugs around? Whatever confidence she had certainly wavered. She hadn't spoken much since that battlefield even to those she was traveling with. "L-Lotus." The small mantis choked out. She preferred to introduce herself this time, but it was quite a difficult task she found. Lotus wasn't used to being personable, and she never had to be when she lived out in the woods alone. Further, Ebon was often a man of few words and little good for practice. She shivered a little, like a frail leaf in the wind before becoming stiff and still as stagnant water. Lotus's nerves were overwhelming her, and as a result she literally froze up. An occurance Ebon was all to familiar with.
  6. Lotus sighed deeply to herself as it all came to an end. She could feel the weariness setting in, after all she'd been working herself quite hard to pick up the slack of the green ones. Despite the lack of experience they all had managed to survive even if they were bloodied and beaten. It'd serve as a lesson hopefully, that battle was no picnic. Perhaps Lotus hadn't fought such a battle herself before, but she'd fought plenty of wild beasts and much more dangerous quarry her whole life. She was a huntress after all. The Petite Mantis woman went about tendeding to her wounds, it had seemed Bend was tending to the fallen for now. She'd check his work later, but trusted it enough to hold up for now while she made certain that her own were tended to. She wasn't looking utterly dire, least not when compared to the others... so it wouldn't be difficult. She sat, getting out a small barb she used to sew wounds. Lotus had gotten quite adept at such, leaving in the woods alone for several years tends to require it. She wondered wordlessly about afterwards checking the wounds of each of her comrades to see if they were holding up. She found room for improvement on each and every one but... for a foundation the Recurit had done more than adequately. Lotus adjusted everything she could, with a gentle touch befitting that old name of hers. It was possible her presence went unnoticed as she refitted Bend's dressings to be more comfortable for the wounded. She then set to find Ebon, knowing full well the old timer was probably nursing some wound he was hiding. He did it more than she cared for... but she understood. After all, Lotus could hold the needle without wavering, she was always as still as she wished to be. So... Lotus could understand leaving it to her.
  7. "What a pest." Lotus cursed at the bug that had caused her so many problems. It had seemed firing her next shot out of pure instinct worked, not giving him the time to notice. Her stillness had failed her. Perhaps she should learn form her own lessons. Never hesitate... never hesitate. Loose that arrow as if it were as natural as the wind blowing. "Now that you're dying feel free to speak all the words you like. They will be as empty those prior. However, I will always remember you avoided the swift wind that blows over still water. Not once, but twice. I never miss in the end. A gift to take with you to the afterlife... remember it well. I am stillness itself, I am Lotus."
  8. "Tch!" Lotus clicked her tongue in frustration, she had made the correct call but a second to slow. She'd have preferred to miss entirely, she'd at least have felt better than knowing it was any slight hesitation of hers that caused this misfortune. She had to give credit to Sting, she did well to gain the momentum she wished to buy with her shot despite her miss. Lotus ducked back within the grass making effort to once more disappear. She'd easily lose the old timer with her camouflage. Stillness might've been her strongest suit but that didn't mean she couldn't be swift when it was called for. She emerged from the grass elsewhere, unimpeded by the overgrowth. She prepared another shot for the same target, this time resolving to be the unerring wind. She had told another not to hesitate this day, she needed to practice her own words. Move to C8, Fire at Shinywings once more.
  9. Lotus was glad all of her time as a mercenary was showing in this battle, while she didn't score many kills herself she was allowing her allies to capitalize on her expert marksmanship. Birds and other animals proved much harder targets then these dullards who moved like stone. Their armour meant nothing to a well placed arrow. Perhaps this motley lot of bug wasn't as doomed as Ebon had thought. They... still needed a mountain of work and time admittedly, especially certain members, but there was at least a grain of hope in there she could perceive. Perhaps her eyesight even lent itself to such nebulous concepts. For now she still had a battle to fight and more support to give, she had been eyeing the other bug present. The loud one seemed to be simply another flavor of the militant minded bandits they were fighting already. Perhaps his was a fervor beyond theirs, but his fanaticism wasn't something worried her. The other however seemed the much more keen. At the miminmum, he had much more grace and intent in his movement. Those were the types Lotus always prioritized. They were the only one's who would look upon still water ad see the wind to follow. She's strike before that happened. She wordlessly gestured to Bend, calling him over a finger pressed to her lips. After he did whatever it is he would do, she would strike yet again, opening the path for those that fought alongside her. She'd be the wind 'neath their wings. Bend to D7 to refresh Lotus, Lotus to E6 to fire at Shinywings.
  10. Lotus sighed inwardly. This young girl was going to be a handful... Move to E7 and attack Elite B
  11. Lotus after finishing with the bee girl has no time to recover, the battle still rages o after all. One bug surges out of the grass, taking down one of their other comrades. Lotus pays little attention to the drivel they spew, only disappearing into the tall grass once more to find another shot. It does little to hinder the tiny huntress. Without a word yet another wooden sting flying to a foe unawares. All of this was just another hunt, one against those that would try ad take her life and those of the ones she was meant to be guarding. Everyone here was her responsibility, and she would see that mission through. Step back to C9, and fire at Marauder D
  12. Lotus was certainly not the best suited to such a thing... heart to hearts weren't her strong suit, and nor was comforting another from their fears. It was hard when there were things she didn't wish to discuss with others, secrets she preferred to keep to herself under that leafen cloak of hers. And she certainly didn't want to be doing this on a battlefield, it was hardly the place... so much was unideal about this. But such was life no? Lotus silently sighed to herself, less out of frustration with the girl, more that life had decided not to prepare her at all. She shouldn't have to be the one doing such things for one sent on this type of a mission. It pained her to know her current employer cared so little the members of such a troop were, and further they'd send those that could scarcely be called adults. Lotus never had any siblings herself... so she never had to be this figure for someone before. It was all new to her. "I think the fact you agonize so much over the death of one that sought to take your own life is proof you are not." Lotus looked at the ground herself for a moment... she felt the words she had said but... she didn't know if that alone could help this girl. She was coming to grips with the meaning mortality and morality. This was a turning point in the life of any who was forced to take life of another bug, and to do so when so young. Lotus found herself angry at those that would force her into this situation. She clenched her bow tight, her knuckles white at the strain. But that anger was pointless... those people were not here... just that young girl. This anger wasn't for her... she needed something else... but Lotus was at a loss. What did one even offer another at a time like this? So... rather than think, she went with her heart. She did what she wished others would've done for her. She locked her fingers inbewteen the girl's, trying not to be too forceful but too make sure she felt that presence, that she was there. That someone did hear her. "As I said... I understand this is hard. It... i-i-it's never easy." a bit of the true Lotus poked out... her composure cracking for but a split second. But she steeled herself again returning to that seemingly aloof persona. "And it shouldn't be... life is sacred." and that was something that Lotus truly believed. It was why she refused to ever take contracts that were to kill. Her bow was a tool to protect, and Ebon knew that well. "But that includes your own life." Lotus squeezed harder for a moment, to punctuate her point. "If one aims to take yours, or the life of a friend or companion you should not hesitate to defend it. It is not an evil act to defend life. Use that Light of yours to protect, and it will never falter."
  13. Lotus could no longer bare to be silent in the face of what she was witnessing. Her new "companion" was shaping up to be more of danger to themselves then their enemies. Firing around magic bolts of light with no control what so ever... It'd be short time before this entire forest was ablaze... and at that point sure their foe would be dead, but so would most of them. She snuck over to the panicking bee, her movements graceful and silent. not even the grass could hamper her. She slipped through silent as the wind continuing as the ghost she had been on this battlefield. There was a reason her and Ebon worked well together. It was hard to notice the tiny archer when you were being harried by the literal black wings of death. Whether it was end by his spear or the arrow fired from nowhere... it seemed as if death came for all they fought... the inky black wigs only sowing the image ever clearer for any quarry of the mercenary mantis duo. It was know Ebon had a partner... but no one knew what she looked like. It couldn't possibly be the small girl that raveled with him could it? and yet it was the only possible answer. A small hand clasped Stardust's shoulder from behind, not angrily, more like a parent would do to reassure a frightened child. If Stardust looked back at her the illusion might be ruined a little as Lotus barely stood taller than her, and only thanks to her strange wooden shoes. [Though that would be hard to see in the thick grass.] Lotus didn't allow the bee time to further panic from her grasp and confusing what was happening in her tumultuous state. Instead Lotus filled that empty air with her calm and level voice. "You need to get a hold of your emotions young one." she let that linger until she was sure that what she'd say next would be heard and could be learned from. Lotus was not giving an air of judgement, a warrior disappointed in a bad recruit. She instead was offering understanding. This one should not have to fight but this world was hardly fair at the best of times. She shouldn't be expected to, but she needed to now. Lotus understood what it was like... "You need to control your panic. I know this isn't easy for you... but you are a danger to yourself and more importantly your allies right now. That last shot worked out but next time that could be one of us, or you could light this entire patch we are in ablaze and we'll not make it out alive." she said knowing full well her and Ebon would be fine, the others she could not account for however. Besides... it worked better if she didn't admit that. "Whether or not to kill is something we can work on later, for now we must survive and there must be conviction in your actions. If you mean to strike, you must strike true. That bug still stands as a sign of that." she said knowing the young bee would know who she meant. "Whether to strike him unconscious or dead, he yet stands. And understand me, to strike one down and not kill them is much harder. If that is what you mean to do... you must have that conviction. It is paramount. Your mind must be still as water and swift as wind. You cannot panic, you must be in control. And most importantly, Do not hesitate!" and with those words Lotus loosed an arrow, in a movement so fast that the young bee girl might not know it was her had the mantis's hand not left her shoulder. A sting of powerful intent, to prove her point, Lotus went for an even harder shot. One she knew would not slay the man... he was already severely damaged and simple well aimed shot would lay him low. Now... he'd bleed out afterwards cause she doubted he would receive any medical care but that wasn't a concern to Lotus if the one she was teaching would learn something from it. It was unnecessarily cruel for her liking but Lotus would have to live with the knowledge... not the young bee. Move to D9, fire at the Raider with conviction.
  14. The butterfly perhaps spoke too soon as Lotus seized the opportunity to silence him for good. She swiftly pulled back an arrow in the blink of an eye the motion one clearly practiced a thousand times. She aimed directly between the eyes, a swift end. It was solely on instinct she choose the target, mercy or other such notions were far from the little hunter's mind all things considered. Swift as wind the little huntress struck, and like the wind it was a careless breeze that brought death. Their companion was quite the reckless one, Lotus perhaps should've said something but she didn't have the heart to. Talking wasn't exactly her strong suit, words never came easy... unless it was Ebon she supposed. Even further instructing and teaching were too confrontational... but perhaps these bugs needed some guidance after all this. She just hoped that could fall to anyone but her. Fire an arrow at Marauder C
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