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  1. "I'll be back for you." (mug to be added)
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  3. “Fine! You’re going to regret this, you... you... dastard!” Her intent made clear, Dulcibella spurs Spirit forth and strikes at Milich. Dulcibella moves to [I, 5] [G, 3] and attacks the dastardly Milich!
  4. Dulcie is absolutely delighted by her own performance and somehow finds the time to quietly celebrate it with her mount. She looks around for a certain mayhem maker... “Argos! Argos, did you see what I—“ “...did...?” ...and finds him literally at the foot of their enemy instead of standing tall as always. The sight utterly enrages her. “You... you horrible pig! Get off of him this instant or I’ll destroy you along with your overinflated ego!”
  5. Dulcie rides her horse down the old town road to [H, 6], dabs on the Tactician, and then nae naes over to [D, 6].
  6. Dulcie moves to [O, 10] and does the floss on top of Spirit
  7. As Galen made his way alone to the meeting place he couldn’t help but reflect on the events of the previous day. The somewhat mythical knight Lancelot appears before them in the middle of their battle, delivers a none-too-subtle threat, and tells them to leave, just like that. He couldn’t possibly disagree with the man’s motives, though. In fact, he found it all too easy to leave Swampmill at Lancelot’s behest. The sheer strength of magic radiating off of him had shaken Galen to his very core. He was not going to provoke such a man if he could help it. “Perhaps it is a precautionary measure,” he suggests after Juliett. “Knowing the depths of your... rivalry with Rosanne, I should think that if her group was to kill a member of our own you would not hesitate to enact your revenge on them; the same of her, as well. Such a thing could easily lead to either of your deaths, which is exactly what Lancelot wanted to avoid.” He pauses, then adds: “...Isn’t it?”
  8. Dulcie moves to [Q, 27], shoots Scholar 4, and Cantos to [T, 27].
  9. “I am not picking on your brother,” Cody replies, utterly deadpan. He doesn’t seem to care about the rest of the immediate goings-on. ...Didn’t these people have posters to be putting up?
  10. At the blatant threat Cody’s mouth turns down into a clear look of discontent. He keeps a rather even tone during his response, though. “I’m only saying the truth: You have no idea who I am or what skills I have, and I have no idea what you’re capable of, so strolling in and claiming you’re the best around only makes you look like a braggart. You need to actually demonstrate your capabilities before I or anyone else will take your word on them. Trying to intimidate me doesn’t do anything to help you on that front, for the record.” His expression then returns to neutrality. “I want to work well with you. Don’t let me be the only one trying.”
  11. ...Another day, another town, another assignment. Working with Anna was perfect if you were interested in a nearly endless river of money schemes of varying moral and ethical questionability— from what she said, perhaps every one of her siblings was the same... Not a pretty thought. At least “stall bodyguard” was simple enough. Cody listened to Anna’s instructions with an impressively blank face which was really no different from his usual expression: A stony, unreadable look that masked whatever he might be feeling at the time. If the man ever actually experienced normal human emotions, he was incredibly skilled at hiding it. “Sure, sounds easy enough. I probably won’t even need to use my sword on anyone.” He was referring, of course, to the cheap wooden replacement standing in for his actual sword, which had been broken in an unfortunate accident involving a horse and cart the previous day. It was almost embarrassing to have to keep it around and there hadn’t been enough time for him to buy a better one yet. Oh well. He gives a short glance to Anne as the latter apparently deems him worthy of speaking to. This was his first day there and he was already managing to annoy Cody. He was almost impressed, but not quite. “Sorry to disappoint you, but the point of being part of a group is to work together with people. You’ll just have to get used to having a partner from time to time.” He frowned almost imperceptibly. “You know, you’re awfully confident in yourself. I wouldn’t claim to be the best at something unless I knew who I was competing with if I were you.” Cody was... let’s say less than a fan of being talked down to by someone he had worked with for not even a day. Not that he looked it, of course. At the pauldron comment, he glances at his own, then Anne’s. Huh... hadn’t even noticed. He shrugs in response. “I made this myself. Just a coincidence.” Cody ignores the fleeting urge to roll his eyes.
  12. “I’ll be blunt with you: I don’t care about anything but this job, so save your time trying to make friends for something else.”
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