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  1. Move to J9, Javelin Revenant H and Taunt Bowaton D
  2. Move to J11 Javelin Revenant F Taunt Bowaton B
  3. Feeling reenergised he nodded in gratitude to Aya and turned to Alunda. "Drink this. Not to patronise you, but it would not do to have you fall." He handed her the medicine he had been given before turning back around to the fight. Vuln Alunda, Taunt Demon A
  4. Aristotle could feel the familiar pain of battle, as wounds got past his armor. For a long time, he felt alive. But he also noticed glares from his allies. Earlier the green dragon girl had glared at him, and the blue-ish one too. And now he had to hear prattle from the demon girl. "Necessity huh." He said as he backed off from his opponent for a moment. "I am not fighting out of necessity, I am fighting because I want to return to the land of the living." Aristotle made sure to be loud, so anyone who shared her mind could hear him. "If you have an issue with me, so be it. Right now we share a common cause, and it's only logical for you to use me as a tool to get what you want. I only expect you to watch my back, I'll take the vanguard." And hopefully his speech quelled any distractions that held his ally's concentration. He himself refocused on the matter at hand. He swung his javelin at the demon in front of him. He'd skewer the demon's hide no matter how long it would take him. Javelin and taunt Fiend A
  5. Lysander move to G13, Icicle Shower Soldier C Arthur move to I15 and Fire Cav B, Press the Assult on Mim
  6. Aristotle listened to the fiend's argument. They deserved to be down there. He didn't doubt it, his life had been full of violence and very little charity. But that's all the more reason why he should leave. As Ares meant for the Spartans, it was up to him to carve his own path. He readied his javelin. "Now then, let's get properly warmed up." Javelin Revenant, taunt Fiend A
  7. Aristotle rubbed his shoulders, and stretched his calves. He took a look at the javelin and frowned. "It could be heavier. But I'm in no position to be picky" He glared at his target and adjusted his aim with his free arm. He threw the missile at the skeleton and before even confirming if it hit, he began to shout. "Come on rottenbones, show me what you've got. I've been in chains for years on end, put up a fight or I'll bring it to you." Move to F11 attack and Taunt Skeletonboi
  8. "I don't know where I am... Who are these voices... Somehow they aren't scary at all..." Mug if she gets in as per tradition~
  9. "So that's your game huh." Aristotle grinned. Argos seemed like a proper fool, but he knew that from the start. But it didn't matter if he was foolish or not, Aristotle had a gut feeling that this wasn't a joke, that this man could actually get him out of the underworld. And it seemed like his gut feeling was correct. His body naturally tensed up, as he straightened his back and stretched his arms as far as his restraints allowed him. "I don't know about all this peace and justice. Once I've done my part, I'll go share some Spartan justice of my own. Even if one day our paths won't align, my spear and body are at the service of this little fellowship. I hope we can all become great friends." His last sentence was delivered with a smug grin, and a sarcastic tone.
  10. Aristotle looked around the room as people came in. He was really starting to believe there might be a breakout. After all, what sense was there in letting these specific people take a break in a different room. He tested his luck. "Get these chains off me, or get me back to work. My body was just beginning to warm up." Aristotle said to the unshackled girl.
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