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Found 2 results

  1. Chapter 1: Break Out! Teacher vs Pupil! Year 1420, Month ??? Day ??? Your endless toil continues. After that strange boy talked to you no short time ago, nothing happened. Was he just some sort of lost soul who went mad? Maybe it was just your imagination. Either way, this doesn’t change your current situation. Those physically able help lug huge slabs of hellstone bricks into place, some help chisel out said bricks or cast them into molds, and others toil away at the ground making the ground level and fit for construction.There is no time for rest as all souls are whipped and forced to work at full speed. Underworldly wretches keep all in check, tightening chains, whips of fire, and all means of “motivation”. After some unknown time, a break is issued as collapsed workers always lead to delays. Your body’s have become all too used to these long hours followed by short breaks. However, your break comes to you strangely early as its jarring on an instinctual level. Your soul prepared for another long session is shaken up by this sudden course. You’re led individually to an area of the Sotiria you’ve not yet been before. You are given clean views of the looming castle of Tartarus, where the Chthonic gods reside, before being brought inside the Sotiria itself. The air feels much fresher in here, or maybe it's the lack of ash and the smell of burning charcoal. Your journey ends in a small room whose purpose is yet unknown as it's quite empty, devoid of any furnishings whatsoever. Slowly, more and more folks trickle in, each colorful in their own unique way yet all are still in shackles. Well, save for one girl. What’s going to happen? Every moment of silence feels like an eternity in this silent room, especially with the stares of everyone in the room. Maybe someone should break the ice? . . . Or don’t and let it be lame and awkward. I can’t force y’all to have fun. ALL ACCEPTED PC'S ARE FREE TO INTERACT!
  2. Greek Fire Emblem on the Forums A god's blessing, what value does it hold? Every mortal is born with some link to a god or goddess. This link allows them to be gifted a tiny spec of their power, a power that grows and matures within their own body into their own power. While their power is separate from those of the original god, it highly mimics that of it's originator. These gifts come in different elements and through training allow the user to command and control the elements they are linked to. For these gifts, all the gods ask in return is respect and reverence. On a the continent of Greece two rival nations, Athens and Sparta, are about to have their 21st semi-centennial mock battle to see which nation and by extension which god is the strongest. Athens fight to protect the honor of the Goddess Athena while Sparta fights for Ares. The score is tied 10-10 and this battle will decide who pulls ahead. However, tensions for this battle were at an all time high as 15 years ago an outbreak of unknown origin began to take over the land. The Curse is what the people began calling it as it began to twist and mangle those who were afflicted. All the afflicted are changed not only physically or mentally. The exact physical changes are different form person to person, some had the effects occur rather slowly while others went full beast within a couple days. To add onto this paranoia, all contact with the gods had ceased just 5 years prior. All hopes were that a splendid performance between the two nations would provoke some sort of response from the gods, however one should be careful what they wish for. After the mock battle battle Athena and Ares finally made contact and both declared war against the other nation. It is now the year 1420, five years since that day and the war hasn't stopped with many casualties and no ground gained on either side. Meanwhile, in the Underworld, Hades is plotting something big. He's having the souls of the dead construct some sort of weapon as well as the souls of the corrupt executed and cease from existence. Whatever the purpose the weapon it can't be good and holds a great threat not only to the mortals on the surface but also the Gods. Someone has to inform the surface about it, prevent it from ever being fired and save the lives of all those on the surface. This is the story of a group who tried to do just that. ----- Welcome to Greek FEF or, as some would like to call it, Deceitful Turnabout Reboot. I, EXLink shall be your host. Currently I am hoping to take on 7 players, up to 9 if I feel like there are just too many good submissions. Don't worry about needing to fill roles like healer/performer/thief as character concepts and quality are more important. I will warn, however, that this FEF is not for the faint of heart. Characters deaths may occur, late in the game there is planned PvP, and if something seems unfair it probably is. ----- The World Map of Underworld/Surface/Heaven Level Layout Level Description Map of the Surface Surface Area Descriptions Athens vs. Sparta Timeline (The Long Version for people who like to Read) Timeline (Only the important stuff) Races ----- Mechanics & Game play Changes We will be using Fire Emblem On Forums Handbook v2.3 [LINK] General Skills Class Changes New Classes ----- The Players Ahem, first and most importantly, YOU'RE ALL DEAD! Welcome to Tartarus in the underworld and I hope you enjoyed your say thus far. Whether you were the most heinous of villains or purest of saints you were sentenced to Tartarus to work on this strange temple like structure called the Sotiria. While its no where near as bad as burning in the fields of Asphodel, due to not needing sleep no breaks are ever given. No rest. You've been working for what seems like an eternity. Until one day a strange boy comes up to you and offers you something both tempting yet utterly ridiculous. "Hey, I've heard from a guy that you're pretty cool. I'm thinking about running out from here for the surface to stop my father from trying to kill everyone with this thing he's building. Wanna come with?" This... boy just offered you a chance to escape the underworld. Is he serious? Whether or not you believed him you gave an answer similar to, "Sure kid." then continued toiling away. Before leaving he asked you for your preferred... weapon? Oh no he's serious isn't he. Hopefully this is just one crazy and stupid soul. Unfortunately, a couple days later you're transferred to an empty section of the compound with 7 other people and that boy is with them. Just what have you gotten yourself into? Character Sheet Available Gods We will be starting in Trainee classes. Before you post your character sheet, please DM your sheets and character backstory to me on Discord or PM me on Reborn (Discord will have quicker respond time) Sign-ups will be open until Wednesday 11:59 PM PST, March 25. Selection will be announced sometime Sunday, March 22.
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