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Found 2 results

  1. Prologue: A Stormy Beginning Year 1638, 16th of Vembra The seas have been forecasted to be relatively calm, though due to the temperamental climate, no one could be quite sure how things would go. Regardless, the Royal Guard’s newest recruits have sailed off for their first task of investigating disturbances on the island of Kabumu. Since the land routes had been held up by other disturbances that others were sent to dispatch, the group had to instead take to the seas with their commander Madante, a man who was quite eager to prove himself at sea. “Yes, yes, YES! This is how an adventure should be started! A man and his crew, off to face the brigands of the world. I can hardly wait,” he yells, either unaware of or uncaring of what said crew thought of him or his outburst. “Now then, all we need are clear skies and smooth sailing and everything will be…” he trails off before seeing another ship in the distance. “Well then, it seems another ship is approaching. Perhaps another group of travelers?” he asked himself, still not caring about any strange looks people on-board may have given him. However, as the ship came closer towards them, it was clear that they were not just travelers. Rather, they were a group of pirates who had set their sights on the S.S Virgil, the ship that they were currently on. In a matter of moments, the pirates had begun their attempt to board the ship. “Me name’s Gonzap, and me crew and I ‘ill be taking this ‘ere ship of yers and everythin’ on it. Including the crew. Get ready, maties!” yells the leader, causing all of the pirates around to chant in agreement. “Well isn’t this just GREAT? All I ask for is a nice easy ride and instead we get pirates. Tch, no matter. Alright recruits, let’s see how well you all do in a real fight,” he yells before brandishing his own blade. WIN CONDITION: Defeat all enemies LOSS CONDITION: All player units die. Turn 1 Cheatsheet
  2. When all was void, the Goddess used her power to create the universe. She started with the stars, created by her own power. Once done, she next created a world with which creatures could live. In its infancy, the world was young and hot, too inhospitable for most things. So she began with dragons, which thrived in the heat. Wyverns came next, with close relation to the dragons before them, but without the same level of intelligence or stature. As the world cooled, the Goddess added new life to the world, filling the seas and the lands with an abundance of creatures. Finally, she decided to create the first humans on the land, now that it had cooled and was habitable. For years, the creatures that had lived were able to maintain peace. The dragons almost went insane about halfway through that peaceful time - but they were able to avoid conflict by storing their power into stones and living as regular people - a decision that may have cost them more than they knew. According to legends, there existed a group of summoners, mages who indulged themselves in the dark arts. Tired of the peaceful world around them, they summoned a powerful demon, one whose powers exceeded that of most other life. With the power of the demon, the summoners attempted to throw the world into chaos. While a few brave individuals fought, thinking they could fight back, they were quickly decimated by the demon’s might, causing despair throughout the land. When it seemed that the demon may indeed take the world as his own, a band of fighters stood against him. A hero, a saint, an inquisitor, a sage, and a manakete stood as one against the demon. Seeing this, the Goddess bestowed unto the band of fighters the Fire Emblem, a sigil with power great enough to smite the demon. Battles raged for another year between their forces, even with the power of the Fire Emblem, but eventually, good triumphed over evil. The demon was slain and the summoners were banished to a remote island. Once the demon fell, the band of fighters parted ways, each taking one gem of the Fire Emblem to make sure the sigils power could never be exploited in the future. The hero, with their gem and the Fire Emblem itself, settled in the islands of Veritias and founded Versidia. The other 4 heroes each took an island for themselves, settling there and making their own towns, aided by the residents of their islands who welcomed them with open arms. Now, over a millennia later, the region of Veritias is ruled by the descendants of the original hero, and the Fire Emblem, with its sole gem, has been passed down through generations, protected by the royal family. This protection will not last however...and it is the duty of you, the royal guard, to stop things before they escalate. You are all new recruits, and for the first task of your new band, you are sent out to reach the island of Kabumu to investigate a disturbance. A disturbance that sends you down longer path than any of you wanted. Upon this path, choices will be made. Disagreements will be had. It is up to you, young knights, to make the choice that you think is right and to save this land. Well. There you have it. Zetaark and I have been working on this idea for a little while now, and it may have gotten slipped out to some because I’m awful at keeping secrets about what I work on. That aside, this was inspired by Pyon’s Fire Emblem on the Forums: Ashes RP, and we hope to be a good running companion alongside it. There were many who didn’t get accepted into that, and this gives those of you who want it another chance. It is also freely open to those already accepted into Ashes, and of course, everyone else. As you can see, I’ve taken heavy liberties with balancing, and added some new things over the course of planning for a more interesting experience. Map Design and Balancing will be done by me, as I have a lot of experience with the Fire Emblem universe by this point and (I hope) know what I’m doing when it comes to that. Zetaark will be doing most of the posting and story, as well as npcs and interactions with players. I’ll have a hand in npcs as well, but not as big of one. Finally, Inno will be doing graphics (specifically the mugshots). With all that out of the way....signups are here. Rules are here, but make sure to read the changes I've done too. Balancing/Mechanics/Misc Other Changes Special Thanks World Map Description of the islands of Veritias.
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