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Found 4 results

  1. Yo yo yiggity yo! It's your favorite reincarnating Demon Lord server mod about to commit what may possibly be the worst mistake of his career by resurrecting a long-dead community meme. This time, coming to you live from my room in Florida! The rules are simple enough but for those of you too young to remember the Reborn AMA trend or just very bad at taking directions, they are as follows: Use this thread to submit questions for me to answer during the livestream. Submissions will be closed approximately one hour before the stream begins. It's gonna be this Friday (16 October 2020) around 5PM EST so the maximum possible number of people have time to submit and tune in. I do this for you, Eurobros. Never say I'm not one for inclusivity. In the style of the old Ask Me Anything threads of eons past, you can submit multiple questions in the same post and, as the name implies, ask me more or less anything. However, I reserve the right to skip, mix up, or ignore questions posted here at my discretion. Additionally, while I will answer almost anything asked of me, I request that you adhere to the following rules since I AM still a mod and, more importantly, a person and the rules are still in effect. 1. Don't troll too much; there's only so much one person can take. 2. No explicitly sexual questions. 3. Try not to repeat questions i.e. read (or at least try to read) the previous questions asked and try and give me some variety. This is supposed to be fun for me, too. 4. Pertaining to the above: Please endeavour to ask funny, curious, thought-provoking, or interesting questions. 5. Be respectful, both to myself and the other people in the stream. I CAN still ban your asses if someone steps too far out of line. I think that's it. Have at me, then, you foul miscreants (and try not to make me regret doing this)!
  2. Find the Reborn Mafia Discord server at: https://discord.gg/reK2yFc Greetings everyone, and welcome to the brand new Reborn Mafia Club! This club is dedicated to play, communication and otherwise friendly interaction between the members of our little mafia community. The mafia games are typically hosted on this forum (currently in the Onyx Arcade, though discussions are still ongoing). We also have a queue system running to regulate and organize games; we may currently host 2 mafia games at the same time. Moreover, our Discord server is home to all sorts of conversations, content/information sharing, and otherwise fun shenanigans! Please feel free to follow the link right above and meet us there. Reborn Mafia welcomes everyone, from experienced players to beginners to mysterious travelers who merely wish to drop by and say hi! We are not just a mafia community; we are first and foremost a group of individuals who wish to create a nice and friendly place for everyone to feel right at home. All the forum rules obviously apply here. Other than that, we primarily follow the rules of respect, tolerance and kindness~ We are eager to meet you and embark with you on a grand journey made of friendship, surprises, deception (what?), cookies* and mysteries**! *provided our talented chefs are available to bake some **warning, the degree of mystery is not contractually guaranteed
  3. Alright soldiers, ol Surge is here today to tell you about something that I thought up to give back to this community here on these Subforums. Let's get marching. "You're here because you have potential. Because each of you is capable of creating Worlds with your mere minds, of creating individuals from thin air and making them seem as though they actually exist. You are among the most ambitious and the most competent Authors this world has to entrance itself with. And you're here today to decide which one of you is most worthy to go onto to greatness, and which will fade into obscurity. As once said, 'There can only be one'." Soldiers, what I'm here to present to you is something a bit different than what we have here already; An RP... that at the same time will serve as a Writing Contest to help improve the skills of those who participate. That's right, you heard me. A Writing Competition. Now, understand me well: this is BY NO MEANS complete at this point, I am simply putting this interest check thread because there's no point in even doing this if myself and those who will be working alongside me for this don't even know for sure that people will be interested and actually participate. Basically, why should we all go and use our valuable time on something if we don't have assurance it will be appreciated when the final product is ready? hence why this thread is here, soldiers. First, let us discuss the ground rules: 1. You will respect all standing Community Rules, as well as the pre existing rules of this RolePlaying forum. You have no excuse for breaking them whatsoever. 2. No Plagiarizing -Self Explanatory. I'm going to say it right now; we will have a zero tolerance policy for it. If it can be proven that someone willfully and intentionally stole the intellectual property of another competitor, or of some outside source if it comes to light, then the penalty will be immediate expulsion from the program, along with a perma ban from ever re-entering. Those are on the only two drafted rules currently. more will be drafted when we know of the interest levels. they should be enough, but if more are proved to be needed because people can't conduct themselves sensibly and maturely, then I can alway draft up more as needed. And remember, the Mods are Watching you; They're both involved in this, cadets. Now onto how this will work. Soldiers, in this RP/ Writing Competition, you will be taking on the role of an Ambitious young author who is taken from their everyday life and thrown into a competition against other fellow authors from all across the world; The prize for coming out on top, to prove yourself the best? it is achieving what you deserve for your skills. It is the World knowing of your gifts as a story teller, while your peers who fell short fade off into the winds of obscurity, their novels doomed to be relegated to the shelves of a Dollar Store at the very best. (This will yes, be a Low Fantasy RP.) Conducting this competition, are a strange and mysterious group of individuals, known only as the "Tribunal", a panel of judges, each skilled and excelling in a certain area of writing and story telling. You shall be challenged on a tri weekly basis, and at the end of each trial, your fate will be decided by the Tribunal. Those who do well will be rewarded in the end... but only in the end. in other words, it's not over until it's over. And working along side the Tribunal will be the War Masters, individuals tasked with overseeing and directly administrating these competitions. They will be responsible for handing out prompts and challenges and explaining them, and monitoring the field to ensure all goes smoothly. So, who are these people, you dare to ask? well I will apprise you, Cadet: On the Tribunal: -Rosesong -Flux -Hukuna -Acquiescence Serving as War Master: Myself, Surge/ Stratos Serving as Backup War Master: Notus (And possibly Murdoc at some point, still haven't gotten confirmation about that) On to how this would actually Function: Their will 2 threads total: the War Thread, where the IC action of the RP will take place, and the lounge Thread, which will function both as an OCC and a submission thread for the competition. Participants will be given a prompt, given a set amount of time to write something for it, and then be required to submit it to the Lounge before a certain date. After which, the IC action will happen in the War Thread for that challenge week, while the Tribunal evaluates the works submitted and decide who is the winner of the challenge. Every Challenge would be conducted in a three week period, with one week intermission between each new challenge cycle. Here is what the schedule would look like Week 1 of Each Challenge- Writing and Submitting work to the Lounge - The prompt is given on the designated day that is to be decided upon here, in both IC in the War Thread, and OCC in the Lounge thread, Descriptions and primary advice and warnings, etc. from the War Masters pertaining to the challenge will be presented. - The clock starts ticking. Participants have one full week to type their submission for the challenge prompt and post it up in the lounge using a certain format to prove they finished it within time. Week 2 of Each Challenge- The actual IC action & when Judging is conducted - This week will serve as to purposes, the War Masters will go in and Man the War Thread and the Story in which this "Competition is taking place in will unfold. While at the same time, the Tribunal will be deliberating amoungst themselves as to determine the winner of the challenge, and apprise the War Masters of their decision. Week 3 of Each Challenge- Announcement of Winner, the handing out of constructive criticism, awarding of points and personal effects. - on the agreed upon day this week, the winner will be announced in both the OCC and War threads. Points will be awarded along with any personal effects, and pointers and Constructive criticism will be handed out to all participants based on the order in which they submitted their work that week. The reason this will be an entire week instead of just a day, which is really all that's needed since the winner will be decided before that date, is so that encase something comes up and the Week 2 agenda has to drag on a little, we have some wiggle room for extra time. As for how the IC will work... that's still a bit of a work in progress, but currently the concept would be similar to the Fate series in a way; basically what you write more or less comes alive and dukes it out with the other competitors. (Again, still very much a work in progress right now. Alright. I have presented you with the basic mission intel soldiers. The only question is: Who's interested? Any questions? Interested People: GotWala Damiano Rielly987 Exlink32 Darklight Typhlosionrulez Commander218 Zephyrenyalios Chimchain
  4. Sooooo... I've been bouncing this idea around in my head for a while now, and was wondering if there'd be any interest in it, if you can fit in another RP. It will be a fantasy RP, but I will be asking for a lot of input from any who are interested, even as far as construction of the world itself, since it is nowhere near finished. I want this to be a place that you want to RP in, so it is a community project in a limited sense. I will supply a few basic concepts that I think are good, then ask for feedback on those as well as any new ideas you all may have. So, without further ado, here's what I have so far. The main story will take place on two continents, connected by a small patch of land. (Much like North and South America) There is a large emphasis on magic in this RP, as the world will be in its golden age of thinking, with wizards reigning supreme. I'm thinking that for some extra flavor, warriors and other non magical classes will be less common in this world as of now (as opposed to being the most common classes in other fantasy worlds.) As far as mana goes, I'm thinking their will be different "elements" of mana, some more populous in areas than others, but most will be available everywhere. The northern continent is the hub of magic. It's capital city uses teleportation crystals as means of everyday transport. Wizards, philosophers, Sigilists, and many other intellectuals will come here to use the massive libraries and schools available. The continent is run by the Magistrate Council, stationed at the capital. They are the masters of their element of magic, some of the most powerful mages that walk the land. The western side of the continent is covered by a massive forest, home of the forest elves, with high elves taking place in the cities. In contrast to the north, the southern continent will have a large focus on machinery and artificing. They regularly salvage parts from the Wasteland, a machine graveyard situated on the equator of the world, connecting the two continents, but technically property of the southern half. Power cores are some of the most valuable items for artificers, as they are what power their creations. It is not known how cores were made; they can only be salvaged. Even the greatest minds of the age could not discover how those of the past created them, or where their power comes from. Trams run throughout the cities of the southern continent, due to the refusal to rely on magic by its people. (There is a rivalry of sorts between the two continents, deciding whether magic or machinery is superior.) So, now that I've spat all that random information at you, here are the races I have planned so far. Playable Races Unplayable Races Now, as for classes... I'll make a list, but only explain the ones that I don't think are obvious. Classes I may or may not allow a secondary skill such as: Blacksmithing Enchanting (temporary effect, but can be cast mid battle) Sigilcrafting (permanent effect, but requires time, due to it being a writing/carving skill) Tracking You get the idea... Types of magic I haven't decided on a story yet, and this time around, I'd like to have everything planned in advance. It will make the actual RP more fun for everyone involved, as well as allowing me to reply more quickly, so realize that there will be quite a bit of time before this comes around if there's interest. So, I'd like to know what you all think of this. I know I pretty much just spat a bunch of info at you all, but that's why this is still in the development stages. What do you like? What don't you like? What should be added? Are you interested? Finally... those of you who are members of my RP Aervana, please vote on whether you'd like to pursue this project or continue Aervana. I'd prefer to only run two RPs at a time, especially with these two being so similar. Your votes will mean a lot here, and if you don't want to post it, you can pm me. Thanks! List of those currently involved in the project:
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