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  1. Are the original art assets in this free to use (with credit) like Reborn's and Rejuvenation's?
  2. I wouldn't be so sure. Aevium has a lot of hidden and uncharted areas not on the map. for example, that whole garufa temple under carotos mountain xen base, or the Sheridan Wetlands. We also have the entirety of Neverwinter island left to explore, we don't knwo how big it is because it isn't on the town map yet. We also don't know how much of Past Aevium we still have to explore, or if we will explore more eras via time stone. Or even GDC for that matter, we still have an entire university to explore, and most of the underground is currently blocked off by team bladestar. HM waterfall will open up more areas (many areas have waterfalls you can reach by surfing, but you can't go up because you need Waterfall.) Remember how many not-only-unseen-but-not-even-alluded-to areas HM Dive opened up? I'm pretty sure there a LOT left to explore, despite the map seemingly being almost filled.
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. at least it's not as bad as his pre v9 gym that one was way too hard
  5. you said the last time you played was during v8 or v9? my god, v8 was my first version, and like almost every single map has been redone since then (some several times) the game is a lot better then what it was in v8 or even v9. you should totally play it! it's like a new game.
  6. I see the mind games are still working, as planned. The Federation of Trolling Game Devs will surely grant a promotion to ◆R3jUvD3Vj4N
  7. cybershell12


    Banned for not adjusting the brightness on his profile image correctly.
  8. https://janichroma.tumblr.com/post/176310693775/will-rejuvenation-have-multiple-endings-if-so 3 endings. Good Ending, Bad Ending and Best Ending (best ending has a few requirements)
  9. RuinedTimeline!Mosely still says that the she remembers "pikachu was yellow, not blue", even though shiny mimikyu is now red.
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